Friday, November 11, 2016

7 Quick Takes, Enter at your own risk

I'm linking up with Kelly at This Ain't The Lyceum   to give you this week's quick takes.  Are you ready?
I mean. here's the thing, ain't no way we are going to get through the Quick Takes without some election discussion... and probably some sass. If you are burned out,  I really suggest you don't read.  The last couple takes should be election free though, so you can just skip ahead to those (six and seven)

So, I'm not taking a break from facebook.
I totally understand those of you who are.  I REFUSE to let bullies who are unkind, radical, alarmists, and who post for shock value, bully me off of a form of community I happen to love.  I'll still be posting too many pictures of my kids, oversharing the day to day of our life, and occasionally posting things that challenge us to think with a Catholic world view, or a challenge us to consider the insanity and beauty of our culture.  When I post about the culture, I know I have the potential to make people mad. I spend more time in prayer now when I post things, considering what my motivation is, and if it is still worth posting. I promise you I will continue that discerning.

But I'm not leaving.

I have unfollowed a lot of people. Not because they disagree with me, but because they are mean.  I won't allow mean people, or bullies on my newsfeed.

But I'm not leaving.

On Tuesday, this guy I went to college with unfriended me.  I know exactly when it happened.  He posted a radically absurd status about the end of the world because of Trump.  Someone else I went to college with commented that he was surprised at the things being said.
This guy I went to college with?
His response was..
"F--- YOU, don't call me brother, and get off my wall"
It was amazing.
So I commented and said something to the effect of how absolutely insane the thread was.
So he unfriended me.
I keep trying to refriend him.
And liking his public stuff.
Because I sometimes have the maturity of a 12 year old, and it's funny.
You gotta laugh at how crazy people are.

Anyway. I'm not leaving.

\So many crazy people on the internets... am I right?
We aren't allowed to say they are crazy, or stupid, or dumb.
We are suppose to say every reaction is 'valid' and we just need to be with people in their hurt.
Jesus can continue to work on my heart when it comes to that.
Because some things aren't okay, and some emotions might be felt, but that doesn't make them valid.

Like the elementary teachers on my thread, who are saying they 'just don't know how they will explain this to their students'.
Um. How about you not?
How about you teach kids about the value of voting, and the process of the electoral college?  How about you tell your students that it's great to see people so passionately engaging in our political world, and what beauty is held in the diversity of believe?

Because that's SUPER weird.
It's super weird, that multiple people on my newsfeed who are teachers or know teachers, felt like teachers needed to 'correct' the movement in America that nominated Trump.

There was a millage up in our county to increase funds for Public schools. It passed. I'm not going to tell you how I voted on it, but I am going to tell you that part of my hesitation for voting yes, is I think there is a huge irresponsibility in some of our schools right now and I'm not quite sure I should be financially adding to the problem.

The teachers, who are saying they just don't know how to explain to 1st graders that Trump became president... you're part of the problem.

(oh, HS teachers are a little different in my mind, I am strictly talking about elementary teachers.)

Other crazy.
Multiple people, and I mean MULTIPLE people (who are now, of course, unfollowed) are talking about how they won't be able to look at their relatives during the holidays, some will refuse to see them.  Because they voted for somebody different... somebody who won.
You people are crazy.

If you voted for HRC and you're still reading, I got one for you.
I was SO impressed with how she handled this.
And I was wrong.
 I didn't think she would handle it with grace, and I didn't think she would handle it with integrity.

There is zero way I can tell this for sure, but had HRC won...
The 'protests' and 'riots' we are seeing would have been WAY more out of control.
I don't think Trump would have conceded.
I think many Trump supporters would have lost their darn minds.
I haven't lost sight of that.

Also, and this is weird.
The last couple years, I lost almost all respect for the President.  Many of you know, the last ounces of respect went out the door during the situation in Ferguson.

but you know what?
He has been a stunning leader this week.
He has taught me a thing or two about working with the other side.
He acted responsibly,  with grace and as a true leader.
I have been crazy impressed.
Well played, Mr. President and thank you. I think your intentional play at unity this week will set a tone that can perhaps begin to heal the divisions we are experiencing. 

