Monday, December 29, 2014

I'm not gonna tithe...

...because I just can't afford it.

How many times have you said this?
How many people do you know who have said this?
How many young adult Catholics/Christians do you know who do not give financially to the Church?

I didn't tithe through most of my 20s, I always made sure to make up for it with the 'talent and time'.  But the 'treasure' is important as well.  Feeling so strapped that you can't give is an awful feeling (I know, I lived that reality for many MANY years).

How do you give?  Should you give?  How do you get enough money to give?  Can you give if you are in debt?  These are questions Aaron and I have grappled with since the start of our relationship.  Besides being able to be at home with my children, perhaps the single greatest thing about being in control of our finances (vs. having them control us) is our ability to give a tithe and more.  It's a bit taboo to talk about - and many, many faithful Catholics/Christians don't think they can do it...which is why I think this blog is so very important. 

Today, my husband at Happy Budget/Happy Life tackles this important question...

"Most of us love giving.  It makes us feel better about ourselves and gives us that warm fuzzy feeling inside when we do good deeds.  I've been involved with going to church on a regular basis for the past 6 years or so.  In that time, I've found that there's a particular form of Christian giving that throws off a lot of people: Tithing.  I've found that tithing is the golden unicorn in terms of Christian personal finances.  Everyone wants to do it, but most people can't figure it out..."

To read more, CLICK HERE

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