Friday, February 1, 2013

--- 1 ---
Okay, Team facebook, so the Sheenazing Blogger Awards?  I totally got nominated for 'Most under appreciated blog'.  And it was awesome. And it made me feel legit.  But can I tell you the coolest part?  This is kind o' sappy, but you know how I do...Big Aaron was really proud of me.  And it was cool to have the ol' husband proud of my nomination in the world of Catholic Blogging.  He said 'That's a really big deal'.  Who knew that making my husband proud would feel so good?
--- 2 ---
Speaking of the awards, everyone was super pumped about them and who wouldn't be? It is fun to vote for people you enjoy reading on a weekly, if not daily basis.  But here is the thing, everyone owes a HUGE thank you to Bonnie at a Knotted Life.  I wondered it, and she confirmed it, that a crud ton of people ended up voting, like WAY more than she anticipated.  To take the time to tally/make it look cool/give us all something neat to do was AWESOME! So a big PHAT thank you to her :)  OH, And she did all this while cookin' a kid and we all know how awesome that is.

--- 3 ---
I gotta little bit of sass I am going to spit your way.  Remember how I told you last week that one of my favorite signs at the prolife rally was 'pro-gay/pro-life' because I think it is awesome that we can all come together, from different backgrounds/creeds/etc...to say, 'hey US of A, it is not okay that you can legally take the life of a baby in this country'.  Well on 'thefacebook'  this week, FOR REAL, on a post, this one person commented and was like, 'yeah, I don't think that is okay'.  In effect, his point was that to support people who support being pro-life and gay marriage is the equivalent of not caring for other people's souls.  And I was like, 'Um, dude for real???'.  But I didn't even enter back and forth, because you can't fight crazy.  But I will just say this, I hope he is VERY sure his soul is 'right' enough and 'sinless' enough to support the idea that babies shouldn't have their lives taken away.  Because otherwise he is a big, phat, hypocrite   

--- 4 ---
True story, I just used the word, 'phat' twice in two different takes.  It shows my youth relevance, because I am both, 'hip' and 'cool'.  DUH! (I don't think people say DUH anymore, but we should bring it back)

--- 5 ---
Youth Conference this weekend!  Super excited, but super tired just thinking about it. I have said it before, and I will say it again, this particular conference makes me more tired than any other youth event (well, actually the March for Life might replace that).  More tired than retreats, more tired than mission trips, heck, more tired than World Youth Days.  And it is coming at the heels of March for Life.  And, I now have two babies, so coming home on Sunday night, drinking a six pack and sleeping in on Monday....well, that just is not an option.  Shoot some prayers my way.

--- 6 ---
I have decided that the amount of laundry that must be done on a weekly basis in this household is ridiculous.  And, lemme just tell you, my mother had six children and did all of our laundry even through the teenage years (how spoiled were we).  So, I know it is just going to get worse, and that terrifies me.  BUT, someone once said, you should not think about the future with anxiety, because when the future comes, the grace is given to move you through.  I am praying the grace comes for me to accept laundry with a more joyful heart.
--- 7 ---
Huge announcement coming your way next week.  Why next week?  Because that is the appointed time.  (at this point, usually people add, 'I'm not pregnant).  

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  1. Oh the laundry. I have no problem (making Phil) throw in a load every night and then folding it. But it's the putting away that was so so so hard until these dern kids finally started taking their own piles up and doing it themselves. Now it's awesome, except that the only time we have to make said piles and have said kids bring it up to their rooms is on the weekend. So all week long we have multiple hampers full of clean laundry sitting around like landmines in our bedrooms.

    I guess what I'm saying is that I'll never be as awesome as your mom.

    1. I cannot wait to force my children to do laundry. :) I am thinking four is reasonable? We are already starting to train lil' A, but he pretty much just makes more of a mess :)

  2. My mom made us do our laundry when we were old enough to reach the knobs! While I sometimes lament that fact, I think I am going to do the same thing with my boys. Of, course I will add to the criteria, "When they can reach the knobs and are responsible enough to do their laundry." . . . . They may be 20 before they do their own!

  3. Of course I thought you were pregnant. Duh! But, I am assuming it is a just a phat piece of news.

    Also, congrats on being nominated :) Isn't it the best when your hubs is proud of you? I just wrote a guest post about that a few days ago. It's going to be in a Proverbs 31 series on another blog, so it will be up sometime this month, I think?

    1. Oh link it like you do! I wanna see it :)

  4. I'm super proud of your Sheenazing nomination, which I don't know what that means, but I'm guessing it's to do with Bishop Sheen, who is my dear friend in heaven.

    Also, please bring back "DUH" I like and support it.