Friday, September 9, 2016

7 Quick Takes...where Aaron gets a new job and I listen to yo gabba gabba

I'm linking up with Kelly at This Ain't The Lyceum   to give you this week's quick takes.  Are you ready?
This is not a short one.
My husband, Aaron handed in his two week notice. 
Today is his last day at his current position as a Business Intelligence Manager for a global company.
And I couldn't be more proud of the man I married.

A couple of years ago, I heard an awesome talk on authentic manhood.  Bishop Byrnes (an Auxiliary in Detroit) explained how one temptation for men in the modern day is working so hard to financially support their family, that they kind of lose their family in the process.  This was starting to happen to us.  

It started with really crazy hours.   Working with different time zones at all hours of the day and night, but not being able to comp any time, because work needed to be done.  In January, I told Aaron this wasn't the kind of life I wanted.  It's nice to make a great salary, take fancy trips, buy a van with (TWO) dvd players, pay for Catholic schools, and be a SAHM mom.  Those things are nice, but they clearly weren't worth the cost.  Remember our trip to Disney this year? It was awesome, but it was also really frustrating.  Aaron worked everyday.  Waiting in every line he was on his phone.  At night he was on his phone.  Waiting for elevators, he was on his phone.  It wasn't good.  He was THAT guy.

Since January, Aaron and I have been in constant discernment if the benefits of this position were worth the consequences of time away from family.

After shifts in management. coupled with stressful leadership, Aaron decided this summer he needed to start looking elsewhere and perhaps take a step down on the corporate ladder in order to be the husband the father he needs to be.  

Yesterday, Aaron said he might come out of 'blog retirement' to blog about his decision. I hope he does.  

I think it's really hard, in 2016, to take a considerable pay cut and a "step down" in order to truly provide for your family. There's all kinds of things that could stop a man from making that choice-  ego, worries, pride...etc...
Aaron's presence in our home is the most valuable commodity we have, and I am so proud of him for recognizing that.  

Starting on Monday, Aaron will be back in the position of Business Intelligence Analyst.  He will provide for us more than just financially, but emotionally, spiritually and with his presence.  I am so glad I married a guy like the guy I married.

I got one more about my husband you guys.
Because you know he drives me crazy. Like, 'whoa' kind of crazy.  
But he does awesome things too.
I couldn't sleep last night.  I've been up since 1:45 am.  I'm in a bit over my head with the start of the school year, the practical start of my job as youth minister, and BOLD MINISTRIES .  At 4:00 am, I couldn't believe I was still awake.  At 5:00 am, I was using swear words.  But, at 5:45 am, Aaron turned on "Dreams" from Yo Gabba Gabba on his phone, and rubbed my back.

I know I've said it before, but if you don't have a Bae yet, find you a Bae like my Bae.  


Aaron is in Kindergarten.
Joseph is in Pre-K
And John Paul is distraught.

But, when he gets too sad, I remind him that he gets to go to "Mom School".  And then he gets happy again.  It's the simply things with this kid.

I just spilled an entire cup of coffee on my coffee table.
It's not really a coffee table, it's one of those pink plastic tables from Ikea.
I was calm in my reaction and didn't even scream.
This will be a valuable lesson for me.  Because if one of my kids had done it, I would have screamed.
Sometimes, accidents happen.

Oh friends.
School is hard huh?
The pace of it is rough, rougher than I ever gave moms credit for.
 The "Out the door by 7:30 am!!!" reality of it all.
The "oh crud, I can't find my kid's picture day shirt, so we have to leave NOW and run to the store with all four kids at 7:00 am" kind of  hard. 
I'm sure it will get easier- but dang.

I know you were waiting in anticipation, so I'll give you the verdict.
We decided not to do flag football this year :(
We had both sets of parents over last Sunday, and every grandparent shot it down in a vote. It was er'body against me, so I waved the white flag in surrender.
Sad, right?
Maybe next year.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh man I loved reading quick take one because that's where my husband and I are at and while he is comfortable in his decision as a first tier manager that gives him flexible hours, some people (ahem family members) don't get why he hasn't applied for a second tier managing position or higher. It's just not worth it if he can't be home to enjoy his family and have time to decompress from his job. I try to remind him everyday that I'm proud of the work he does and maybe it's not the most glamorous job, it's a job that pays the bills and having him present. I hope your husband does write a post about this. Please share it if he does!