Friday, September 23, 2016

Let's Do some 7 Quick Takes Shall we?

I'm linking up with Kelly at This Ain't The Lyceum   to give you this week's quick takes.  Are you ready?
I just don't have words for this one you guys. I really don't. She stuns me, often. And I want her to stop growing up.

Thinking about baby 5.
That's not an announcement, we are not pregnant.  
But thinking about it. Intensely.
Because Malia got a cradle for her birthday.  That used to be my mom's and then was my mine.  She started kind of playing with it, with her pretend baby doll.  
And I love that my kids have each other and siblings.  

The cradle. 
My mom surprised us with it.  She made a quilt, 'mattress' and pillow for it to match the quilt she made for Malia.  It made me cry.  It is so beautiful. I love so much that we have it.  Here's a picture over-share.

Stranger Things.
You guys weren't lying, it's awesome.
The husband tried to pretend he didn't like it for the first two episodes- just to be cooler than the guy who likes it. 
But we are four episodes in, and I think he is ALMOST ready to admit how much he likes it.

Flag Football Saga Continued... 
Little Aaron just found out that he is NOT on the flag football team his friends from class are on.  And he was like, 'well, can't you just sign me up to play next weekend with them, they have jerseys, they are playing flag football, I want to play with them'.
But I told him we didn't sign up, so he can't play.
He cried. A LOT.  
Not in a bratty way either, in a heartbreaking way, "But mom, why can't I play with my classmates"...
Um, because you have brothers.

Joseph Michael Wilkerson came home with a pant change on Monday.
I got concerned that he had an accident, as he is the age when accidents still happen.
His teacher pulled me aside though, and said, "Well, this one took awhile to figure out"
Apparently during bathroom time three boys were at the urinal.  And a little boy knocked into another boy, who lost control of his stream... and um, peed on Joey.
Boys are so weird. 

This was just too funny not to share.
This is little Aaron when I went to go check on him last night after they all fell asleep.
He had hung up his clothes on his bunk bed planks for school today.
To say this boy LOVES school is the understatement of the year. 


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  1. Oh Mary, she is so cute with her baby and bay cradle!!! Love seeing little girl's play with those and see that sweet, precious side come out:)