Thursday, September 6, 2012

You people...

...are freaking crazy!

4:00 am and I am up for one of Joseph's night feedings.  He has actually slept almost eight hours... yet another indication that things are on the upswing.  And then, THEN, I decided to turn on 'the facebook' on the ''interwebs".

Here is the thing...I love me some FB.  I criticize those that have bad things to say about.  I make good use of the 'hide' button and the 'unsubscribe' button, and when things get REALLY bad, I make good use of the defriend button.  I am sure that my social networking world is set up for the most positive viewing experience.  And then, at 4:30 am...all that changed because CLEARLY things have gotten political.

Which led me to the conclusion that 'You People' are CRAZY!

The right...with the fear-inducing, misleading 'facts' that declare things to be true that might not be.  Painting a picture of our current president as a real anti-Christ, or, at the very least, an up and coming Hitler.  In the name of defending life and religious liberty (all very VERY important things), you begin to adapt to an ideology I don't even think you believe.  Yesterday, someone...A GROWN MAN, posted a picture of a soldier with a gun and a slogan that said something to the effect of, 'Get ready'.  IMPLYING THAT WE WILL BE SHOOTING EACH OTHER SOON. Om lower case g...are you for real?

The left...with your worship of the current president, assuming that anyone who might lean right of center is a selfish racist that does not care for the poor.  Posting awful things about men and women that feel different than you.  Implying that to be Republican is to be intolerant, awful, anti women and anti helping others.  You people are CRAZY.  Yesterday, I actually read something that said that Republicans purposefully put the economy in a bad place to advance their agenda.  Do you REALLY believe that about people in this country?  Is that really the type of world you think we live in?

You people are CRAZY!  

And it depressed me.  Pretty big time.  At 4:30 am I was in a really bad place.  I was wondering what kind of a world my sweet baby boys will grow up in.  A world where we have become so divisive that true dialogue can't even happen.

But, then something wonderful happened.

It was about 4:45 am and little Aaron started crying from his room. I went in, to see that he had 'wet' the bed because I put his diaper on wrong.  I had to pull him out of his crib and stand him up while I changed the sheets.  He was so adorable.  He was wiping the sleep out of his eyes and just smiling up at me.   He started laughing because he thought it was hysterical that I was changing sheets, but he was still half asleep.  As I went in and out of rooms/hallways to finish the cleaning job, he just kind of followed me around.  It was QUITE fantastic.  After the sheets were back on the crib, I scooped little Aaron in my arms and brought him to Joseph's new room (where we have a rocker) and rocked him back to sleep.  He is SO freaking cute in the middle of the night (or early in the morning).  He kept looking up at me and smiling, giggling occasionally.  It was such a special, quiet moment.  He drifted back to sleep and I placed him in his crib.  I realized how GOOD everything is.  I went back into my room, with the bassinet with Joseph, he was still cooing himself back to sleep.  And I decided maybe the night feedings shouldn't be spent looking at the FB, but rather, should be spent 'goo goo ga ga-ing' over my sweet little angel.

See, the thing is, this political season...MAN! It stinks.  Stakes are really, really, high. I think we can all feel it.  So many left leaning people REALLY believe that right leaning people are crazy, intolerant, racist, anti-women, anti-gay, anti-poor people...horrible, awful people!  So many right leaning people REALLY believe that left leaning people are out to destroy the family, the home, religion, etc...and that they are really horrible, awful people.  I get it.  Sometimes I even feel it.

But, let's remember that we know people on the 'other side'.  Let's remember they are our family members, our friends, our coworkers, the people that sit next to us in the pew.  Let's not be tolerant of ideas that we find offensive, but lets remember to always be charitable and loving towards the people that hold those ideas.

And for goodness sake...


We have babies we are suppose to be setting an example for.

That is all. Carry on.


  1. I couldn't agree more and I LOVE that you called out both sides because both sides are equally guilty! I can't wait til November has come and gone!

  2. I feel the same! Sometimes I find myself agreeing with the left and then freaking out because if ANYONE knew...oh boy there goes my reputation, lol.

  3. This is Shauna Hitchcock by the way!

  4. On one hand, I agree with you, but as I ruminated on this post (Yes I did, all day in fact.), I find I disagree more than I agree.
    1. I hate propaganda and lies on both sides, so right on to that.
    2. Fear is the enemy because it can cause us to do evil for the sake of good. We are Christians, the end does not justify the means for us.

    3. Yes, this is huge. Our current president hired people who believe I ought to have had the "right" to have my child murdered after she was born, further more they believe it is their responsibility to cut off healthcare when THEY deem it's not worth living. That's personal to me and I don't believe I can use enough hyperbole in the world to express how wrong and evil this is.
    4. The current ruling class believes people of conscience can only have private beliefs, but those private beliefs ought not keep the government from forcing us to act contrary to those beliefs. Again: EVIL

    5. I'm not sure Romney/Paul/Republican Congress will change much except to slow what's already in progress.

    6. We still have the freedom to express ourselves politically in a public way. Even the irritating posts should be celebrated because WE CAN DO THAT. THAT'S AMAZING AND WONDERFUL.

    What are your thoughts about that?

    1. B-
      I am not sure we do disagree. Because I agree with each of your points.
      1) Yup. And it is SO hard to see through the propaganda. I don't believe one thing that the other says when it comes to ECONOMICS because so many of those numbers can be manipulated. So frustrating...And, people that post these 'statistics' are CRAZY.
      2) Agreed. I think both sides use 'fear' to advance their cause. As Christians, we should be equally cautious of both sides doing that. Particularly in the really scary facebook posts that promise us that if the other side is elected it is surely the end of the world.
      3). TOTALLY agree. I don't think I said that it wasn't evil and horrific. The current president's policies regarding life are horrific. Scary. etc...BUT B, we are living in a time, that for whatever reason, a LOT of people agree with him. Now I buy into my aunt's conclusion that, 'we are right, and everyone else is wrong'. That being said, I am not willing to say that the PRESIDENT is evil. And those that procure horrific legislation are EVIL. The ideas are evil and dangerous. BUT, we need to learn how to attack the ideas and not the person/persons. ON the ol' FB, I see a lot of attacking of the person...it is crazy, dangerous and defeats the purpose.
      4. Agree. See above.
      5. This might piss me off more than anything else. Romney is simply NOT a good candidate from the pro-life, pro-family, pro-Catholic point of view. I understand that a lot of us might feel we have to vote for him due to the danger of the other side, but we shouldn't pretend he is a good choice. To do so, makes us part of a propaganda machine that is dangerous.
      6. Totally agreed. That being said, I don't mind posts that disagree with me. I don't mind posts that challenge our president's policies with strong words and direct debate (in fact, as you know, I post a lot of them). I DO mind posts that have a man with a gun, drawing the conclusion from the right that we will be shooting each other. I DO mind the amount of posts that I have seen that have called me anti-woman, anti-gay and anti-poor for the things I believe. I completely respect the RIGHT to post them...but I think posting them is CRAZY. Hence the blog.

      Those are my thoughts. Your turn

  5. I have thoughts I shall share tomorrow:) I'm surprised unare the first one to respond like this...I thought a few more would!