Friday, April 11, 2014

7 Quick Takes in which I talk about anger and basements

--- 1 ---
Our basement is done!  Look, isn’t she pretty?

--- 2 ---
My sister Theresa is coming with her four children under four this weekend!  She is going to stay with us in our new fancy basement.  Our kids are like kindred spirits even though they have not had much time together.  It’s really weird how similar they are, like our boys do freaky things like line up cars and worship monster trucks…but, we've never taught them to.  It will be so much fun.
Theresa's super awesome kids!
--- 3 ---
As though that wasn’t wonderful enough, John Paul’s Godfather and one of my very best friends Mario is being ordained a Deacon tomorrow J  We can’t wait to celebrate with him and watch this powerful sacrament be a reality in his life.  So very exciting.
It was also his birthday yesterday and he loves blog shout outs...so, there you go!
--- 4 ---
People done ticked me off in social media this week.  You know what’s hard?  When people you have to see in real life write really offensive and awful things in the social media world.  Not like your typical political differences, or even more personal differences, but really offensive things.  Then you have to see them, and pretend they don’t do awful things, when really, they are pretty awful (no, Mary, they are not awful, their ACTIONS are awful…remember, remember, remember…).  Then I had to leave this group of very righteous Catholic women, because they decided homophobia was a really cool thing.   You know, using words like, ‘disgusting, unnatural, etc…’ and all in the name of the Catholic Church.  It made me sick. I’m still not over it.  BUT…wait for it, I need your advice.
--- 5 ---
And, in a related note, I continue to insist that being a Catholic who is attracted to the same sex is one of the very hardest things to be.   Our brothers and sisters face constant persecution, from both sides of the fence.  It’s a life of constant martyrdom and frankly, I’m not sure I could handle it.  
--- 6 ---
The ol’ husband and I got in a fight this week!  Did you miss hearing about our fights?  I was really  ticked off about the social media things I just told you about, and I used lots of bad words.  And he tried to encourage me not use foul language, which made me rage even harder, except this time at him.  The bummer of it all, was we were arguing on the way to check out lil’ A’s potential school- so then, I was so darn mad, I wouldn't even get out of the car (mature, right?).  

Anyway, during the make-up conversation, Aaron pointed out that I get REALLY mad about things that really don't affect me.  At first, I denied it, but when I thought about it, he is right. I get really mad about things going on the world, to the point where I can’t even discuss them, even with like-minded people. I get really mad when the people I know loosely do dumb things or say things. The thing is, I just get really mad.  And now, being so angry is starting to seep into our family life- which is no good.  Because…I want to be a jovial and fun wife/mom/friend, etc…but I am so darn angry all the time, it’s hard to do.  This got a little personal, hopefully it’s not awkward for you.  So, here’s my question, how do you balance righteous outrage about the things that happen in our world, friend circles, family, and so on…while still being a happy person?  And…go!  (I should note- part of the problem is I think I am joyful person to 99.9 % of people, so when I am filled with all the rage, it gets directly pointed at the people closest to me…my husband and children).
--- 7 ---
And, to end on a lighter note, I gave our presentation on Social Media to a local Catholic grade school, Spiritus Sanctus (the Sisters of Mary,  Mother of the Eucharist’s school…so I was pretty much presenting to celebrities and I must have said that like ten times during the presentation)…the presentation went really well.  After, I received an email from a very affirming parent. He said he was involved in computer engineering but still found the presentation informative and faith-building.  But, here’s what is cute.  The last part of the email was so sweet.  He asked if he could humbly make two corrections, one of them being that the ‘itouch’ is actually referred to as the ‘ipod touch’. I laughed so loud.  Through the whole presentation I was calling it an ‘itouch’.  I do that a lot, leave off essential parts of words when I am attempting to be ‘in the know’.  BUT, I own it, so that’s okay right?!?!  My poor children when they are teenagers!

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  1. I TOTALLY agree with #5. I honestly don't know how people do it. The topic of homosexuality hits a special nerve inside of me; and I feel so sad sometimes on how people approach it. I'm curious as to where you heard those women say such things about being gay...obviously you probably won't disclose that information but I can't believe people can be so insensitive. Oh, and I too take out most of my anxieties and outrages on my family so I am not one to give advice in that area!!

    1. Oh, I have ZERO beef disclosing the group, particularly because one of the woman was explicit in saying it was nice that the group was 'safe' to express things like that?!?! Can you imagine? UGH. It is a group called Theotokos, it is a closed group for Catholic women that I think you have to be invited to. I have been trying to discern if I want to forward with my righteous anger and try to follow through with making sure the group moderators fully understand what they did wrong. Then, I realized it's probably not worth it.

  2. I am with you on #6. And apparently the same topics too! I read anti-Catholics hating on the Church for being "homophobic" .... and then I see actual homophobic Catholics being nasty to the gays .... and I want to SCREAM! "You are all adding fuel to each other's fire! You need to stop!"

    My only cure is, when I feel myself getting too angry, just log out. Shut the computer. Walk away. I have other things I could be doing with my time. I do a craft, sing hymns while doing the dishes, actually PAY ATTENTION to my family and the great things they do .... only when I'm centered, days or weeks later, can I get back to some of the online stuff. I leave facebook groups that are all nastiness; hide people from my stream if I have to, because I know I have zero self-control where this stuff goes. My comments will be kind and reasoned and charitable ... but I, deep down, will be seething, and I can't afford to be like that.

  3. Firstly ~ congrats on the basement, looks amazing!!

    Re #6 ~ when I get angry enough at something in the outside world that it starts to seep into home life I try and get some time alone and I tell them off ~ imagine they are standing right in front of me and say everything in my heart that clearly needs to come out so I can let go of it. Then I remind myself that I have better things to do than fume at someone who doesn't even know me or how much they are annoying me. Usually helps.

  4. #4 and #5- I totally agree. Pete had to preview a new Courage video/documentary for work (I watched it oo) . . . it was amazing, and heart wrenching! Their crosses are so hard. I walked away from that video thanking the Lord that that is not a cross I have had to bear, and I prayed that my boys never have to know that cross. I have a profound respect for the men and women who have same sex-attractions. They deserve our love and compassion, not our hatred.

  5. Number six-- are we twins? I feel this way too much that I often just have to take breaks altogether from news sources. It helps to remember that your contribution through raising up little saints CAN change this crazy world for the better.
    Say hi to Theresa for me!:)

  6. So, if anger and swearing made the world a better place we would be in a beautiful world thanks to my husband!! I was cured long ago by my children no less, not to speak when angry! I like to write letters. Helps me to work it all out in my little brain. And sometimes I mail them - yes, very old world. (It is fun when you get a response.) Then I let go and let God! And as a previous responder noted,raise those beautiful babies in love to love as God loves. No greater witness than to see a tiny person respond to the world in love because that is all they know!! God bless!