Friday, October 7, 2016


I'm linking up with Kelly at This Ain't The Lyceum   to give you this week's quick takes.  Are you ready?
I'm just gonna say it. I am not all about these 75-80 degree days. 
I'm just not
It's October 7th. and I love Fall. 
I don't want to go from Summer to Winter without my favorite season.
BRING ON THE low 60s

So, on Tuesday I was able to go talk to some Juniors at a local Catholic All Girl's School.
It went really awesome.
BOLD MINISTRIES is going really well, we are really busy and I think the Holy Spirit is blessing the Ministry we feel called to.
That said, as per always, it is super hard with crew to make it all work.
So, after this awesome talk on Tuesday, I told Jesus...

"Jesus, I love the ministry I am doing, I want to continue to do it and I think your blessing is upon that... but the logistics are really, really hard, so you're gonna have to figure out that piece"

After a shout out on facebook, I got SEVERAL solid leads of babysitters who can help me, which is definitely the most challenging part.  
To me, it was a confirmation.

Father Mario Amore (to know him is to love him) and I are working on an Advent Evening of Reflection. 
It would be 1.5-2 hours depending on the needs of the parish.  
Good for Women's groups
Or men's groups
Or catechists groups
Or young adult groups
Or youth groups
Or Parish Missions

Anyway, we don't have the flier for it yet.  But we are open to putting some dates on the calendar for December.  The theme will be Joy in a seemingly dark world... with the Baby Jesus as our witness.  The call to sometimes sit with the darkness, but be aware of the reality of Joy.  
hmu (does that mean 'hit me up'?) if you think your parish/group could use this presentation.

Every morning we haven't been busy this week, we've gone to the gym.
Don't get excited, I'm still eating terribly...
This morning, I made the call to just stay in pajamas for an extra hour.
I'm not bummed about that decision.

Aaron and I are going to be doing some fun ministry things together in the upcoming months. I am so pumped. Our marriage is the furthest thing from perfect, but we do try, and I think we sometimes do a good job.  Or, at the very least, we do a good job articulating the joy/struggle/ridiculousness of marriage.

We are emceeing and then presenting at an engaged persons retreat at Our Lady of Sorrows, in Farmington Hills.
We will be presenting on sex (!!!) and finances (!!!).
Those are two separate presentations.

Then, we will be emceeing a super awesome night for young married couples (10 years married or less, but there is flexibility on that). It's an evening of dinner, fellowship and comedy by the best darn comedian I know, my brother in law, 'Shawn Reynolds'.  

He has done a few different things for our diocese and he is always an incredible hit.  If you are around November 5th, and youngly married (or engaged), you need to attend this event.   

Ugh. you guys.
The husband just sent me a message reading
"Did you miss the memo on fun clothes today?"
It was a dress down day at the kid's school if you sold the proper amount of raffle tickets 
(which of course, I can't imagine people actually SELL, but we did write a check for).

And I  forgot. 

I HATE when I forget things like that.  But I am also trying to find a place of peace with it.  Because we had four kids in five years. I don't mean this to be an excuse (or maybe I do) but things like that are likely to get forgotten a lot.  Like, I am kind of expecting 14 years per kid of forgetting things like 'dress down days'.  Things like that become exponentially more difficult with the number of kids one has, and the closeness in ages of those kids.

So I'm gonna try not to beat myself up and remember there are lots of advantages to our crazy lives.  But one disadvantage is hearing my oldest say (which he is sure to say)
"mom, why didn't you let us dress in different clothes today like all my classmates"
when I pick him up from school.

I shared this blog on my facebook but it is REALLY REALLY GOOD.
An amazing point about marriage I'm not really sure I've ever prayed with.
The fact is, as Catholics, we meet at the Altar to being our marriage.
An an Altar has a lot to do with redeemed sacrifice.


The reading doesn't have to stop here, head on over to http://thisaintthelyceum.org/ to read more quick takes!


  1. Just stopping by from the 7QT link up to say hi.
    Also (in the non-creepiest way possible) your kids have AMAZING hair!

  2. #6...This week I actually forgot to pick up my 14 year old from a meeting he attended...They give you more grief about it at that age...

  3. #6 - I have forgotten casual days, dress up like 100 yr old days, pajama days. Once the teacher went out at lunch to buy my daughter pajamas so she wouldn't be left out! (She meant well, but I was horribly embarrassed. My daughter was thrilled, as the teacher has better taste than me.) Glad you have a good attitude about it - we all forget sometimes. It doesn't get any easier, but as the kids get older they are better at reminding.