Friday, February 8, 2013

--- 1 ---
So, totally overwhelmed by the amount of love we got with our big announcement.  I have said it time and time again, if it wasn't for this pesky pregnancy part, I would want to have a crud ton of babies.  But, oh my gosh, do I hate the pesky pregnancy part.
--- 2 ---
I've been pretty sick.  It's pretty not awesome. I am going to try not to complain, that is not easy.  What is fantastic is that I have a husband who really 'gets' that in order to make this work, we truly have to operate as 'Team Wilkerson'.  With some crazy youth events, two little guys, and constant queasiness, he has really had to step up.  And step up he has.  Good men rock...he is a good one.  
--- 3 ---
Advice needed. Like I said, I am pretty sick (did you pick up on that yet?), here is my question.  Mornings are the absolute worst.  TMI- but I throw up at least 3-4 times each morning and I am SO TIRED. As much as I would love your advice on how to not be sick, with my other two pregnancy, I think I have pretty much tried everything.  So, this just gets to be my reality and I get to try to handle it with class. My main issue is, I now have a 22 month old and a 7 month old who need to be occupied when I feel like I can barely stand.  Anyone had to occupy the time of little ones when you can barely get off the couch?  All suggestions would be fabulous.  So far, the big ol' flat screen box has been my go-to, but it is getting pretty ridiculous in terms of how much tv they are watching.  I'd love to hear your ideas :)
--- 4 ---
So, I did this awful thing last night and watched this 'conspiracy video' regarding the Sandy Hook school shooting.  Have you guys ever done that?  NOT smart.  Because, although I know that most of it can be easily explained, there are some things that are so weird, that I have to go, 'hmmmm'.  With conspiracy theories in general, I try to not think about them, because if I do...well, I would totally be one of those crazy people.  
--- 5 ---
As some of you know, I get to eat Raisin' Cane's this weekend, words cannot describe my excitement.  But, I am really, REALLY excited.
--- 6 ---
My husband stayed home today, because we need to replace our water heater (cha ching!), he is shoveling  snow right now.  How fantastic is it to have a wonderful person to shovel snow!?!?!  
--- 7 ---
So, the thing is, I am very excited about Raisin' Cane's, but I suppose I should add that I am ALSO excited to see my sisters in Kentucky this weekend. I am excited for the cousin time. I am excited for the fancy hotel that priceline gave us for a really cheap price. I am excited to swim! I am excited to be godparents to one of my dear sister's twins, 'Molly Maria'.  I am pretty much excited for the next twenty four hours.  But, lest you think my attitude is too positive, I am NOT excited to pack and I am NOT excited for the drive.  Prayers would be pleasant!

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. #3- Ha! My "go to" was a set of Leap Frog videos . . . the kids loved them and they were educational.

    #4 - I have not seen the video, but read some of the theories and this is the first event like this that made me go "Hmm" before these theories even came out. I am usually not a conspiracy theorist, but I do wonder . . .

  2. Mary, we are really strict with screen time, but that first trimester, there were no rules on limiting the TV. You gotta do what it takes. I threw up with my first four pregnancies and then not once with my fifth. Not sure what I did different except I ate before I got out of bed, and I ate all day long...mostly carbs. Good luck!

  3. I know Conversion Diary did a post about morning sickness with her kids. I can't remember if she just did diet tips or if she offered advice for handling it with kids too. Either way, check it out. Wait, let me see if I can just find it...http://www.conversiondiary.com/how-i-mostly-cured-morning-sickness

    Looks like mostly cures, but well, whatever.

    Anyway, I know you don't want to hear this, but do the TV thing. I know I never want to hear it, but it is so helpful. We were meant to raise kids as part of a community, and our society doesn't do that anymore. That is why we have to use tv and bouncy seats and rockers and all of the other gear they come with. We have to take care of ourselves, our family and our home while caring for children. Women didn't have to do that back in "the day". Well, the did, but they did it as a community.

    Other ideas? Let me watch them when I move back. Hire a mommy's helper (like a 14 year old) and pay her 20 bucks to watch the kids for 2 hours a week or something. Put them in the crib together with books and music while you lay next to it and rest. I used to go in Ellen's room and snooze on the floor with the door closed while she played (it's the only room completely child-proofed).

    I'll see if I can think of more :)

  4. Aw, sorry you're sick again. I was going to mention Jen's post as well. Check it out, just in case it might help! I never did tv but that first trimester was a lot of couch parenting. Trapping them in the living room safely and letting them just play while you while away on the couch. It's so hard and your babies are both so little still! I'll pray for you!

    Also, I fully admit I'm a huge conspiracy theorist. I haven't watched that video, though. I just know that there are a lot of unvirtuous (not a word) people in positions of power and there have been hundreds of conspiracies in the past...why not now? I think it's funny that when people believe that a conspiracy can exist that they are made to look like crazies when it's really just admitting that bad people can do things in secret for bad reasons. Now excuse me while I get back to my bunker planning...