Friday, November 7, 2014

7QT on elections, presentations and pregnancy tests....

So, you know how sometimes people are all like, “ahhhh three year olds are all sorts of not awesome!”  I completely disagree. I freaking love me some three year olds. I love the conversations we have.  I love the learning that goes down. I love the funny things that come out of their mouths, especially on a day of stress.  Lil’ A has been shortening and shortening his nap in the afternoon (which is sadder to me than I can even let on)- and he woke up early yesterday as I was doing my house clean.  He came in the kitchen and said, “Can I help?”  to which I responded “Ahhh, you can help by just sitting there and being the freaking cutest kid I have ever seen”.  He paused and said, “Being cute isn’t helping”.  I died.  By the way, any time I get overwhelmed with all the cute in the house, I say “I’m dying.”  Lil A says it all the time as well "I'm dying!".  Kids are awesome.  Now if, at any point, you wanna take my 15-20 month olds…they are all yours *that is a phase I could do without.
So you know all the election business. I try not to comment too much, because I try not to alienate people and I still like to live in the lie that my social media friends don’t know which end of the spectrum I am on (as if).  Anyway, the thing is, our president has REALLY done ticked me off a lot this year. To the point where I am like, ‘hey, um, this is America right?”  And that’s been stressful.  Then there’s my state.  And my state’s been doing really well lately financially, after a lot of really not well, even though sacrifices had to be made to get us there.  So, the thing is, the elections were really great.  That’s all I’m sayin’ (read into it what you’d like).  

I do some ministry (a lot) and I love it (a lot).  And next week, I have like, 4 major presentations/retreats.  That’s crazy land right?  But it’s good, because I love it. And, in a particular way, the presentations I am doing next week are really gonna be fun.  But I am also on a lot of committees, and I am also a mom.  I’ve been doing a lot of discernment  in terms of how my vocation should be playing out right now.  Kid #4 is on the table right now (not an announcement- just on the table) and if that comes to fruition, something has got to give.  So, anyway, if you pray, shout one out for me as I try to prioritize and figure out where God wants me.
I told you guys we are going to move right?  Probs in March.  And I’ve been looking at houses. And it’s hard.  Because I have this part of me that is very idealistic that’s like, ‘do we neeeeeeed’ this space, or do I just want it?  Should we be spending our max just because we can, or live more simply?  
And once again ‘idealistic Mary’ (who thought we’d live in this little house in Redford with 12 kids forever) is in a fight with ‘realistic Mary’ who has sold out and got bougie (I don' t think that's how you spell that word). 
But I really want a dining room. And I really want a bigger bathroom. And, frankly, I really want a better school system for the kids (om lowercase g, I have become THAT person).  Anyway, that’s my update. 
Aaron started a blog. It’s good and it’s funny, but kind of ugly. 

“But at this point it far exceeds mine.  I’m in awe of his awesomeness and creativity.  Just another reason why Aaron is just so amazing in more ways than one and I am humbled to be his wife.” (that sentence was added by Aaron of course).  

I’m gonna make it prettier, soon.  The content is hilarious and will be spot on.  He’s gonna write about lots of things, but probably mostly what we’ve learned financially.  Which is good stuff.  Anyway, you’d like it- so add it to the blogs you read.

So, do you think you know what the Catholic Church teaches about homosexuality?  Maybe you do, but maybe you don’t.  I do lots of presentations on this particular topic and I find that about 10% of engaged Catholics actually fully understand the Church’s teaching.  And, when it comes to society, I gotta say, like almost no one knows.  Anyway, tomorrow night, I am speaking at Theology on Tap on the topic.  That means you can come out, have a few beers and listen to a short presentation and what the Church ACTUALLY teaches (vs. what you think She teaches) and why She teaches it.  Maybe you totally get and love what you think the Church teaches.  Maybe you think you know what the teaching is, but you are not sure.  Maybe you are super offended by what the Church teaches.  Regardless, it could be fun for you to go.  As long as you don’t want to fight me.  I’m not gonna lie, I did this presentation one time, and this group of people came to fight me, and they ended up hugging me…so, you can come if you want to fight me, as long as you promise to hug me at the end (and you don’t fight me during the presentation, because that’s always awkward and happens almost every time….).  See you there!  RSVP on the facebook if you are coming.  Just search facebook, ‘November Theology on Tap’.

