Friday, August 22, 2014

7 Quick Takes- enter at your own risk

The ice bucket challenge, with an option to donate to the ALS fundraiser of your choice, is awesome. If you don't think it is, you are wrong.

The president shouldn't have been golfing this week. I get he deserves a vacation (probably more than most of us), but when you have certain jobs, and there is a crisis, you have to stop your personal world. I used to have to do it in ministry all the time- it's part of the reason I knew full time ministry had to go once I had children.  He shouldn't have been golfing.  If you disagree, you are wrong.

I'm going to the prayer service at Hart Plaza today for the persecuted people of Iraq.  You should join me.  Truth- I am kind of afraid, but feel we should be there.  

Social media has been a hard place to be the last couple of weeks. It makes me want to take a break.  I have been taking lots of breaks- but thinking about an extended one.  But then, I think, if we all take a break, only the crazies are left, and wouldn't that suck???? (I understand many of you probs think I am the crazy).

I was shocked by the amount of people who commented that the Duggars (I don't watch the show) are awful because one of them got married after 'courting' for eight months and announced their pregnancy two months later.  My husband and I got married after 12 months and announced our pregnancy 2 months later...now I know what you really think.  And you are not nice.  And, you are wrong.

It's time to bring back healthy living in our lives.  This summer was REALLY difficult with lots of out of town and I fell off the wagon.  Time to jump back on.  

I'm just kidding.  Wouldn't that be funny if that was my seven though?  
Just an 
Truth- I am feeling a bit of 'ugh' lately but, BUT, there is this song, I am putting it below and it is a great reminder about who is in control.  When I start to get overwhelmed by the 'ugh' I keep remembering #ourGodisgreater.  It makes me feel better.  You should listen to it.

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  1. 100% I agree with #2. There is A LOT that he shouldn't be doing.... How much longer??
    I took a break from Facebook (other than the blog;s page) and WOW - what a difference it has made. Those that are the true friends will call or text if they need to let me in on some pertinent info (like my friend who was in the ICU and I had no idea...so maybe I should check it once a week?). But, overall I just couldn't take it. Freedomeof speech means nothing on there. I share a link about something Catholic and my "I'm-not-really-sure-what-he-is" brother deletes me. I share some project the boys did - and I'm told I'm sharing too many perfect pictures (do they not see the tornado destruction in the background from said project??). Too much. So I quit. So, I say take a break. See what it does for you. :)

  2. Haha...I love you. I'm just so confused why you didn't include your thoughts on the Matt Walsh article just to make it complete :) (I'd actually be really interested to hear your take because you like to, you know, read beyond the headlines and such.) Take the break. I wonder if FB is reaching its peak and will begin to fade away because it's just too much emotional energy...or something.