Friday, February 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
So, fellow bloggers, do you ever have things you want to blog about, but you can't, because you know it would get you in trouble with friends/family?  Or, better yet, do you ever think to yourself, 'um, I can't believe that blogger just wrote that about his/her family member...he/she knows they can see this right?'. Yeah, me too.
--- 2 ---
So, I always think it's funny when my status as a mixed family gets me street cred with my progressive friends. I suppose it is human nature, but it is like, so racist.  
--- 3 ---
This week has been not as awesome as others.  The van got broke and Big A got a ticket in a totally unjust situation, it's five days later and I am still bitter- don't worry, I am trying to let it go.  The flu also circled through our family beginning on Monday and hopefully ending this morning.  I was SO SICK yesterday, and in so much pain.  Thank goodness I feel better this morning, here's hoping I continue to feel well. Tonight is 'girl's night' and man, do I need to have some adult beverages to celebrate Friday. Also, as a side-note, it is AMAZING what a 2.5 year old is capable taking care of while mom is laid out on the couch.  Lil' A was a rockstar yesterday.  
--- 4 ---
My SIL wrote her 7 Quick Takes last week on how she/my brother raise and discipline their kids.  Their kids are like weirdly awesome, so it was fascinating reading.  One of her points was about social/media/gadgets and how they do not allow their kids to use them.  I know a lot of people in the Catholic world/blogging world feel very similar.  While acknowledging that it definitely works for them, I have very different views on it. I am excited to blog about it next week :) SPOILER ALERT- my 2.5 year old kid is sitting next to me right now with his, 'ipad time', whilst I type this!  
--- 5 ---
So, I am into theme'd projects this week. On Wednesday, with my sickos, we made caterpillars, then read 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar", then made butterflies and then watched a netflix recording of the book.  Awesome.  And then, yesterday, when I was so sick, we made fish out of construction paper and watched 'Little Nemo'.  You see, the tiny projects justify the screen time! :)
John Paul was captivated by our butterflies 
nemo shaped apple slices- I know right?!?!
Our fish, that we put on sticks, so we could take them 'swimming' SHUT YOUR MOUTH!
Little Nemo Grilled Cheese Sandwiches for lunch.  As they say, 'Boom, drop the mic'
--- 6 ---
There's this guy named Bryan who I went to college with.  We weren't necessarily 'friends' in college, more like smoking acquaintances.  Anyway, we connect from time to time on social media and share thoughts.  I really wished we lived near each other so we could have a drink or a coffee and solve the world's problems. I think we'd be besties.  It makes me feel thankful for the connections we can make through social media.
--- 7 ---
Sometimes, I want to write my quick takes about my bravo-lebrities....but then, I realize the vast majority of you will have no idea what I am talking about, therefore you will be bored.  OR, if you DO know what I am talking about, you will throw large (deserved) stones at my head.  So, I will make this brief.  I am glad Bethenny's Show was canceled, because I am still not over her leaving Jason. 
Whew, I am glad I got that off my chest. 
Happy Friday!  

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  1. Ahahaha "boom drop the mic" you're cool peoples. And we do themes around here too. We have been watching The Very Hungry Caterpillar on repeat like it's the thing to do.