I am not African American.
But my husband is.
And my children are half black.
Through this entire election season (I am talking years) I have felt true sympathy for my husband.
He's gonna be mad at me for writing this, but he either won't read it, or he will let it slide.
*or, let's be honest he will ask me to and I'll delete it

To be an African American in the 2016 during election time is surreal. The amount of felt racism is so extreme, I still can't wrap my head around it.
People telling you how to vote due to the color of your skin.
People assuming you will vote a certain way due to the color of your skin.
People discussing 'the black vote' as though the color of one's skin erases your ability to think critically or individually.

And people are UNAPOLOGETIC about the racial pressure they put people under.
Because of their skin tone.
It's disgusting.

My husband is a smart man, so he shares his thoughts sometimes on social media.  I love his thoughts, so do a lot of other people.  The courage it takes for him to share those thoughts, when they don't fall in line with what black people are SUPPOSE to think?  Let me tell you friends, it's a courage I would not be able to have.

I can't handle the seemingly accepted by society,  subtle racism of so many, and you know what LEFT? I'm talking to you too. Maybe especially.

PHEW. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.  I needed to.
Here's what you get for sticking around.
On Saturday, Aaron and I led a couple lessons during an Engaged Workshop. I told you about that right?
So, during the, "Sex and Relationships" talk, we started with this song, you need to give 'er a listen if you are marriaged.

It made everyone laugh, which was great and needed.
But the best part for me was watching my husband present.
He handled the, "BUT WE GET TO MAKE PEOPLE" part of the talk (also known as a brief explanation of procreation).
 I made a fancy slide where pictures of our kids came up, one by one..
When this picture came up...
Aaron stopped talking.
He put his hand to his mouth, I thought he was going to cough, or sneeze.

He didn't do either.
Much like our wedding, he said all of a sudden there was a brief smell of onion in the room.

 A man who gets emotional about the beauty of his children, in a room full of people, when talking about the miracle it is that God allows for us to make some (children) with Him...well, that's just the kind of man for me.

Lots of presenting on tap this week... 2 confirmation retreats, a night on MERCY you are all invited to (if you live in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area) which will lead us straight into the Synod.  I'll tell you more about that next week.

The reading doesn't have to stop here, head on over to http://thisaintthelyceum.org/ to read more quick takes!


  1. Thanks for linking up! I've also been unfollowing like crazy, though I feel like I started doing that months ago, so I'm left with a tiny percentage of only, usually, sane people showing up in my feed. And I have managed to have some great discussions in some private groups. But I want to know, do you or your husband fear that acts of violence against POC will increase under a Trump presidency? I feel like there's a lot of fear mongering in the liberal media, but I don't want to dismiss a very real problem just because I don't see it or I don't trust the media. Just as scary as some of the anti-Trump protests are some of the confrontations some POC and Muslims are sharing on social media with self-proclaimed Trump supporters. I don't think either represent the majority of Clinton or Trump supporters, but again, I live a pretty sheltered life and I really want to know the opinions of people with different experiences. Hope you don't mind me adding this political comment/question to the mix!!

    1. Zero increased fear. There are always going to be jerks, there were jerks before the election and there will be jerks after. I can even almost buy that some of the irresponsible language trump uses can bring out the jerk in people more than normal (one of the reasons I didn't vote for him)... but fear? Zero. And like, to be honest, I know every 'story' is suppose to be valid, but we've been married 6 years, and have never so much as had an unkind word hissed at us. We do live in Michigan, and I could see it being worse in the south... but I think people are greatly exaggerating the danger, which I think is SO unhelpful. Yesterday, for example, a women I was interacting with said many of her friends have been told to leave the country. I pushed her, 'many?'. Ends up the last two years, it has been said to a couple of her Hispanic friends. No doubt that's wrong, right? But like, I'm not sure if 5 years ago, someone wouldn't have said the same thing to someone of Hispanic decent, "why don't you go back where you came from"? There are jerks, always. Since the beginning of time.

      One more thing, I think the exaggeration by the liberal left does fester a real problem of race relations. Ferguson was the first time I legit felt my family might not be safe, from either race, in public situations. And social media ignites rage by having people regularly read things people would never say to each other in real life.

      Those are some thoughts o' mine on your very good question.

