Friday, March 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes born from a lack of sleep

--- 1 ---
Can't sleep, that stinks more than I can articulate. This week has been really tough on me sleep wise.  I am not even sure it has anything to do with the cookin' child either.  More like the second eldest who has decided it is completely appropriate to wake up every three hours, and a mom who is unable to fall back asleep quickly.  Anyway, 4:00 am has pretty much become my norm of being up and not being able to fall back asleep. You know, till about six, when the kids get up!  Then, I am all sorts of ready to sleep ;)  
--- 2 ---
You might want to skip ahead to three.  You've been warned.  Who are we kidding?  You're not skipping ahead.  Well, here goes.
 I am SO SICK of professional Church workers, who receive a PAYCHECK from the Catholic Church, entrusted to hand down the Deposit of Faith as defined by the Catholic Church, who instead hand down their own twisted version of what that means.  OR, better yet, those that are actually aggressive towards the ACTUAL Church and don't seem to like it very much.  I am SO sick of them. Like, So.sick.  And here's the thing, YOU AREN'T A PROPHET.  Actually, you are a heretic.  Don't get it twisted. Thanks, I feel better.
--- 3 ---
(you might wanna skip this one too)
Now, I am not one who gets all,  "'throw them stones'- like" when it comes to wealth inequality (newsflash- while you are freaking out about the top two percent, please remember most of you are living in a reality of the WORLD'S top five percent).   However, I have spent some time thinking about what I think is excess, both in my personal life (maybe more on that later) and in the reality of the American Catholic Church (i.e. building expansions, the way some priests/bishops live, etc...).  Anyway, I really think Pope Francis is going to give a tremendous witness when it comes to this.  I REALLY think we are going to be challenged to consider the 'needs' in our lives instead of the wants.  The crisis of conscience that some of us faithful might have to go through will be difficult.  Stay tuned.
--- 4 ---
Yikes, these are all turning out to be a little soap box-y.  So, I love me some World Youth Day.  I mean LOVE me some (for those of you that might not be Catholics, WYDs are international gatherings of Catholic youth, that happen every 2-3 years, and generally draw crowds of a million or more).  WYDs were significant in my life and the lives of so many others. I would not be a youth minister, would not have the faith I have, etc...if it weren't for these beautiful gatherings.  However, I have struggled to defend the resources that go into putting on such a massive event (and getting pilgrims there), but have allowed that to rest in the back of my mind.  With our new pope first asking his countrymen not to attend his installment as bishop and now asking his countrymen not to attend his papal installment...because he believes the money should go to the poor...it kind of makes me wonder. I am REALLY curious how he is going to respond to WYD.  Any thoughts?
--- 5 ---
FACT- Aaron Christopher Wilkerson II is a comedian.  I mean an honest to goodness comedian.  He says things in funny voices, he loves to make me/others laugh, and laughing seems to be his favorite thing (especially at naptime).  I am falling in love with this kid more and more everyday.
--- 6 ---
Speaking of falling in love with one's children, we have an official crawler, which causes me much anxiety.  Our hardwood/ceramic tile floors make for a hazardous wasteland when it comes to children exploring their new found mobility.  Here's hoping for no more emergency trips.
--- 7 ---
Last weekend, I was driving on the highway and got turned around, and while checking my GPS,  I took my eyes off the road for a few seconds.  Stopped traffic in front of me was unexpected and so, through poor reaction choices, I ended up skidding, my car turning all the way to the left, then because I overcompensated,  flipping around to the right.  When I stopped, I was facing oncoming traffic.  Two things.  1)  The car behind me stopped, and instead of being a jerk about it, the man (though the window) waved and mouthed, 'you're okay'...sometimes people rock a lot. 2)  Life is incredibly short and we do not know how long we have to live on this planet.  
Nothing happened, I am not trying to be dramatic...but as I calmed myself down, and started to drive away, I thought a lot about what COULD have happened,where my soul's at, and do my husband/children know how much I love them every minute of everyday?  Anyway.  Good stuff to reflect on.

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  1. Oh Mary, glad you're okay. I hate the adrenaline rush that follows near misses like that. I am the same when it comes to not being able to fall back asleep once I wake up at night...that's how I convinced Phil to take over the night wakings. I'll nurse the baby, but I need to be laying down and no lights on. As soon as I stand up or a light goes on, I'm done.

  2. So glad you are OK and nothing serious happened.

    #2- Hate it too . . . if you do not like the Church, do not work for it! I have never worked for the Church, but seen it enough with Pete's work over the years.

    #3- I have issue too with the American Church and the way some priests/Bishops?cardinals live with all the pomp and circumstance . . . seen and heard wayyyyyy too much! I think Francis will really challenge that! LOVE Him for that too!

    #4- I doubt WYD will chnage just because it is such a great experience for the Youth. I have never been to one, so I do not know the costs associated with it, but know it must be very expensive.

  3. Totally agree with your soapbox takes! :)

  4. #2-3...I hear ya, all good point.

    When I read that comment about WYD too I found it very interesting...definitely insightful to where he is in touch with the poor/those in need

  5. I totally get you on #2. I work for the Church and some of my coworkers... I'd better stop now but you can imagine ;)

  6. So glad you're ok! And not to survive the crawler :)

    And, talking about excess: doesn't it also feel so great to have little possessions. It is so freeing to have less, and we are always working on it!

  7. #3 Yes, I think you're very right. Isn't it funny how we know we may not be living the way we should but we need someone to push us to actually make the changes that need to be made? Also, can maybe someday you do a rant post on people who consider themselves poor and expect things from everyone else but don't realize that they are richer than pretty much everyone else in the world? Pretty please?

    1. Working with many of those you described, it is so very difficult to get that point across. When they haven't seen that kind of poverty with their own eyes, they just don't understand...

  8. So I'm re-reading the 20 days later and still thinking, yup, what Mary said.

    Still with you on #1. Something has got to give or mama may snap.

    #2...preach it sister! They don't understand that they are leading people into error and that when many of those people who don't currently know better find out, they gonna be maaaad!

    #3 was just taking about that today...

    #6 I was the nutty mom who made a foam pad for Gianna to learn to crawl on because she kept face planting on our hardwood floor. Judah is a rock star with the feats of physical strength. This crazy boy is gonna be walking soon. Sigh. I need a personal trainer.

    1. #7 got cut off. Boo. Praise God you're all okay and that there are still kind and gallant men in the world.