Friday, August 29, 2014

7 quick takes road trip edition

Road trippin' to Kentucky and so I don't have the fancy 7 quick takes format, but thought I'd share some takes on the way!

At the end of the night, when I go to each boy's bed and put their blankets over them one last time... I always think to myself "I can't believe I have three boys". It's truly wild!  

We are not doing preschool. Around this time of the year, I feel like a bad parent for that decision.   I'll get over it.

I always try to tell people "The Walking Dead" is such a good show- so much more than zombies. But I finally figured it out.  I figured out why I think it's a really good moral show as well. In the Catholic faith- there is this understand that the end never justifies the means. So even if a "good" is the outcome, if you have to willingly participate in evil, it's not okay. In our time, that particular philosophy is becoming further away from the norm of thought. But! In the walking dead- they always show it. And the characters portray how very difficult it is to do the right thing in tough situations. Anyway, that's your nerd talk for the day.
The Emmys were awesome! And all the people I wanted to win, won!!! (Which never happens). And the dead people part was very touching, especially the song in the background in light of robin Williams. Well done Emmys.

Dr. Ben Carson... My new favorite. I think we'd be best friends. 

I have this dream, always and it's terrifying. I am at college (Franciscan university in Egan hall) and I realize I have not been to class all semester, and I don't even know what classes I was suppose to be attending. Then, I try to figure it out, but realize I am going to fail out. It's always so stressful. I had it three times last week, so this week I decided to look it up.
Side note- I don't really believe in dream interpretation, but sometimes it has value, like in the common dream I have when all my teeth fall out. Turns out, it's a very regular dream. 


TURNS OUT... this dream is super common too. 

It was so weird reading people give the same account of a dream I've had for years.

And, incase you are wondering, it indicates one is neglecting an important part of one's life- often time health.

Um, yup!

The movie, "jobs"
I liked it a lot more than I thought i would. It's on Netflix. You should watch it.

Have a great week and check out more quick takes at "conversiondiary.com"

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  1. Prayers for a safe trip. Preschool is stay at home mom daycare. Also, you can say you are homeschooling! Mae starts next week. Let the keening begin....