Friday, November 4, 2016

7 Quick Takes on double booking, loving the children and voting

I'm linking up with Kelly at This Ain't The Lyceum   to give you this week's quick takes.  Are you ready?

Do you ever do that thing where you book two things on one night, but don't realize it?
Isn't it the worst feeling?
All week, I knew I had our bi-monthly youth ministry meeting for our area on Thursday.
All week, I knew we had our dear friend coming in town on Thursday.
And I simultaneously planned both...without realizing they were the same night.
The gathering with the friend began earlier than the meeting and I still didn't realize what I had done.
While out to dinner, I received a text, 'are you coming to the meeting?'
It's such a gross feeling doing things like that isn't it?
So I missed the meeting.
I emailed my boss, explaining that I was sorry to have missed the meeting.
But man, I still feel weird this morning about it :(

The good news?  I got to hang out with my dear friend Mike.  He has almost become a mentor of sorts,and I was able to spend some time asking him very specific questions about the ever constant tension I feel between my primary vocation (family) and what I feel I have been called to (speaking on topics of faith).  We mixed some of that talk in with good catch up and lots of laughs...overall a really life-giving night.


Did you guys go to Jenna's Etsy Shop to get yourself a sugar skull remembrance frame? I wrote about it in a blog earlier this week, but we are really trying to be intentional about celebrating All Saints and Souls this month in our house.  These beautiful frames are so affordable, I was thinking it might be cool to have a collection of them to pull out during the month of November?  With all our faithful departed and their names?  Wouldn't that be a neat thing to do?  I have to talk it over with the ol' husband, but I'm thinking, for less than $100 we could have a remembrance display of sorts with all of our friends/family members who have passed.  I think that would be neat to pull out every November. 
Oh. My. Gosh. 
I am a little embarrassed about something.
I keep talking about 'Hamilton' and how much it rocks.  BUT, I hadn't listened to the whole thing yet. I enter into musicals VERY slowly.  So I listen one song at a time, listen to that song over and over, and then move on.
So I hadn't gotten to the song on Hamilton that is, um, VERY based on adult content.
I knew the soundtrack swore several times.  But this song, is pretty graphically sexual... and I just didn't know.
It doesn't make me like the soundtrack any less.  And, honestly, I don't think it's super poorly done when it comes to story telling, but it DEFINITELY would not be a song for children to listen to.

My friend Katie who blogs at Blessed with Full Hands  told me about in comments on my blog last week.
So now I know, and now you know, Hamiliton is not for children.  

Sometimes I have these moments, where my heart is just about to burst with love for my children.
They drive me crazy.Like, legit crazy.but man, I could just hold them forever and ever.
Last night, was one of those nights.  Aaron, Joey and I just snuggled in my bed, and it was the best.  Then I let them fall asleep in the big bed while Aaron and I caught up with a show in the family room. I'm aware, really, really aware that this is all really flying by.

Halloween was awesome... here's a little for you in case you aren't a facebook or instagram follower
I made that, you can be impressed

This girl is expressing joy more and more, I don't mind it one bit

I still can't believe it sometimes, what God has given

I love trick-or-treating in our little neighborhood
T-4 days and I still have no idea what I am doing regarding voting for the President of the United States (or if I am even going to vote at all).
As we have seen in this election... a lot can happen in four days.

That said, spoiler alert... Jesus Wins.
Have a great week!

The reading doesn't have to stop here, head on over to http://thisaintthelyceum.org/ to read more quick takes!


  1. Heard you & Big Aaron are the MCs tomorrow night!!!! And I can't be there :-( Bummed I will miss seeing you in person (again) because I enjoyed your talk last year at the Blessed Is She Brunch so very much.

    This election. Booooooo! Hisssss! Booooo!

    I want a bunch of sugar skull remembrances too! I think it would be awesome to keep up all year long with my nativity on top of our piano. I love to remember the incarnation all year long (hence the nativity sitting out, I promise it isn't laziness), and the Incarnation gives us hope of the resurrection of the body and life eternal with God in Heaven. So it all goes together perfectly!

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  3. I just wrote a long comment and somehow erased it!! Anyways, I love the astronaut costume! You did an awesome job!!

    Hamilton . . . it is HUGE amongst all the kids who were in our church's play this summer. Thankfully, Joshua is a super good kid and did not listen to any of the songs marked explicit lyrics, but he had added Say No To This to his playlist thinking it would be fine since it was not listed as explicit . . . so grateful I heard it first! I guess when I hear the word musical, I think of The Sound of Music or even Les Mis . . . so I allowed his to listen to the music without question. He was listening to all of it in front of me, so I really did not think twice about it until I heard that song!

  4. Wow, that astronaut costume is legit! Nicely done! Oooh, election...so irony of ironies, I was so happy and proud that I would be writing in some epic ASP candidates, and then-just last night-I discovered that it is illegal to write in candidates in Oklahoma! So things just got quite a bit more interesting over here, and I'm trying to balance and figure out if voting for the third party choice that's been given to Oklahomans is morally acceptable, or if it's acceptable to not vote for president and just vote for all the other stuff on the ballot, that kind of thing. My husband and I are talking and praying about it and we'll see what happens!

    You know, it seems that most musicals out there have at least a small amount of inappropriate content, which is sad for the families or kids who want to listen together. Thankfully, I knew the basic story of Hamilton before Say No To This came on, so I wasn't completely surprised (and, like you said, the storytelling in the song was well done). Of course, it's very catchy so it's not the best to listen to because then a song about marital infidelity is stuck in my head! So I'll stick with the many other songs in Hamilton, I think ;)