Friday, November 21, 2014

7 quick takes- the sassy and happy variety

So the President spoke yesterday.  About Immigration Reform.  I make it practice never to listen to our President speak (or any politician for the most part) because I don't enjoy being lied to in fancy ways.  But, the ol' husband feels differently and nothing else was on, so I couldn't justify not letting him watch.  It was terrifying. I used a lot of swear words, and not even about the Immigration Reform part of his talk.  I find him to be an incredibly powerful, incredibly dangerous, man. Would you like to know why?  Because of the way he speaks, intentionally, intent on creating and encouraging division.  As I said last night, he is the worst kind of leader.   That's all Imma say about that.
The last couple weeks have been a bit crazy 'round these parts.  If you've been following the employment history of my family, the the last couple of months have been a wild ride.  After a lot of discernment, conversation, concerns and excitement, Aaron has decided to take a new job.  He will be an IT Manager for a company called Cooper Standard.  I couldn't be happier for him and his hard work.  He'll have a large team of people under him and he will move into a new role of strategy and growth.   It's a really good thing for our family.  But, I am also terrified.

"Terrified?" you say, "Why would you be terrified?"

Well,  my friends, I have always said, I LEGIT don't understand how women, whose husbands travel, make life work.  And, for the first time in our married life, Aaron will be traveling, quarterly and out of the country.  monthly and in the country.  PANIC!!!!  I need advice.  How am I gonna make this work?  Those of you whose husbands travel...what do you do to make it work?  I told Aaron, in order to even be able to sleep in this house without him here, I'm gonna need a good alarm system, a gun or perhaps I will just stay with my parents when he is out of town.  AHHHHH I am freaking the freak over here.  Talk to me friends!

My eldest is potty trained. I very purposefully have not shared potty-training updates because, not that I am judging those of you that do, I just think it's gross.  But he is trained and we have survived.  
Let's talk about moving.  So, with the husband's new job, we decided we are gonna put the pause button on the move probably till the Fall, because, frankly, we are going to have a lot to adjust to.  BUT and this is a real interesting but, I am DESPERATELY trying to get Aaron to agree to move to a little known neighborhood called, 'Cherry Hill Village'.  For you locals, although I grew up in Canton, I very intentionally was not super psyched to raise a family there, EXCEPT Cherry Hill Village- which is honestly, like, the cutest neighborhood in all of southeast Michigan (so sayith me). If we moved there, we'd need to start the process in March. Anyway, I have been working on the old husband and he has been resisting.  So, here's my question- how do you force your spouse to agree with you on where to live when he doesn't?  j/k.  Kind of, okay no, it's a totally serious question- how can I manipulate this situation?  and...go!
The whole neighborhood looks like this!!!! Le sigh.

To celebrate Aaron's new job, we had ourselves a fancy 24 hours.  You know, I love me a fancy 24 hours.  For the first time in our marriage though, I was one who got to plan it.  Rumor is, I done good.  We went to the 'Gandy Dancer' in Ann Arbor for Brunch and I had myself my first Bellini.  Delicious.  Look- this is what happy Mary looks like, well rested with a Bellini.  Awesome-sause

K- I have discovered the best place to take under-5 children, at the suggestion of my good friend Erin (who actually needs to start blogging again).  It's a hike because it's downriver, but it is SO FANTASTIC.  It's not INSANELY expensive (if you stay there awhile) and the boys love it.  FUNTASTIC you're the place for me.  I'd take you over Jungle Java any day- twice on Sundays.

So Edel.  For those of you not in the know, it's a Catholic woman's blogging conference. I really wanted to go this year.  But, it doesn't make a lot of sense for me.  We thought of having it be a Aaron and I trip, but, honestly, I really rode the struggle bus leaving the kids this past summer and I don't think I'm up for a 'fly away from the children' trip again for a very.long.time.  Then I thought about just me going, but honestly it'd be a tremendous amount of cash flow to spend on yours truly when we are trying to get my dream house in Cherry Hill Village.  And so, I won't be going.  Jealousy is not an emotion I sport often (praise you Jesus) but this week I did my had my fair share of jealous thoughts.  Some of them included the tears of a bratty 34 year old, actin' like a 6 year old. So, that's that.

Have a great week.  If you wanna link to more takes, we are in a new place this week... Go Check IT OUT

And whilst checking that out, check out Aaron's blog and anxiously await his #fridays!

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  1. Bellini's are the best and with you on potty training.

  2. lessons learned from many years of husband traveling up to 3 weeks per month (yes, per MONTH!) and through 1 VERY difficult pregnancy

    * Keep a schedule and try to get husband on board with the schedule so he doesn't feel like he doesn't belong and you don't feel like he comes home just to make you crazy then leave.
    * Remember it is harder on him leaving than you staying. I didn't realize how true that was until I made a trip without him.
    * Accept help when offered - there is no reason to play the martyr - just sayin'
    * Ask for help if you need - (see above reason) - try to find someone you might be able to switch kiddos with for a couple hours; you each get a break and it is always easier with more children - they keep themselves occupied
    * KISS - Keep It Simple, Silly - try to find some easy quick meals for everyone, become one with your crockpot - I found it easier to cook in the morning instead of trying to do it during the melt-down time of late afternoon. Make casseroles your friend: make in the morning and put in the fridge until time to toss in oven.

    I think that is it for now

    YOU CAN DO IT! Congrats to Aaron on the new job and congrats to you for accepting your new normal (or at least not stomping your feet too hard about it!)

    many prayers for you both

  3. I am sad you won't be there Mary. I've had my fair share of jealousy tears in the past. They aren't pretty, I know! I won't cry on this one, butttt, Cherry Hill Village is exactly where Brian and I would love to move to if and when we get that opportunity to join you all back in Michigan. I hope you guys get a great one! We will stay with you so I can check them out before making the commitment. Then we could be neighbors and scare everyone with our large Catholic families : )

  4. I would so stay with your parents while the husband is traveling. Makes the most sense. But I will say, handling the kids alone for a weekend (which is as long as I've done) is easier than you would imagine. You kind of lower expectations as well as get a boost of confidence along the way as you realize hour by hour that you are doing it and everybody is surviving.
    Totally agree about posting about potty training. Not a fan of seeing little kids on the little potty pics on facebook...