Wednesday, March 15, 2017

5 Things I'm All About...

... and you should be too.

My friend Erin has started a blog, and would like to expand it into a type of speaking ministry.  Erin has two beautiful boys here on earth, but also had the most difficult task of trusting two other sons to heaven.  Miscarriage and Infant Loss affect us all, whether directly or indirectly.  I think we, as a church, don't always do an awesome job of walking with people who are healing, and living with such a hard cross.  Erin would like to be a voice of solidarity and a voice of hope for the hurting. If you are a Priest, DRE, Pastoral Minister, Pastor, even a Youth Minister, consider speaking to your leadership about having Erin offer an evening of reflection for those in your parish who might have some sort of dealings with this very painful topic.
Also, make sure to follow her blog, We Wait Until Heaven... the first post was pretty amazing. I am excited to see the insights the Lord has given her and apply those insights to everyday life.

Another friend is helping to organize a special night, 'Michigan Shines of Autism'.  In the last couple of years, Aaron and I have had the opportunity to attend different fundraising events. We've found that for the price of one fancy date night, we can date at events that really make a difference.  These events make a difference both by raising awareness, but also through raising funds.  You know I love me some fancy nights, if you are in the market for one, consider this.  I think I would be hard pressed to find an adult who is not currently touched by someone living with the reality of Autism. I continue to be amazed at the advancement of therapies and developments in this realm.  Wouldn't it be cool to know YOU were a part of it.  Sign up, go have a fancy night o' fanciness.  

I told you about this, but Aaron and I have started 'Wednesdays with Wilkersons'.  We just kind of turn on our 'facebook live' button and go.  As you know if you read this blog, I do think there is something valuable about discussing the reality of day to day, not glorifying the hard, but not hiding it either.  Aaron and I certainly do not have a perfect marriage, but we are madly in love with each other, we love to banter back and forth, and we have fun with our friends/family.  This is just an extension of that. 
So, if you are free on Wednesday Nights... join us. 
This week's "Wednesdays with the Wilkersons" will be moved to Thursday.  We've got plans tonight, including watching 'This is Us'- and we are in charge, so we've decided to put Wednesdays on a Thursday. 

"This is Us" is the best show on television.
I didn't watch last night's episode yet, but we will tonight. If you don't watch, and someone haven't heard the hype. Hear it now and get on it.  It's SO good.

This song is amazing.

I first heard it at a youth conference, it was so good it made me cry.
I love how it points out the lack of power this world/satan has over us.  
If only we solely relied on Christ, wouldn't our whole view of the world be so different?
I want to live the words of this song.

That is all. 
Check it all out. 
It's good stuff.

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  1. Have you found any good Christian music to bump too in the fam mini van yet for Lent? ;)
    Let me know what you think of United Pursuit....i just love them :)