Friday, March 3, 2017

7 QT... Am I the worst mom ever?

I'm linking up with Kelly at This Ain't The Lyceum   to give you this week's quick takes.  Are you ready?
So Aaron and I facebook'd live this week.
I got a new phone and it's really fun, so I am using the new features/clearer pictures, etc...
On Tuesday I called Aaron and was like, 'should we facebook live?' and he said, 'I was JUST thinking about that'.  So we did!  It was fun.
And people didn't hate it (except for the people who did, and I get it, I do find it a little self-serving).
I think it's good for a married couple to have fun, and this is a way we can have fun. We are pretty notorious for our squabbles, so we decided to let our friends/family weigh in.
Everyone took Aaron's side.
Other takeaways...

1.  I was sitting WAY too close to the screen
2.  I breathe incredibly heavy, which is a pet peeve of mine, so I will try to breathe less intensely today.
3.  "Five minutes" probably isn't practical, especially when we are interacting with others.
4.  Interacting with others on social media is awesome.
5. I like my best friend, who I happen to be married to.

Did you watch?  We are going to do another one tonight!  TGIF with the WILKERSONS
8:00 pm.
See ya then.

\Are five year olds not the absolute best?
Aaron started reading.  I KNOW!  It's so adorable watching him sound out the letters, and comprehend sentences.

Do you pray?
I have an ultrasound today and while I am confident everything is fine, I always get a little anxious for these.  This will be my fifth c-section, and the concern is always if the scar tissue is choosing to play nice.  Regardless I have a great group of doctors, but, as you can probably imagine, I'm excited to hear 'everything looks great'!  
So, if you pray, will you say one for the appointment today.

This is how my joey was sleeping the other night.
Not a care in the world for this dude.
I don't mind him one bit.

Yesterday was an amazing day of ministry. Absolutely amazing.  I was blessed to spend the day with 9th and 10th graders, and the evening with the Women of St. Regis.
The evening was just awesome.  You know when the spirit is so present, you can really feel it?  It was one of those nights.  The women we were so lovely and receptive and I truly felt sky-high from our reflecting in faith together.  God is good.

It's cold again.
I'm not complaining.  We had an AMAZING couple weeks of AMAZING February weather, so I shall suffer through a couple more weeks of cold to get us to Spring, glorious Spring.

Wanna weigh in on our level of terrible parenting?  Because I can't discern how terrible we are being.
Aaron and Joey both have class field trips, maybe 3-4 times a year. We have always attended.  But the up coming field trips, we think we are going to skip.  
One is to a local aquarium.  We have been there before and not only is it almost 1 hour away, but it's super lame and super expensive.  To get a sitter, travel so far, andhang out in kind of a lame aquarium... just doesn't seem worth it to us.  
The other is to the zoo.  Although it might be fun to go, we plan on going to the zoo as a family in a month or so, and I'm not sure the kid really needs to go twice in a month.

What I can't discern is how mean it is to keep them from their class trips.  Remember, we have already done the other trips, we will do the final trips... but these just seem like a lot of effort, for a little reward.  And it's hard to logistically plan because siblings aren't allowed, between naps, pick ups, etc... the effort just doesn't seem worth the reward.  However, I'm just a bit concerned this makes me the worst mom ever... thoughts?

The reading doesn't have to stop here, head on over to http://thisaintthelyceum.org/ to read more quick takes!


  1. Re #7, you are a sensible parent, not a mean one. I have never gone on any field trips for my multitude of kids - why? Because we don't have anyone to watch the other kids, and they don't want siblings or it's super expensive.
    I also rarely have a "special person" to go to the "special person" day at school. My husband and I both work, we try to save days off for sick kids/emergency type days, and we have no family nearby. So our kids had to be special people for each other. It worked. You have to make choices that fit your life.
    I'd suggest you do something else with your kids that day to distract them from the class field trip. Be honest about why you're not going with the class. And have fun anyways.
    Praying for you and your sweet baby!

  2. How did the ultrasound go? You are so courageous for doing so many c-sections. Honestly, the thought of a c-section terrifies me, so to know that you have gone through that (and continue to go through that) for your kids is amazing :)