Monday, October 31, 2011



This weekend was Fall Retreat.  I was not super looking forward to it, because we had a very small number of teens and it was another weekend away from my family.  It ended up being one of my favorites.  We switched around the format, so it was only two days.  The kids were awesome.  BUT, the best part was being able to minister with my friends.   It is so great that God has blessed me with a job that can include friends and families.  Sure, it makes it complicated sometimes, but for the most part…I dig.

The husband and I had a super night last night.  We had a bit of conflict which led to a deeper discussion.  Within that discussion, Aaron said that even though he doesn’t articulate it all the time, our life is sometimes hard on him too.  He said that he doesn’t feel like he can complain, because it would just add to the stress level I am already feeling.  What he said was simple ,but it got me thinking. I have been QUITE wrapped up in myself the last couple months (since July).  About how difficult it is for me to balance home, family, friends, work…etc… About how much it suck s to be away and be busy every weekend.  It has been quite a bit of stress, but because I can be SO self-involved, I haven’t spent much time thinking about how it affects him.  How working all day, then driving across town, picking up the kid, coming home and putting him to bed, then straightening out the house so it is not a mess when I get home, etc…might actually be wearing on Aaron too.  It was a good reminder that although I have married a rather self-less man, it is important not to take advantage of that.  It is important, from time to time, to check in on the husband and how all these changes are affecting BOTH of us.  I am going to put that into play for the next little while.  It also made me aware that we HAVE to be intentional about slowing time from time to time and doing things like pajama days.

This is kind of linked to the first.  But, Aaron says I have a ‘Mary-did-list’ vs. a ‘Honey Do List’.  Often times I like to list off the things that I did for him/our family, instead of just doing them.  Like it is a competition to see who did more, rather than a team effort.  Along with that, I judge when he takes time to just relax.  He pointed that out to me last weekend, when he said, ‘Mary, if you are working, that doesn’t mean I have to be working too, I am allowed to chill out occasionally’.  Which was an EXCELLENT point.   I am going to try to remember this as well, and I have been working on not doing the ‘Mary did list’ all the time.  We shall see how that goes.


BTW- our kid is like, the cutest ever.  Halloween with a child is FANTASTIC.  Yesterday, we carved pumpkins (he watched) took pictures (Big Aaron made me refrain from taking too many) and tonight we will go to both grandparents to ‘trick-or-treat’.  LOL!  I will post pictures and maybe some video tomorrow- but just know, it is going to overload you on adorable…so you might want to start preparing now. 


  1. Did you know you are on my "bookmarked" bar and my daughter keeps coming back to this site because she likes to show her little brother the photo of your baby? Apparently every time he sees it he says, "Aw, coot beebee cowboy!"