Yesterday I went into Target. I’m not, for the most part, allowed in Target, because I always spend a crud ton of money. I went to buy some pregnancy tests (I’m not pregnant, we are just getting ready for when I am) and some beer.  First, that’s an awkward combination at the check-out lane, and they don’t have a ‘do it yourself check out’ lane.  
So, that was weird. 
Especially because I was checking out with a 3, 2, and 1 year old….and, as a reminder, buying pregnancy tests and beer.  So anyway, she went to scan the pregnancy test and it didn’t scan, so then she had to study it, and I was legit embarrassed.  
But that’s not what the story is about.  By the time I checked out, it was $70.  That’s why I am not allowed at Target.  But, I bought the boys two sets of matching Christmas pajamas to get us through the season.  I had to.  It was a necessity because God gave us three boys quickly, and they are scrumptious in matching pajamas. I told Aaron the total and the unexpected purchase, half expecting I’d have to return it.  BUT, I didn’t it.  He let me keep them.  YAAAAY.  But I won’t be going to Target for awhile.

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  1. Oh so many comments.
    First - Hahaha! Yes, beer and pregnancy tests plus the three tiny kiddos...perfect. (BTW, you totally need to start buying your tests at the dollar store. Just as legit and ONE dollar.)
    I wish I could come to TOT. That sounds awesome.
    House stuff = hard. I have this thing where I'm like, "see, the house with the dining room is already there and built and who better to have that house than someone with a growing probably largish family who will actually use it and appreciate it???" Which could quickly put us way overboard, right? But there is some truth in it, too. I mean, family dinners are important and those little kids are going to be big huge adults someday and it'd sure be nice to fit them all (and their spouses/friends) at dinner, you know? Anyway, I could ramble on about this but yeah, those (super privileged first world) decisions are hard.
    And lastly...it depends on the three year old :)

  2. Um, yeah. Pregnancy test buying is weird regardless, but it's worse when the person comments on it. I second the dollar store test.

    Wish I could come see you get yelled at by sillies, but, travel. Good luck!!

  3. you.slay.me - too funny - my own kiddos think I am nuts laughing out loud at take 7; sounds like a perfect combo to me. (although I would probably have been buying cigarettes for the husband at the same time lol)

    Houses: good luck, not easy but can be lots of fun!

    Wish I were close enough to be able to get to TOT, but I am sure a 10+ hour drive for a 1 hour talk won't fly with the hubby. lol

    prayers for all discernments for you -


  4. 1. Target is specifically created to trick you into buying more things and that's why I DESPISE it as a retailer and usually refuse to shop there. "Yeah, I just need some deodorant...what the WHAT...I spent EIGHTY DOLLARS?"
    Meijer all the way. Higher standards, lower prices...and Michigan-based to boot!!

    2. Your presentation is going to be great and I'm BEYOND HURT that I can't go. (Wedding. With my family.) (But I still like weddings). (But, I'm still sad).

    3. As far as babies go--YES YES YES!! (A) You guys make cute ones. (B) The world needs more afro-babies. I need more afro-babies. (C) You're good parents. (D) My mom always would say, "The best gift you could give your child is...another sibling." And, if it's the kind of thing you can manage, I agree with her.

  5. And why are we embarrassed to buy pregnancy test anyways? I know for me it was embarrassing cause, um, I just had had a baby that I was carrying in my sling who was only, eh, 3 months old. What a great feeling it must be to actually be able to space your pregnancies finally, huh, Mary!! Congrats! And I'm sure more congrats soon, cause well, we know #4 will happen, right? Hugs!!!

  6. You are hilarious! I am super pregnant and any time I buy beer or wine for dinner parties or my hubby people always give me "the look" at checkout. Whatever, haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

    I was very happy with the elections too! Yay Michigan!

  7. Bahahaha I've been there with the buying pregnancy tests and alcohol thing. Usually if the test winds up negative, the drink is for consolation/celebration depending on where my head is at the time. Does that make sense? And oh yes, wonderful Target. There's also a web site called tests4less that sells pregnancy tests in bulk for a really good deal.

  8. Three kids, beer and pregnancy tests; sounds like a typical Catholic Target run. Move along, nothing to see here!
    And I totally get the house stuff. I keep thinking, do we really need to renovate this or can we make do? Is it worthwhile to renovate or should we just move because this house is a money pit? Is your husband as patient as mine in dealing with all of your wonderings? Cause I always have to vocalize mine...repeatedly.