Friday, August 1, 2014

7 quick takes driving up north edition!

So, here's the thing. I'm driving up north! And don't have the 7qt format- nor can I link to Jen at conversion diary... But you should go check out other quick takes there!
Turns out, the Buckley cottage is super relaxing if you don't have 30 people in it, more than half under the age of five. I briefly touched on it, but our up north adventure last year was not full of awesome. And I was waaaay too pregnant with waaaay too many toddlers to be there by myself. We ended our family vacation last year in complete silence, some of us siblings not speaking for months (we can talk about this now right?). Anyway- what a difference a year makes! Look how much fun we had last weekend...

The crazy thing is I have zero cell phone reception up north. It is crazy to be this disconnected. It took some adjusting but... It's crazy awesome! 
Now that Joey is talking in sentences, I gotta tell you- he has the cutest voice ever.
John Paul is walking with furniture- he is pretty much a teenager.
I keep having terrible dreams about being kidnapped. They are not fun.
Random fact about me. I love chewing ice. And, yes, I am iron deficient.
My dad is on his first official retreat for his formation in the diaconate! Would you pray from him and my mom this weekend? Thanks team! Have a great week.


  1. That's so awesome about your Dad starting formation!! Your folks will likely run into my folks at some point this weekend, lol! ;)

  2. Congrats to the dad! I'm so intrigued by siblings who can have big fights and then make up. Our family isn't like that...not that we don't have issues but we're more of the poisonous passive aggressive, pretend everything is okay mentality. It's just so not what I'm used to! Glad you had a great week!