Friday, February 19, 2016

7 Quick Takes of deep reflection (I mean, kind of)

Sunday was St. Valentine's Day.
The husband Aaron didn't do anything for it. I mean he didn't do anything. No card, no flowers, nothing.
He offered to get me starbucks in the morning, but I'm on the 'weight watchers' so I declined.
And all day it made me madder and madder.  I thought of all the reasons I, as the mother of his FOUR CHILDREN (I always throw that in) deserved to celebrated on St. Valentine's day.  I got angry that he couldn't take two seconds, run to the store, buy a card and sign his name. I stewed. I prayed with it, but mostly I stewed.

On Tuesday, Aaron got up at 4:30 in the morning. He went to the gym to work out at 5:00 am.  He understands taking care of his health is important, but also understands we have four young children, so the luxury of working out isn't something we have time for.  Because of this understanding, he gets up at 4:30 am to go to the gym, in order to be home by 6:30 am, so he can help with the kids and I can sleep a little more.

After going to the gym, he got home and took care of work emails. Aaron's job is intense, but he is matching it with a work ethic difficult to describe.  While answering work emails, he ate a meal of rice and beans.  He is doing rice and beans this Lent- and ordering it towards the suffering of the world. He isn't taking Sunday's off. Not because he thinks we shouldn't, but because it is an exercise in solidarity.

After eating and answering work emails, he cooked the boneless skinless chicken breast he was marinating in the fridge for me to add to my lunch/dinner this week.  It helps me eat healthy and stay on track.

He kissed me before he left for work, and at 10:30 am sent an email declaring he had continued to figure out a couple of our trips this year. All with my preferences, because 'what baby wants, baby gets'.

He worked all day, came home at 5:45 pm and helped with the boys until bedtime.

When I stopped to think about all he does, I was overwhelmed.
My point is, I guess the thing is choosing what we want to focus on.

I think I'm gonna stop complaining about days like St. Valentine's Day.  I got me a winner every day of the year, and that ain't a bad deal.

My sister Theresa is wise beyond her years.
She shared this in our Lent group on facebook, but if you aren't part of it, I'm gonna tell you what she is doing.
She called last night and told me every time she is annoyed with people for their annoying qualities, she is going to say a prayer that God allows her to live one of the annoying person's good qualities.

That's fine.
But there's more.
She said she is going to do that because she's sometimes a big old sinner.  But she believes Christ loves her, and focuses on her good qualities instead of her bad.

And if Christ loves us like that, shouldn't we at least attempt to love other's the same?

My sister Theresa is very wise.

I'm going to get a pedicure today with my friend Terri.
Because I am fancy.
And I am SO excited. To see Terri and to get a pedicure.
And talk ministry, because ministry is what we do.

Can you pray for me?
Next week I am going to speak at a school in Peoria on Digital Media and Discipleship.
I am excited.  I will be presenting to grade clusters during the day and parents at night.
But it's hard to leave town when you've got four kids.
I'm a wee bit stressed.

My Malia gives me smiles I cannot handle.
I seriously can't handle them.

Did you see this meme on facebook?
I am STILL praying about it's awesomeness.
I get scared about my kids growing up.  I get scared about what I can provide for them, and what I can't.  I wonder what it will be like when they make their own decisions and my job is to love, but no longer be in charge.

This meme helped me.

Plans for the weekend?
Confession (needed), party for our friend's kid (excited), sleeping (always) and catching up on laundry (ugh).
Oh, and outlines after outlines for new presentations I'll be doing in the next couple months.
Come Lord Jesus, Come ;)

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  1. How did I not see that meme on Facebook??? That is so epic, and I am so thankful that you shared it on 7QT today!!! Your thoughts on marriage are great-I love how you turned things around to see all the little ways your husband loves you! The little details of life like that are so important. Are you two familiar with the love languages at all? Learning about those really helped me see how we all have different "love needs," so that I can try to show love to my husband (and relatives, and friends) in small ways that may click with him/them more than others.

  2. You definitely have a keeper! My husband asked me what I wanted for Valentine's Day; I'm just not a big believer in the whole Valentine's Day. I think it should be every day...not just on Feb. 14th!
    Visiting from SQT.