Friday, February 12, 2016

7 Quick Takes in which I tell you a bit about lent and how I lie.

Can we get the takes done during nap time?  That is the the question and the first take.

Lent. Began.
Prayers happening. Sacrificing beginning.  Devil tryna work me.. it's all there :)
We started a facebook group for those doing 'The Best Lent Ever'.  It's been really awesome so far.  Lemme know if you want to join okay?  Men and Women welcome.  Married and non married. Kids and no kids...everybody is welcome!  It's about sharing together in faith.  I like it.

I tried to get a babysitter for St. Valentine's Day.  It's a very difficult thing to do. One of our favs said she was available after 7:00 pm. I ran it by Aaron.  He said, 'Um, the Walking Dead comes back on Sunday, I don't think we should go out."

You know Daryl (Norman Reedus) from The Walking Dead?  I have a soft spot for the character and a soft spot for the actor.  He was interviewed on that show, 'Inside the Actor's Studio" alongside other actors.  One of the last questions asked is "If you make it to heaven, what do you want God to say to you"
His answer, "Whoa, surprised to see you here....here are seven Rhianna's for you"
I'm sure he was kidding, but it made me sad for him. I am going to pray for him and his conversion.

Do you ever tell people you are praying for them, or you are going to pray for them, but you totally forget to? I do it all the time.  Sometimes, I say,
"And for all I forgot to pray for"
at the end of prayer to remember er'body.
I am really worried when I die, everyone is going to see what a liar I am because I say I will pray and then I don't.
And all these people in purgatory/heaven will be like, 'Whoa, you totally didn't pray for  me'... and they will shake their heads.

I get worried about that.

Anyway, Mary at Better Than Eden, wrote this AWESOME post about traditional prayers... and in it, she said that she prayers for people a lot with traditional prayers right away when they request prayers.  I have been doing this all week.
I REALLY like it.
It makes me less of a liar.
You should do it to.  The Hail Mary is my go-to.

I bought Aaron some gifts as a surprise for Sunday.  We usually don't buy gifts for Valentine's day.  BUT, I felt inspired. So I dragged all four children to a bike shop (just picture the potential for disaster), and I bought him some gifts. I was so excited to surprise him.

But then, he got home from work and lil' Aaron said,
'Dad, we got you surprises from the bike shop!!!'
I was flamin' mad
(not really, but good expression eh?).
Anyway. I am mad he ruined the surprise, but perhaps more mad that Big Aaron's response has been, "CRUD... does this mean I have to get you something?"

I did it. I completed the takes during nap. So I'll finish with this one.
My ministry partner Mike and I have a presentation tomorrow... "Mythbusters, Homosexuality".
I knew it was far away.  But Mike told me today it is 1 hour and forty minutes away.
That is REALLY far away.
In case you were wondering.

(a kid just woke up, so perfect timing)

Linking up with http://thisaintthelyceum.org/  for the quick takes.  Go check it out!  And have a great week.


  1. Aw, thanks for the link! It really does help me and I feel like less of a liar, too. And I think there's something about stopping and saying even a short prayer that helps me to then remember it later again and pray and/or follow up. It's good.

    I love Big Aaron's response. That would totally be me, ha, BUT in an attempt to be a better wife I actually have an in-house dinner planned for Brian and I on Sunday. We shall see how that works out.

    1. See I thought about going the big surprise breakfast route, but big A is on the 'rice and beans' for lent and he doesn't want to take sundays as feasts for this particular offering. I mean, there's only so much you can do for 'fancy breakfast' with rice and beans.

  2. #3 is awesome and hilarious! It's important to find those priorities in marriage :) On #5, the Memorare is one of my go-to prayers. Or I'll do a short, "God, please take care of this person and his/her need." And then I end up randomly remembering them again at a later date (even weeks or months later), so I'll say another prayer, and it's all good! God works outside of time, which is something that I love to remind myself :) :)

    Mary, I hope that you have an awesome weekend!!!! (also, I finally got around to reading the most recent edition of The Franciscan Way, and I was really excited to see your blog in the sidebar that you mentioned! Super awesome!)

    1. I think you are the best comment person of all time. Love the random 'quick need' prayer, I do that sometimes too.

      I gotta get my copy of Franciscan way from my parents )

  3. Yo dogggggggg, I'll join your Lent group for sure.
    Since I'm lame and still on FB for Lent. ;D