Monday, March 4, 2013

The Liebster Award!

So, Patty over at the Happy Hubbard Family, hit me up with the Liebster Award.  99.9% of the time I avoid link-ups and connecting thing-y-s...mostly because the rules are generally too complicated for me to understand.  That is why I participate in 7 Quick Takes, because it is nice and easy! But, alas, I am a sucker for learning facts about others and sharing facts about myself, so, alas... I am participating.  At the end, I will be nominating some others, don't feel like you have to do it, but if you have time, as stated, I love me some facts about others.

So, without further ado...My 11 Facts

1.  In 2009 I went to the Holy Land on a Pilgrimage.  While at Cana (as in the wedding feast) I wrote an intention and prayed that the Lord would either bring me my spouse or move my heart to be content with the fact that I would remain single.  3 weeks later I went on my first date with my husband, we were engaged six months later, and married 9 days after our first date.  He is a true miracle

2.  .I have 14 books of journals that I began when I was in 10th grade.  If I ever die, one of my besties, Bree has strict instructions to hide said books, because they are very angsty and say not nice things at times.

3.  Like the lovely lady that nominated me, I am a bit older than my husband (4.3 years).  Him and I are very different in oh, so many ways. And yet, our faith walk together has always been our strength. I think we make each other better people and we really push each other (sometimes to hard) to be our best selves.  I really like him.

4. I really dig reality tv.  I have very low standards when it comes to the shows that I will watch :)

5.  I have, more than once, driven to Niagra Falls, on a whim to see the sunset.  The first time was on a random Tuesday my sophomore year of college. My two best friends at the time (Paul/Leah) and I used to go to Mass and dinner on Tuesdays.  One day, we were like, we should do something crazy, lets drive to Niagra FAlls to see the sunset.  And so we did.  And then we drove home in time for class the next day.  It was awesome.  So awesome that I did it several more times after that!

6. I love to read, but since the arrival of my second child have not finished one book. I am thinking that reading might not occur for a couple more years.

7. I once drove to the grand canyon and back in 36 hours.  I did so with five other people.  In a pick up truck. It was one of those pick up trucks that has a cap over the back.  Four of us rode in the back, two up front. It was by far one of the most adventurous things I have ever done.

8.  My favorite book is 'Catcher and the Rye', I used to read it once a year.

9.  My favorite movie is 'Dead Poet's Society' though I haven't watched it in several years.

10.  I took out a $1000 loan the last two months at Franciscan University. I did this in order to party the last two months at Franciscan University and not have to worry about the finances of it.  Aaron called it my 'bad decision loan', it was the first one we paid off when we began our journey to be out of debt.  In retrospect, he was right!

11. I have been to five continents, and 18 countries (I think) and a crud ton of states.  I love to travel, it is my favorite thing.  When I was pregnant with Lil' Aaron, I realized my travelin' days were probably done for a really long time. It made me sad. I cried. Then, I realized this life is a lot better than the travelin' life!

Questions from Patty from thehappyhubbardfamily
1.  Favorite Saint and Why
St. John Bosco.  His love for youth and his method of working with them has inspired tears from me on more than one occasion.  "Get them to love you and they'll follow you anywhere" has been the most important advice I ever received for working with young people.
2. Why you started blogging
I started blogging to record our family history now that I don't journal, it has become something much bigger than that now :)
3.  Name something you have always wanted to learn
How to cook :)  right spouse?!?!?
4.  1 place you want to travel to and why
Turin, Italy, it is the home of St. John Bosco, many people have prayed for me there, but I have never made it!  One day!
5.  When you have some money favorite store to shop and splurge at
Old Navy :)
6.  Best book you have ever read and why
Ha!  See above, Catcher and the Rye. I think it does a good job explaining the confusion of adolescence.
7.  2 Questions you want to ask Jesus someday when you meet him in Heaven
Wow, this is good and hard.  Um, 1) How do you experience emotion?  2)  Did I do okay?
8.  Favorite Disney of all time
Hmmm, is Mary Poppins a Disney movie?
9.  What animal best describes your personality and why?
Wow.  Another tough one, um...have I metioned I don't like pets/animals?  this is tough.  um, I like monkeys.  They are fun and energetic but are pretty dangerous moody creatures...lol, sounds like me!  Just ask my husband!
10.  Favorite blog to follow and why
Wow, this is hard too, because I like a lot of them.  Because it will be too hard to choose between all the small ones I love, I will write Simcha  Fisher's 'I have to sit down'.  She is one of the 'bigger blogs' I follow and actually, when it comes to faith she writes pretty much everything I think!  I'd like to be her friend in real life :) But, truth be told, she is  not my favorite.  My favorites are the smaller ones I read, by people like the people I will nominate.  The ones that are about day to day marriage and family life.  those are my fav.
11.  Biggest Lesson you've learned in life so far
That as long as you are following God, it is best to trust that he is setting up a path for your best life ever.  I doubted His plan a lot in my twenties, when I sure I should have been married, and was lonely.  I thought He was playing tricks with me.  I was very wrong.  He was creating the life that I live now, and preparing my convert husband to be able to handle all of thisssss....and everything worked out just as it should have :)

Alright, now on to the people I will be nominating.  Here are your eleven questions.  This takes a really long time though (be warned) so...I will not be offended AT.ALL. if you don't have the time to do it or would rather pass on it!  BUT, I would like to know things about you, so think about it :)

1.  Happiest memory
2.  Most difficult life experience that you are now on the other side of
3.  Why did you start blogging
4.  What is your favorite blog
5.  Who is a person that you KNOW (in real life) that you currently admire most
6.  What is your favorite EASY dish to make
7.  Favorite song (you have to choose just one)
8.  Best place you have ever visited
9.  1 of your life goals
10.  What is your favorite thing to do with children
11. When have you felt closest to God?  How did that come about?

My nominees 


  1. Hey Congrats! I love learning more about my blogging peeps :)

    Also, I am a cougar too. 2 years an elder ;)

    And, I've always wanted to ask someone this: how does it feel to reread a book? I have never done it. Once I know what happens, I'm done. But a lot of people reread their favorites. Why is that?

    1. excellent question! I think it's like rewatching your favorite movie. You forget details, the book brings you back to a happy place, etc... You should try it sometime, but not until Ellen and the new little guy are fourteen years old, because that is when we can read again!

  2. I will write mine this week. Thanks for the nom. Ms. Mae-Bee's birthday is tomorrow, so I had to post my tribute first.

    I love your adventurous self. It is my favorite thing about you, the thing I think makes your faith come alive. Your travels and awe of the created world is exactly the appreciation God deserves. I hope you get to travel more than you expected, with all the babies in tow!