Friday, December 12, 2014

7 quick takes about one of the best nights of my life...and other stuff

I love surprises. I just do. I love them so much. And I married a guy who is good at them.  One week ago, I started posting on Aaron's social media that the counting crows were coming to town.  They are my favorite band.  I adore them.  I knew they were coming in town, but also didn't really think about going (concerts kind of lose their awesome when you are old- at last for me).  However, about a week ago, I started to think it would be really FANTASTIC to go to a Counting Crows show.  So I started asking for it for Christmas, not really thinking it would happen.  Heck, I even threw in, 'we should go in a limo' because riding in a limo with my love is something I have always wanted to do.  But Aaron said we couldn't, and even the part of me that still thought we were going to was crushed when Aaron explained he'd be working from Indiana the day of the concert.  So the morning of the show came, and I was sad.  Aaron got home at 5:15 as I was feeding the kids.  I might have even said something about what a meanie he was for not getting me tickets, when he did, indeed, get home in time for the concert.  Then he went to the door and came back and said it was a man about the lawn.  A few minutes later he told me to go look at the Christmas lights across the street...I knew there weren't Christmas lights across the street.

YOU KNOW WHAT WAS THERE?!?!?!  The most beautiful limo I ever did see. It was white and stretchy.  Aaron said, 'Go get dressed' (I was in my housewife finery of sweats and a t-shirt).  I got dressed so darn fast.  My sister then arrived (I KNOW!!!!) to sit the kids.  I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, while occasionally stopping to give my kids kisses and my husband huge snuggles.  We walked outside, made a necessary stop to the liquor store to get some bud light (because who the H would ride in a limo without budlight?!?!?) and then got to take the long way to the city.  It. was. awesome.  We pulled up to the Filmore in Detroit (straight up Real Housewife like) and got out...it was time for the show.
I was gonna write a whole emo blog post about the experience of seeing Counting Crows, but imma slim it down to one take.  Here's the thing. This band has been my favorite since my late high school years, when my crush introduced me to them. I have seen them somewhere between 12-15 times in all different stages of my life.  The first time I saw them I was a broke college kid, probably couldn't truly afford it. I saw them in Dublin, while spending a semester in Europe, we found out at a hostel they were playing that night, and we raced to get tickets. I have seen them in New Jersey, and Pittsburgh, I saw them in Chicago.  I can truly track my 20s through counting crows shows. I have been in nosebleed seats and front row.  I have related to songs about loss, and songs about joy.  I remember when their album was released that had the song 'Butterfly in Reverse' and it was a song about 'Mary Ann' so I pretended it was me (I am SUCH a loser).  But, the last few years, seeing them hasn't been as fun.  We went in Chicago, to this venue where you could bring picnic baskets. I was first trimester pregnant with our first kid. I threw up the whole time.  The drunk 20 somethings made me want to slam my face into a glass window.  We went a couple summers ago, but I was 9 months pregnant with John Paul. I had to pee every thirty seconds.  We had lawn seats.  It was great being with friends, but the music I didn't so much care about... I was too uncomfortable.  So I thought, maybe the live concert thing just becomes less fun as you get older.


When Mr. Durtiz and friends came out and began the bestest version of 'Round Here' tears just started rolling down my face.  Here I was, with the love of my life, seeing my favorite band, in fancy seats, with a fancy drink in my hand (bud light is fancy right?!?!) after riding in a fancy limo.  PINCH me.

Adam and I have come a long, long way since the early days of being a fan...and Tuesday night was somethin' special.

That is all.

Moving on from one of the best nights of my life.  Remember when I told you we were thinking we were gonna move this year?  To a house with a dining room, a fireplace and a bathroom where my face doesn't smash into the toilet whilst bathing my kids?  Yea- I'm not so sure now. I'm thinking we might stay here for five more years.  I love my house, I really do.  And if we stay here we can do some things I want to do (Catholic schools, travel, Michigan Season tickets, giving...).  In five years we can have this house paid off.  It seems a bit smarter, but I'm not sure.  Tough decisions in store for us...

Social media was the worst during the Ferguson stuff. I wanted to delete so many people from my connection (just being honest).  It made me cranky for a week or so.  I, once again, discerned the role of social media in my life (cause I am all over that shiznatch).  Then, I read this blog earlier in the week- about how lonely being a stay at home mom is.  And I realized I never feel alone.  I got my buddy Erin, we chat via messenger throughout a lot of days about our frustrations, joys, etc...  I get to engage with people a couple times a day about Religious things, and Political things.  I get to be challenged by articles I find, and sigh relief when some blogs names what's been on my heart. Anyway, I never feel lonely.  I think it's because of social media. So I like it again and am reminded it is a 'profoundly human experience' (Pope Francis said it, not me).
Lil' Aaron does this thing now, when he gets sad.  He shrugs his shoulders, gets a big frown and waits till he is acknowledged.  When he is noticed he says, 'I'm sad...because....' with the most desperate sad tone possible.  He is SUCH a freaking drama-queen. I wonder where he got that from.
 I gotta tell you friends.  Aaron (the husband) is off for two freaking weeks beginning next Friday.  When we considered this new position, one major perk was vacation time. It was better than any other company we had been exposed to.  And the dude is gonna get TWO WEEKS off of work.  And he will have 14 more vacations day left.  It's insanely awesome.  But I have decided a couple things.
1)  We are only gonna do one or two projects.  Our lives have been on "GO!" for a long time now, we need a breather.
2)  I am gonna try to plan as little as possible during those two weeks.  It's hard, because it's the time of year when lots of people are in town, and it's really REALLY easy to end up having plans the entire time.  We've got a party on New Year's Even, but other than that, during those 2 weeks, I think I'm gonna back off the 'catch up' train and just enjoy our little family. It might be a little selfish, but I also think it's more than a little needed

I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I'm so excited for you that you get to have your husband home for 2 weeks. How fun! And your concert night sounds awesome (except I'd be drinking Sierra Nevada haha)

  2. Sounds like an amazing surprise and a great night!
    Two Weeks, wow, hope you enjoy all of it!!

  3. Oh my! Aaron is such a sweet guy, with all those surprises just to make you happy. Well, I'm glad that both of you are openly showing just how much you love each other. Reading all about it just makes me swoon with happiness. Hahaha! Anyway, how's the limo experience? I'm sure it was amazing. Thanks for sharing that, Mary! Congratulations and all the best!

    Evan Blake @ Antique Limo of Indy