  2. I was feeling burned out on the election, but I read you anyway and I'm glad I did!
    Nice job and God bless you and yours.

    1. Whew, glad to not add more stress, it's enough already!

  3. For your #5, it's similar for gender - just because HRC is a woman, every woman should vote for her? Not to look at her record, achievements, or policies, but just because of a a chromosome? That's demeaning to the candidate and to the voters. Now, if someone want to vote for a candidate because they're the same in some way (race, gender, ethnic background, college, etc), that's fine - that how you want to vote - no problem! But why bully others to do the same?
    and for #1 - I have a colleague who looked at me and said Wed morning " I'll be in prison in three years. I'm three things Trump hates: ex1,ex2,ex3. We just elected a dictator. And the markets will never recover." And she is a woman who had very advanced degrees and a strong Christian faith. I just couldn't believe it. I tried talking to her, but we stopped because we didn't want to get each other upset. (I'll never talk politics at work again! I should never have broken my rule!)
    I just told her I'd hide her in my basement if worst came to pass, but to have no fear, that God is with her. It made me very sad. I hope she can forgive me for upsetting her, but I also hope rationality returns.
    You have some wonderful words here. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. It's so sad, those things, you know? And YES. Someone said 'HRC is the most qualified woman who will ever run for president'... I was like, 'man, if that's where our bar is set, we are in HUGE trouble'. And I say this, having not voted for Trump

  4. I don't think I've ever commented, but I read and appreciate your viewpoint so much. Thank you!

  5. I have seriously been so so confused by the responses to Trump being elected. On the one hand I am Catholic and many people I follow/ read are relieved at his election for X y and z reason and are relieved that HRC was not elected, and I've read many articles written by clergy on the matter of voting for HRC. Then, on the other hand I follow a LOT of strong Christian women on social media who were in grief mode. I also heard on the radio that calls to a suicide hotline in one state increased exponentially the day after the election because people were so upset. The world is not ending people! It's too much for my brain

    1. You know what I've been thinking about that has been helpful though? When the Obama was re-elected in 2012, I was beside myself with grief. for real, I cried real tears. I was certain we were done for as a country. Looking back, I can see it was just a disproportionate reaction of emotion. Our founding fathers knew what they were doing when they set this all up, there are LOTS of checks and balances. Though I think we are very much headed in a dangerous direction... we are going to be okay

  6. I also was so impressed by Hillary's grace and poise! I cannot imagine how she must feel right now-losing an election to a man with no political or military experience, especially when many thought she'd win-and she handled it like a boss, from the little clip I watched. I also think it's absurd how many people are just going crazy and tearing themselves away from each other because of this election. That's totally uncool. One of my friends at a Gospel study today mentioned that now, we all just need to join together and get out there and really work to further respect for human dignity and love-we need to get out there and help refugees, work with our neighbors, that kind of thing. 'Cause all the hatred that's going down is majorly bad for our culture, world, and families.

  7. I've been following your blog ever since I found you on the Linkups and have really enjoyed your perspective. I am a teacher and this election has brought so many great discussions to my classroom and to my friends' classrooms, not by choice, but out of necessity. I taught English in Turkey and one of the worst moments of my career was when I had to explain to them that they and other Muslims were welcome in my country, despite what Donald Trump (then a primary candidate) because we believe in freedom of religion. My friend is a kindergarten teacher and she one (Hispanic) student come to her crying. When asked what was wrong, he responded that another (white) student had built a wall out of blocks and told him he wasn't allowed inside the wall because, like Donald Trump said, no Mexicans were allowed (this student wasn't even Mexican). So while I do believe that teachers should try to keep their political beliefs to themselves, it has proven to be impossible while still promoting an accepting classroom and one that is conducive to learning.

    1. This is a helpful perspective. Still, I think most questions in elementary school can be handle with simple answers and shouldn't be over thought by teachers. Especially in a situation where a teacher could in some way be teaching against what is taught at home (assuming what is taught at home is not dangerous). So like, 'of course Mexicans are still allowed in our country, but we have a system in place to make sure it's safe for everyone'.

      When I was a full time youth minister, I was always so intentional about this stuff. I realized so fully that I could never undermine a parent no matter what. So the teacher outcry to me just seemed a little off, in terms of a reaction to the election.

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