Friday, September 26, 2014

7 Quick Takes in which I realize I am middle aged, my kids are cute and A LOT of people can see facebook fights!

I’m really not sure there is anything better than watching my boys play together outside.  Lil A and Joey do not always play together, but two days ago I glanced outside and they were joined together in a common task.  They were moving rocks from one side of our yard to the other, with a dump truck.  It nearly took my breath away that’s how wonderful it was.  Being a mom is weird, because moments like that can make your heart burst so big you can’t even handle it.

Love these two!

My friend Mary wrote THIS POST, which was just perfect. Mothering is so difficult, but so beautiful.  And I gotta tell you,  this post perfectly encapsulates what bad days are like around here.  There’s always still one or two moments of awesome, and praise Jesus for that.

In another note, that same friend MIGHT have been right about the song, 'All About that Base" and it's serious flaws, so we have taken it out of the Wilkerson Family Van Rotation.  We have replaced it with, "Mercy Is Falling" from a Praise and Worship CD circa 2000 with David DeWolf (I think that's how you spelled his last name).  FUS flashback anyone?!?!  I must say, as cute as it was to hear my boys sing, 'I'm bringing booty back', I feel better about my parenting choices with them singing, 'Mercy is falling like a sweet spring rain'.  Video to come, I'm sure...

Hiding people on facebook is liberating.  I have been doing it A LOT.  People who’s posts rise my blood pressure, for whatever reason, are now being ‘hidden’ no questions asked.  Life’s too short for people I barely know to work me up.  

Speaking of facebook, I got into a bit of a squabble with a person/persons who were arguing  against the 'church of nice' in favor of the 'church of truth' which of course means you MUST tell sinners they are going to hell.  They were Michael Voris disciples, so that’s pretty much all  you need to know (if you are not a Church nerd, you probably have NO idea what I am talking about, so you can skip this take). The funny thing was, my little debate was coming up in a lot of people’s newsfeeds, because that’s how the internets work.  Several people messaged/text me about it.  And I gotta say, I was 99.9 % proud of how I conducted myself whilst in the land of crazy (I mean, the person was arguing AGAINST speaking to culture and meeting people where they are at in order to deliver the message of the Gospel)…BUT, I probably put out a bit too much sassy.  I kept trying to leave the conversation, but the crazy kept getting crazier.  One of my favorite friends called me and was like, ‘Yea, I didn't even fully read the conversation, but I gotta respect anyone who can call you back into a conversation after you checking out…TWICE.’  I laughed loudly. 

Last week BOLD MINISTRES facilitated our  Confirmation Retreat, "Come Awake".  Because of an exchange of leadership, the person in charge was a Youth Minister I had never met before.  When we shook hands he was like, ‘Ah…finally meeting Mary Wilkerson!’ Later on in the day, as we got to know each other a bit better he said, ‘you know, I’ve been hearing the name Mary Wilkerson for a while now, and I always just assumed you were a middle aged lady with kids’.  And then we laughed, because clearly I am not middle aged.  But then we stopped laughing, and Mike (my ministry partner) and I realized we kind of totally are middle aged.  Growing up for the win!!!!

I’m a better mom when we do things during the day as opposed to hanging around these parts. I like a schedule, I like structure, I like leaving the house and going on adventures.  I know this might seem silly, but I am still trying to figure out this stay at home mom gig, but this week, we’ve had a REALLY great week.  So much so, that I told Big Aaron, ‘I am kicking stay at home mom-ings A$$ this week!!!’  So, we’ve been doing lots of adventures…wanna see?
lil' A and I with a big cow

Joseph Mike and I with a smelly pig. IKR?!?! with the hair???

Getting ready for our morning adventure

John Paul and I with a Horse

Storytime at the library

Playing at the Mall

I know, I KNOW...with that face.

After lots of discussion, and lots of back and forth, we’ve decided we are going to move.  Sometime in the next year!  We are still very much in the gathering-information stage and I am totally intimidated by the amount of work it is going to take- but I feel good about this choice for our family.  My husband is currently working in Commerce Township, near Pontiac Trail…right off of M5 for you locals.  Where should we look?  

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  1. #3 yes.

    To unfollow, is so much nicer then to unfriend.

    I unfollow people who post too many internet memes. Like 20 a day.

    Only once I message someone on why I was in unfollowing them, due to the graphic nature of a cartoon. It was a character of men beating another man wrapped up in a lgbt rainbow flag with their bibles.

    I explained that and reference Church teaching that being gay isn't a sin and since 1986, it is clear we are stand up against unjust discrimination. The nature is sexuality applies to all, no matter the orientation.

    The issues of depicted violence bothered me, since it was not a news story. My children see my screen in public view. We talk about current events, as allowed for their ages. How do I explain to a child this photo?

    The person got defensive, even suggesting my comments made her feel like she was being beaten up and that my children had no business seeing what is on her Facebook page...

    Argh.... It was my mother-in-laws's cousin. No loss.

    I'm a political junkie, so I don't mind political DISCUSSIONS, I have bridged gaps over the years online.

    But yeah, unfollow is awesome!

  2. Ah, I feel famous! I totally remember Mercy is Falling! You have to be teaching them the hand motions, right??? It's required. I need to teach that one to my kiddos. I think I'll have to agree that I'd rather hear that coming out of a 3 year old's mouth than anything about a booty :)

    Also, you're rockin' it in the sahm world.