Friday, February 15, 2013

--- 1 ---
So, for Lent, I will be giving up complaining on fb and the blog about the sickness I feel in pregnancy. I couldn't totally give up complaining, because the husband is a massive amount of support to me when I am not feeling well, and I need that.  
--- 2 ---
See number 1...you know what I am thinking (wink, wink)
--- 3 ---
So, I got invited to be a part of this really fancy committee for the AoD on the New Evangelization.  I am way out of my league here.  But, so honored and excited to be a part of something so exciting.  Think I am lying about being out of my league?  The first meeting, was at the seventh floor of the chancery (I just had to look up the spelling).  A security guard had to swipe his card in the elevator to send me up.  When I got up there, a woman took my coat...then I walked into a room with primarily men in suits, Bishop Byrnes and Archbishop Vigneron.  Archbishop Vigneron said, 'hello, Mary'...and that is when I knew this was a different type of committee than what I have sat on in the past.  Truly though, all fun aside, we are so blessed in this Diocese to have a Shepherd who truly wants the hearts of his flock to fall deeper in love with Jesus.  Should be an interesting few months!  
--- 4 ---
see those folders? That is what he took! :)
Think I am fancy?  Wait till you hear about my Youth Minister.  After the super fancy meeting, I walked across the street to my high school youth minister's office (she now leads youth ministry for the diocese), and she said she had a fancy meeting the day before.  During HER fancy meeting, a Monsignor pulled out the voting folder that Cardinal Maida used in the last Conclave (this is BIG TIME CATHOLIC NERD TALK). Apparently, it is this huge, red, leather folder.  And inside, it still had ballots and a tally sheet for the Cardinals to use!  Can you imagine getting to look at that?  Wait, the best part is coming!!!  Apparently, the Monsignor was like, 'Cardinal Maida wasn't sure he was suppose to take it and no one else took theirs, but he did anyway'. So, I'd like you to get a visual of the Cardinal of Detroit, sneaking out of the last conclave with a huge red leather folder.  We laughed a lot imaging that this time around there will be one missing :)  Gosh, I love being Catholic.  If you are not, you should consider. 
--- 5 ---
I had an uncomfortable dream last night that I had dropped the ball on some major youth ministry events.  BUT, what was awesome, is DURING the dream, I was aware there was no way what was occurring actually would have happened.  So, I knew I was dreaming. I love when that happens.
--- 6 ---
We are getting a new couch! I am so excited.  When we got married, we thought we so 'cool' and 'hip' so we bought a really 'cool' and 'hip' couch.  You know, the kind made for lounging.  You know, the kind that is completely impractical.   You know, the kind that has so many sink holes in it that, at this point, to sit on it is an act of penance (#firstoworldproblems).  So, yeah,  I am super excited to replace it!  I'll keep you updated.
--- 7 ---
I am quite uncomfortable with Meteors (big ones) hitting the earth.  But, in a way, it reminds us of our finite nature (at least here on earth).  Interesting...and now, I shall go to confession!

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  1. Girrrrrlllll....
    About #7 - Imma scold you about learning to love your Apostle's Creed about looking forward to the end of the world. For one, that means we don't have to wait around eternity for the end of time to have our perfected body back. Also, Jesus said you won't know, so, yeah, you don't know.

    About the meeting with the Cardinal. I'm not jealous because that would be unbecoming a Good Catholic Girl(TM), but I'm thinking of buying a plane ticket so I can attend. I'll bring the baby. No one can say no to Mariana...

    1. lol. Trust. B, I was just kidding. I have no anxiety about the end times. I do have anxiety about our government taking over and controlling our lives, but Jesus ending the world? Not even kind of anxious about.

    2. I know. I've been reading too many comments at Catholic blogs. Making me twitchy.
      So, is that a no to me coming to your meeting?

  2. Wow, Mary #4 is too cool; cannot even imagine seeing something like that, neat. And a fancy shmancy committee, pretty cool my dear! ;-)

  3. Love all the Catholic nerdy stuff. What the heck is this meteor talk about? I don't watch the news on purpose...

    I hope you are feeling okay, not that you're complaining :)

  4. I was wailing my pregnancy woes to Mike last night. I always thought I would just love being pregnant and cupping my belly and looking all glowing and fresh.

    I hate this crap.

    There, I complained for you.

  5. #4- Being married to someone who works at the USCCB, the conclave is all we seem to talk about it. My hubby's boss (who is also a friend of ours) is staffing Cardinal Dolan during the conclave. Maybe he will get to see the red folder too! Way too cool!

    #7- I heard about it too and the first thing I said to my hubby is, "Maybe we are in the end times." I totally would love Jesus to come back anytime, but not looking forward to all the bad stuff that will happen first. I DO get anxious about it. Especially if I think about what could happen to my children . . . . but then I remember: (1) We really do not know the day or the hour and (2) our God is HUGE, AWESOME and more powerful than anything!

  6. Replies
    1. He might have known my name simply because I was the only woman that did not work for the diocese attending the meeting, but still, it made me feel fancy.

  7. 3-4: Wow, Mary how awesome to be part of that initiative in the AOD! AND to see a piece of Catholic history like an actual voting book from the conclave, very cool lady!