Friday, February 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes- less sassy than I thought it'd be. :)

--- 1 ---
okay. buckle up, or stop reading...this is your warning.
--- 2 ---
So you know how sometimes in the blogging world, you will run into the occasional post talking about how having 'two kids is easier than one'.  OR, 'the hardest thing I ever did was parent my first child'.  I read those posts when I had just one, and, honestly, they brought me a lot of comfort.  BUT, now that I have three...MAY.I.JUST.SAY. having one was a freaking piece of freaking cake and I don't understand why I thought differently. Having three, four, five, six...that's when sh-- gets real.
--- 3 ---
Also, btw...Downton Abby.  People are all like, 'I don't like what they are doing with my sweet Downton Abby this season'.  And I don't get it.  Well, I kind of do. I am sure people use the show as some kind of escape, so watching a story line that has to do with sexual violence is probably a bit disconcerting...but for me, it gives me a deeper compassion for women who have been abused in any way.  I think they are playing it out in a classy way- and I appreciate the way they are handling the story. I think everyone else should too. So if you don't, please start okay??>
--- 4 ---
And since I am ornery. the cheerio commercial.  I liked MATT WALSH's Take.  I don't think people were really offended by the commercial. I think a very small amount (like, a handful) of unintelligent people troll places like youtube to write awful things.  Don't get me wrong, reading the awful things really sucks when you are a person who they are being awful to.  But, I just don't think it's as big of a deal as people think it is.  A friend sent me this video yesterday. I think the way the kids reacted is the way most people felt about the commercial (and the Pepsi one for that matter).  Aaron and I have been together for almost five years.  In that time, we have experienced weirdness because of our 'interracial status' maybe twice.  We both feel much more negativity from our status as Catholics than we do from our status as a mixed couple.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, our children will identify (hopefully) first as people of faith...that kind of blurs the color lines.  Oh, but when it is time to talk to our kids about race?  We will be playing them THIS SONG (WARNING- It uses a bad word :(  The worst bad word too.  AND, I always mute it, but I can't mute it on here, so you can must it at exactly 1:37-1:40 minutes).

--- 5 ---
I don't iron. ever. I do not think I have ever ironed one piece of clothing since I have been married. I wash/dry and hang up immediately. I have always thought that's okay. BUT, what if people think, 'geez, their clothes are never ironed'.  I don't think about the fact that I don't iron until someone mentions they iron...then, I feel weird.
--- 6 ---
I punched myself in the face this morning. It hurt. I didn't even know you could punch yourself in the face, but you can.  and I did.
--- 7 ---
BOLD MINISTRIES  has been keeping us busy.  I love it!  BUT, I REALLY need to get better at accepting 4 things MAX per month.  Hey, make sure to keep me accountable to that okay?  I remember when I first started in Youth Ministry, I had a parent who would always check with me to make sure I was taking my day off once a week (thanks Vicki). I credit her in a lot of ways for the fact that I was able to stay in Youth Ministry at a parish for close to 10 years (that is a LOOOONG time in parish life).  Breaks and Balance are important, especially for this complicated extrovert.  

Oh, and since this is about to link you to Jen at Conversion Diary, I must add...my heart is broken that I can't attend the fancy Catholic Women Blogger's Conference.  Because of that, would EVERYONE be so kind as to not mention it from here on in?  That way I do not have to deal with jealousy.  Good? Okay!

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  1. blurs the color lines? So......blurred lines?


  2. I don't iron ever either. My kids never have ironed clothes and my mom is always--oh my, your poor children! everyone is talking about you behind your back! LOl..well if they do, they must have boring lives where they sit around and think about whether other ppl are ironed or not.

    the race thing/cheerios---I was like what is controversial about that? Really ? Really?? I have lived in a lot of large cities and Almost everyone in the larger metropolitan areas are of a mixed something or other. When we lived in San Jose, our children were the only ones in a school of about 500 kids who had 2 "white" parents. Everyone was something or mixed or whatever...I guess I forget that maybe others haven't seen so much diversity over their life? IDK but I do think that American families are changing...especially when your average white family only has 1.5 kids while others like the Hispanics etc are having the larger families.

  3. Dan from Down SouthFebruary 7, 2014 at 6:44 AM

    I disagree Mary, I thought the commercial was very offensive. We need to keep our TV as "pure" as possible and not polute it with the liberal agenda. Stay in your own lane and don't mix. I like my coffee black and my milk white. Don't need to add anything to it!

  4. Hi Mary, I'm a fellow FUS grad and I'm looking for work. These student loans are quite high and I should have thought about my career a lot more instead of partying at the Starting Line and hanging out in the projects. Is Bold Ministries hiring? I can send you my resume.

  5. Clearly, someone's husband (i.e. mine) has a bit too much time on his hands at work. Isn't that right Dan/Chet/Aaron.
    BTW- Happy Black History Month.
    Love, the oppressor

  6. I know, I'm bummed I can't go to that Edel Conference too. Just imagine how bad it's gonna be when everybody writes about it after the fact ;)

    1. I know, right?!

      I don't ever iron either, Mary. Except for the occasional wedding. My mom irons SHEETS. I just don't see the point. Sometimes I wonder if people look at Brian's clothes and wonder why they're not perfect and then I get over it fast.

      We'll keep you accountable. I don't know how you do 4 events a month with three littles and not burn out but if God calls you to it, you'll be able to do it! Just keep praying...

  7. #1 I'm a complete weirdo. I iron my bedsheets every week, and my curtains when I wash them. What is this, 1950?
    #2 I need help balancing work/life Mary. My boyfriend challenged me on my schedule, engagements, and events and I'm freaking out because I need to learn how to say no! I will be reading your words very carefully.
    #3 I love your sassy quick takes.

  8. I think the Downton Abbey thing was just such a shock, like they can't let people just be happy. But you are right, they are handling it right, well, except for the fact SHE'S STILL LYING!!!


    Anyway, I saw that commercial maybe a month ago...I never gave it a second thought. I didn't know it was a big issue. It's really sad it's even an issue. Wow. I'm like those kids in the video you linked.

    Don't punch yourself in the face.

  9. 1. You're really trying to pass that first take off as a full fledged take? Weak!

    2. I don't think I've ever noticed if something was ironed or not ironed... how can people be that perceptive in social situations, when you need your brain to focus on how uncomfortable you feel? I'll never get it.