Monday, January 28, 2013

10 Things...

...It’s like 7 quick takes, only it is 10 instead of 7 AND, things instead of takes.

The march for life.  People have REALLY got to stop thinking it is okay to take away a life legally in this country.  At the very least, if you are going to be so bold as to say you ARE okay with people taking away life in this country, you have GOT to start to be able to articulate in a logical way why it is okay.

One of the coolest things I saw.  A man was holding a sign that said, ‘pro-gay and pro-life’.  I enjoyed it because sometimes I think this seems like a ‘Catholic’ issue.  Or, a ‘Christian’ issue.  But, rather, it is a ‘hey, we have to stop legally taking the lives of children in this country’ issue.  And, we can all get behind that.

Aaron smashed his face on a table at Wednesday night’s youth group meeting.  And, I mean really smashed his forehead.  It immediately swelled up and turned black and blue.  Best part, kid only got a few tears in his eyes #itsgoodtoclapwhenkidsgethurt #makinglightofinjurieshelpskids 

Clearly, I am into the hashtag lately. I think it is cool.

(warning- if you are not super involved in the blog world, this one won’t make too much sense).  
It is official, ‘What I Wore Sundays’ has been put on the planet to make me feel bad about myself/i.e. guilty for not dressing up for Jesus.  Today, as I threw on a pair of cargo pants and a red shirt, pulled my hair back in a pony tail and barely had time to look in the mirror before I scooted out the door, I thought, ‘I would TOTALLY be kicked out of the WIWS crew’.

Let me tell you what I don’t love.  Being away from my family at youth events.  So, the March was really hard.  Because I had to spent just over 48 hours away from my husband and children.  22 of those hours were on a large bus headed to Washington DC.  Team blog-world, there are some things I am REALLY going to miss about youth ministry, let me tell you what is NOT one of them.  Overnight bus trips.  I could be melancholy about the fact that I just took my last overnight bus trip with teenagers, but, alas, I am not. I am okay, actually, if I never have to sit on a charter bus another day of my life.  I really am.  

At the end of the month, an exceptional retreat is being offered to young people with Bob Rice leading and Matt Maher.  It is super cheap and I really feel like we, at SJN should support it.  That being said, that means in five weeks’ time, I will have left my family for three weekends (the March, our youth conference and this retreat) and I am not sure that is wise. Part of me wants to suck it up and push through.  Part of me is like, “you crazy girlfriend, another full weekend away, sleeping on floors, might be the death of you” (not really).  I don’t have to make the decision till Wednesday, and probably shouldn’t try to make it right after a weekend away.  But, right now, I am leaning towards not doing the retreat.  Selfish?  Maybe…

On Saturday night, while I was out of town, friends of ours had a game night.  Aaron was going back and forth about whether or not to go, because he’d have to bring the kids.  Anyway, he ended up last minute deciding to go, and bringing the children dressed in pajamas.  Best part?  The kids were in footsie pajamas/sleepers.  And Aaron, in solidarity with them, decided he would wear his grown up pair of footsie pajamas.  There is a reason I married my husband, pretty much because he is the guy that will show up at gatherings in footsie pajamas with his two babies.  

I am understanding why the 7 quick takes are 7 and not 10…10 is a lot of things.

We had Indian food last night.  And, lemme just tell you, I adore me some Indian food. I do not adore me the price of Indian food…so, there’s that.  Teach me how to make it.  The.end.


  1. http://www.indianfoodrecipes.net/easy-indian-recipes/index.html

    You will be a SAHM soon, so start budgeting your time and grocery money!!!

    In regard to number 7. Try to weigh the pros and cons through the lens of what is best for your family and necessary to serve the church. Do NOT weigh it through the lens of yourself because motherhood = guilt regardless of the choices you make.

  2. Oh yum. Indian food. There is a place by our apt. that I avoid like the plague at lunch time because it smells too good and is way too expensive!

    And #2: love.

    WIWS? You are a youth minister! I think it might be hard running around after a bunch of teenagers in heels...don't you? You're doing just wonderfully!

  3. Aw, Mary, I don't think that's what WIWS is all about. I admit, it kinda weirded me out at first and I wasn't sure if I was "selling out" a bit by participating but all those ladies are so genuine from what I can tell. It's not about vanity (at least not intended to be) but about encouraging each other to prioritize Mass and that even in the crazy of life, motherhood, finances, whatever, we can still put in the minimal effort it takes to dress up for the Lord. And even if you can't manage it, you can STILL go to Mass and it's okay. Unless it's in adult footsie pajamas. That might be a little overboard.

    1. oh, i am not even kind of judging. I don't find it vain at.all. I'm just saying it's intended purpose, which I think it is good, does end up making this frazzled mother feel a bit bad on Sundays :) But, mostly I am just kidding. I love seeing the outfits and the style! You ladies are all so darn cute!

  4. SRSLY! Why is Indian food so expensive?????

  5. okay your boys are just gorgeous!