Friday, October 21, 2016

7 Quick Takes in which I wrote and erased all the political thoughts...

I'm linking up with Kelly at This Ain't The Lyceum   to give you this week's quick takes.  Are you ready?
Joseph has been struggling a bit since school started.  He has a hard time listening in class.  He was getting a dreaded,"point off on the dojo" almost every day :(
This week, he has had only good days!
I'm so proud of him!
But, perhaps the cutest conversation was on Tuesday.
He crawled into my bed at 6:00 am and snuggled up next to me...
"Is today a school day mama?"
I told him it was...
"I prayed that Jesus would help me listen and be good"

le sigh...

You know how er'body like, "I can't wait till the election is over"
I'm like...
"This is the easy part, just wait till one of these two freaks are in office"

I'm so glad it's Friday.  It has been a WEEK.
Friday's for us, when we aren't busy, consist of pizza, a movie, the kids go to bed and then we watch Shark Tank.  I love our Friday tradition.
Tomorrow I get to hang out with my godson, and then we are headed out to St. Mary's Orchard Lake for a prayers service to commemorate St. John Paul's feast day :)  Wanna come?

Sunday is Children's Liturgy of the Word, Youth Group and then... wait for it...


I want you to know this 'take' I have written and erased six times, so I'm just not gonna write it.

But it was about partial birth abortion...

And HRC's maddness...

And the hypocrisy of the current administration criticizing Trump for his comments, while inviting Rick Ross to come hang out with them...

And Trump's scary comments about accepting the election results...

All that stuff.

So I'm just gonna say...

Hey, are you signed up to go to the  super awesome night for young married couples (10 years married or less, but there is flexibility on that). It's an evening of dinner, fellowship and comedy by the best darn comedian I know, my brother in law, 'Shawn Reynolds'.  

It's gonna be really fun, and we never get to hang out with people, but we will be there, so you should be too. 

I feel like I should probably figure out Halloween Costumes for the kids.
Here's the problem.
I want to do Starwars. Because it will be cute.
But Aaron wants to be an astronaut, and Joey wants to be a fireman, and John Paul wants to be spiderman (again) 
We have a Minnie mouse costume for Malia, I accidentally ordered it.

So, do I force them into a theme and disregard their wants, because I only have another year or two when I can do that?
Do I respect 'their' (Aaron's) want to dress up in their own costumes.?

Are you watching. "This is Us"?
I really like it.
a lot. a lot.
I hope I keep liking it. 


The reading doesn't have to stop here, head on over to http://thisaintthelyceum.org/ to read more quick takes!


  1. Oh goodness, Joseph is darling!!! What a little sweetheart, I love that comment he made :) Haha, your #2 point is interesting, and slightly scary. I guess I'm trying to take the election one thing at a time, and yes-I am kind of over it all, but I'm not trying to think about who will be in office. One of my friends is convinced that whoever gets elected will eventually be impeached-who knows if that will happen?

    Ooh, that's so exciting about The Walking Dead!!! Sadly, I will not be joining in on the fun. I still haven't seen Season 6 (I don't own Netflix, when I had a month of Netflix months ago, they hadn't put Season 6 on it yet), so I can't jump into the new season. In a way, though, I'm okay with that, because now I won't feel like I have to be tied down to the TV each week, and I'll be able to binge the season eventually, and not have to die from cliffhangers. But It'll also be hard, because TWD is awesome, and I'm sure social media will be abounding in all things TWD.

    1. Oh my gosh, we are obsessed with TWD, even though I watch half of it looking out the window because I can't stomach the violence.... and impeachment... I like the sound of that ;)

    2. Lol yeah, I think I've grown used to some of the violence, but some of it is WAY over the edge and I just can't do it. But I love the character development and storylines! (and I think it's hilarious that you replied as your husband. When I saw the e-mail notification about your replies, I was like, "Wow, Mary's husband is so dedicated to being a part of her blog!" lol)

  2. #6 - when families do themed costumes I always think it's so cute, but I don't think it would fly in our own house because they always have such wildly different ideas about what they want to be! Last year I got away with recycling a costume for the baby, but the older kids were adamant about being bat, a soldier, a Viking, and an octopus. No theme can tie those together!

    1. Yes, on facebook, the advice of the interwebs was no themes, so alas, I will let them get their own costumes this year!

  3. Oh my gosh, yes to the hashtags about election stuff. especially #butquicklyandnotinascaryway haha! I can't believe Halloween is just around the corner. We have figured out NOTHING around here!

  4. Oh dear. I just replied to everyone's comments as my husband!