Friday, December 19, 2014

7 Quick Takes where I might just judge you

Here is the dealio.  Usually, if I don't get the ol' takes done first thing in the morning on Friday, they don't get done.  Naptime is usually spent cleaning/etc/catching up on work, etc... However, the littlest boy just woke up, after sleeping for only an hour, and I am trying desperately to get him to go back down without waking up the middle child (they share a room).  So, I don't want any movement in my house for the next 1/2 hour.  Easy excuse to sit down and write a 7 Quick Takes.
And, as an added bonus to this take, I'll just let you know naptime has been TERRIBLE this week.  And my house is evidence to show it.  John Paul is pushing out more teeth (I think) so he keeps waking up after only an hour or so.  BUT, when he wakes up, he wakes up Joey.  And then I am doomed. 
You guys.
I love naptime.  This has been REALLY REALLY hard for me.
Next week, we are switching the rooms around and putting Joey/Aaron in the same room.  This should help restore my midday break (but it's not really a break, it's more like quickly eat lunch and then clean/organize/work while listening to 'Watch What Happens Live' in the background).

Speaking of "Watch What Happens Live"- I love Andy Cohen you guys.  A Lot. I wanna be his best friend.  He was singing last night on Stephen Colbert's last show, and I laughed, then rewound it and then laughed again.  I find him to be the most delightful of all celebrity news people.
Also, I know a lot of you have no idea what I am talking about.  But those that do...right?!?!?

I'm about to get all judgy judgy on you...so you might wanna move along.  I HATE Victoria's Secret and really don't understand how people who don't dig porn shop there.  For real. And I have heard how lovely the bras are, and how comfortable they are, and what good quality they are made of.  But they use soft core porn to sell their products. Now, if you don't care about soft core porn, I get why you don't mind shopping there.  BUT, if you do- you should probably stop shopping there.  Because it matters.  I was at the mall the other day, walking with my three boys, and one of their eyes were caught by the porny angel who was on display in the store window.  He pointed and said, 'wow mommy look at that!'.  I didn't think it was cute.  I was totally appalled.  And it's REALLY not okay. So stop shopping there. Or, at the very least, send a letter to ask them to stop using porny angels to sell their stuff.

Back to happiness. To my FUS friends, look what happened the other night!
Life gets busy.  Busy means not seeing people who are important to you.  Last Sunday though, I had made some plans to watch a Christmas movie at one of my closest friend's house.  And then her husband came home (my ministry partner) and then another one of our best friends came over (my son's godfather).  It was so lovely.  All of us graduated from FUS nineteen thousand years ago- but it's delightful to see our bond is still there, despite life's ups and downs.  Good stuff.

Last Sunday I fell down the stairs.  It was really scary.  In the morning, the kids and I always go downstairs.  Now that John Paul is 'scoot down the stair on his bottom' age, I usually walk down with my coffee and my laptop.  As I headed down, John Paul was about a stair in front of me, and little Aaron turned to throw something at him. I went to correct him and somehow lost my footing. I went flying down the stairs, dragging John Paul with me, scalding hot coffee flying everywhere. I cut my ear, and my elbow and bruised my leg.  Do you feel bad for me?  You should.

Thursday was our Saint John Neumann Alumni Christmas party.  You guys, it was so lovely.  The only part that SUCKS is I have about 30 seconds to talk to each alumni and I want to talk to them for an hour each.  I really can't stay out late, because it screws up our week too much, so only staying an hour feels terrible.  BUT, it was so good to see everyone.  And, as per usual, I am amazed at how everyone gets all grown'd up.  Insanity.

Today is Friday.  Aaron is off for two weeks. We have several family plans that I am so so so excited about and everything is done in terms of Christmas.  Bring on Jesus' Birthday!!!  We are making a Peppa Pig cake for him.  Fascinating right?!? I always let the boys choose and that's what they chose.  YAY Christmas.

I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I feel bad for you. Also, #3: THANK YOU. For realz, ladies.

  2. As long as we're talking about porn selling things...American Apparel. And I'm so on board with the fact that their stuff is fair trade and American made and earth-friendly...and some how they find it fitting to OBJECTIFY WOMEN and I'm like, "How are all of the priorities greater than your sisters??? HOW? For real, how?"
    I mean, I believe in healthy decisions for the planet (oh hai, St. Francis), and I believe in people being given just wages for their work, but I also believe in respecting THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

  3. Word up on the Victoria Secret thing. Ugh. And I don't know about their bras but their underwear sucks (so says my college days haha). Sorry you fell down the stairs, I bet that was scary. Jealous of your husband being home for 2 freaking weeks!!!!