Friday, April 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes- on Easter, parks and kids who won't sleep...

--- 1 ---
Easter was great fun around these parts. I feel like we have been on a whirlwind during this octave...but the joy is present.  We hosted Easter Brunch, but would you believe I didn't remember to take even one picture.  Close your eyes and picture a table of delicious food, pretty people and adorable children.  And, you can look at these pictures in the meantime...

What a dad
How we do Easter
The only picture I got of any of my kids dressed up :(
Cars...for me?!?!?
Was so excited about the books I found the boys, till I found out they were puzzle books. I detest puzzle books
For those of you who missed the terrifying bunny
Aaron was pretty psyched about it all
--- 2 ---
Guys- Joey...oh my goodness.  Here's my conundrum.  He still takes a morning naps, and he needs them (or he is a HOT MESS) but he doesn't want them.  So, every morning at around 8:30 am is a battle.  Moms who have gone before me, what do I do with this sleep-transitioning kid?!?!
--- 3 ---
If you have anytime whatsoever, you should check out my friend Mary's blog betterthaneden.com  . Currently, her family (four small boys) is traveling the Rome area and preparing to witness the canonization of JP II and John XXIII.  Can you even?  I anxiously wait every.day for her updates so I can live vicariously. I have been to Rome twice, each time so special.  Because she is recording her adventures, I can live vicariously through her.

The double edge sword of it all is I am SO SAD I am not there. I am truly happy for each and every person who was able to make the pilgrimage, but I'm not gonna lie, it's so hard not to be there.  I can't wait for Sunday, to plop down in front of the ol' tv and watch such a special day.  For those of you that don't know, the special? Two popes being canonized, included my beloved JP II.  
--- 4 ---
This week has been really busy- well the past couple weeks have.  I am learning, now that I am a mother, which things give me 'life' and which things overwhelm me.  When I get overwhelmed, I can't be the mom I want to be to my kids.  Sometimes I feel pulled in so many directions, when all I really wanna do is be at home chilling with my kids, or be out, solo, catching some sanity.  I'm still thinking through exactly what this means in my life, but at least I am getting closer to figuring out which things might need to be eliminated to be a person of joy.  
--- 5 ---
We found the best.park.ever. this week. It's a park I used to go to as a kid, but haven't been to in years.  For those of you that are local- Beach Woods (9 mile and Beach Daly), check it out.  Lots of play area, and, best thing for little boys?  A dirt pit!  Let's just say baths have been a little more needed this week than others ;)  The park is super well suited for kids of all ages, seriously- you have to check it out!
It's like every dream he ever had- come true
a vast land of dirty!!!
--- 6 ---
Lil' Aaron's 3rd birthday is next Tuesday.  We are having a small gathering here tomorrow- I actually got on the ol' pinterest to plan for it!  Crazy right!?!?!  I am attempting to make a monster jam cake.  Let's talk a moment about that, shall we?  My plan is to make frosting, and I was GOING to use food coloring to make it tan for the 'sand' part of the course.  BUT, then I got to thinking...what if I just use the vanilla frosting I make (it will be white) and crunch up graham crackers REALLY fine, to have it be the sand?  Then, I am going to crush up oreos to make the 'dirt' of the course.  Does this make sense?  Here's my question- will graham crackers taste gross on frosting? I'm thinking no, but I want to be sure, so I am turning to you for support.  Terri- my eyes are looking at you for the answer!
--- 7 ---
Let me just take a moment for some cute kid stuff.  

Lil' Aaron randomly throughout the day says, 'Mom- I love you', or, 'Hey I missed you'  (when I am out of the room). I seriously can't handle how it makes my heart explode.  Being a parent is so weird right? It's so hard, but then, like, so awesome you can't stand it.  

Joseph Michael despite being my sleep-challenged kid is SO animated, you guys wouldn't believe it.  His new thing is putting on a HUGE pout and saying, 'no no no'.  I swear, the kid could be an actor in a second.  Maybe I should have him fund travels for our family?  Just kidding...maybe?

John Paul is sitting up- like a champ.  BUT, like my other kids is slow to roll back to front.  If he is anything like the others, that won't be for another couple months- but then, they quickly do it all. So I am not nervous!  Whew, having a third takes away some of the anxiety right?

Have a fantastic week- I'm gonna go tend to the kid who is crying in the crib, trying to wake up the other kid.  Oy vey (oh yea, I just said Oy vey and I am not even ashamed).

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  1. If you're unsure about the graham crackers, I've seen people use brown sugar for "sand."

  2. AHHH! That bunny is terrifying! What the heck??
    And I'm so surprised that people are into our trip so much! I'm so glad I can share it but it also feels weird a bit. Thanks for being so excited for us! And keep praying :)
    Also, graham crackers are PERFECT for sand.