Thursday, February 4, 2016


Today, I am linking up with my SIL Jen's blog to share with you a little bit about my life... as it's happening :)

Things have been quiet around this blog for lots of reasons, some of which I'll tell you about below.  But then my good friend Mary posted on 'thefacebook' a comment about my Alma Mater, Franciscan University's alumni Magazine, 'Franciscan Way'  doing a feature on blogs and this little ol' blog was mentioned in the sidebar (that there was an INSANE sentence).  As you know, I like anything that makes me pretty much famous, and so I decided to dust this blog off and give er'body a five point update.

Life is good. Really, really good. I wrote my Stay At Home Mom Lifehacks a few months ago. I have been sticking to them, and I feel more sane as a mother than ever before.  Life is still challenging with four people under the age of five, but I feel like it's manageable.  Part of keeping things really good is being realistic about what I can and can't do.  I took almost three full months off of speaking, which was actually awesome.  After John Paul, I really crammed my schedule, it made me resent the ministry, which is a recipe for disaster.  Having really good postpartum time with Malia was awesome.  It means I have cut back on a crud ton of stuff, almost all commitments, etc... but it's allowed us to really be at a good place as a family.  Learning my limits has been really good.

After taking almost three months off of speaking, I am back in full force.  My calendar is jam packed (for a stay at home mom) with cool opportunities to evangelize.  My ministry partner and I revamped our Confirmation Retreat and we are  loving how young people are connecting with it and Christ.  I continue to expand the speaking ministry when it comes to young adults and women.  I'm excited to be presenting in the upcoming months to a group of priests of Polish descent (I know right?!?!) on Homosexuality;  Emceeing the Michigan Catholic Young Adult Conference; and offering several different reflections on the year of Mercy.  Perhaps the coolest thing, and the one that took the most discernment, is I will be traveling a bit in the upcoming months.  One thing locked down for sure is a presentation at St. Jude school in Peoria.  I get to fly on an areo-plane for that one!  Last year, I presented at Spiritus Sanctus run by the Oprah Nuns (they have a technical name, The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist).  One Oprah nun told another Oprah nun, who's the principal of the school- and the rest is history.  

I'm excited about the ministry opportunities being put in my path, but I would be lying if I told you there isn't a battle.  The vocation to my little home, and the call to ministry is sometimes confusing for me- but I am just praying about each request as it comes along.  If you wanted to pray for me as I discern those things, I wouldn't mind.

The year of travel. Travel feeds my soul you guys, more than you can even imagine.  And, by some insane twist of fate, 2016 is shaping up to be an incredible year of travel.  Are you ready? Hold on to your hats and I'll break it down for you.

Last month, I went to Nashville with my girlfriends to see Paul's wife and visit our dear friend's resting place. It was awesome, and beautiful, and sad, and healing. I had no idea how desperately I needed to grieve my friend with my college friends.  It was incredible.

On the horizon is Kentucky to visit my sisters in March, Disney in April (I KNOW!?!!?  I drank the koolaid and I can't stop #sorry #notsorry)), Minnesota in May/June, Myrtle Beach in July (family reunion), and then... wait for it...

I wrote about on thefacebook. Long story short, the husband came home with a flier and said, 'I think you and your mom should do this pilgrimage to Poland'. I cried and told him it was impractical.  I went to the information meeting, ran out in tears because (#firstworldproblems) it is apparent God is calling me on this trip, but I know that means leaving my children.  Going on a 10 day pilgrimage makes absolutely no sense in my current season of life.  But with the encouragement of my good friend Erin, it's obvious to me that God wants it- so I am going.
We decided to knock off a bucket list item and hit up NYC at Christmas time. We have been talking/planning for years. We even planned to do it a few times and then canceled.  But this time?  It's happening!  We are booking tickets in a few days.  Dude. tickets are cheap right now- just fyi.

My soul's need to travel will be fed this year, and I can't wait to tell you all about it.

I'm trying to be less controversial on the interwebs when it comes to faith and politics.  I am constantly asking myself what my motivation is for writing/posting... if it is not to calmly and rationally point out my 'view' in order to bring about greater understanding, for the most part, I'm staying away from it.  It's hard. I delete a lot of things.  People unfriended me because of my sassy posts, and although all the sass is sometimes necessary, being unfriended weirdly REALLY hurts my feelings (when it comes to family especially).  I used to be like, 'ha! screw them, they can't HANDLE the truth'- Now, I'm trying to be like, 'mercy and stuff'.  #workinprogress

Lil' A's open house is tonight! We are so happy with how his school is going, I am so happy someone else is taking care of early learning (SOOOOOOOOOOO not my gift).  Next year, we've decided to keep him in the school for Kindergarten and add Joey for 1/2 day pre-k.  Just today lil' A told me he is 'going to miss me' when he goes to kindergarten.  UGH. If that doesn't just crush a mom's heart.  But it's the right thing for our family next year, we think.  HA! Who knows, we've got some time for God to change our minds on that, but that's the story I am sticking to.

And those are five things.
Five things telling you about my life as it's happening!  

Hope things are well, I've missed you and I am ready to begin virtual dialogue through this forum once again!


  1. AH! So much awesomeness!!!! I hope that I get my issue of the Franciscan Way soon. I'm so excited to see your blog mentioned in there! That's really awesome. Oh my, the travel all sounds amazing. Wow. I am so excited for all of the plans that God has for you! It is so wonderful that you get to visit Poland! I love Poland!!!!!!

    1. I feel like this year is going to be a really big one for our family. I am so excited.

    2. I'm excited to read about your adventures! :)

  2. Poland is amazing. You don't know me at all but I can say with as much certainly as I possibly can to a stranger: you will not regret that decision! I spent a semester abroad in college and spent a weekend in Poland, and just in those few days was impacted in a deep deep way. Having 10 days would have been amazing!!

    1. I know!!! The minute the information meeting began it was a true prayer to me. I silently begged God, 'Please, you know I cannot do this, I cannot leave my children again' (when I had my first son, I traveled to Spain for a WYD, he was 3 months old- it was THE WORST experience of my life so far... I have had a very blessed life). I felt God clear as day tell me, 'perhaps the greatest thing you could do for your children is to take this time, to be with me, intentionally and in prayer'. I couldn't tell Him no! I will write more about in the upcoming months, it's honestly the coolest pilgrimage ever.

  3. Even though its not WYD I'm so glad you and your Mom get to go!! If you get a chance both of you should read the book "The Second Greatest Story Ever Told"...alll bout Divine Mercy, JP2, and more....like SUCH A GOOD BOOK!