Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes...

--- 1 ---
So, I am about to do a 'pay it forward' take because I read this when I first started blogging and now, it is my turn to help the world.  If you are a blogger, it is a great idea to disable the security thingy that makes you punch in a bunch of letters/numbers in order to leave a comment. This can be easily done in your settings, AND, you can still set it so that you have to approve the comments before they post (if you feel that is necessary).  IF you disable it, people will comment on your blogs more, because it is way easier to comment.  For instance, trying to comment from a smart phone enter those stupid codes is close to impossible. I can't tell you how many times I have said, 'forget it'.  And not said the brilliant thing I wanted to add.  However, if you don't like comments, disregard my words. 
--- 2 ---
So, at 8:05 am, I realized I was allowing Lil' Aaron to drink pepsi out of his sippy cup.  Best mom ever?  See, I can't drink coffee without having to revisit it a half an hour later, so I have been drinking 1/2 glass of soda in the morning (and, weirdly enough, it helps settle my stomach, don't judge, you do what you gotta do).  Anyway, Aaron often approaches me with his sippy to put my drink in his drink. It is usually milk/water, so no biggie.  This morning, it was a biggie.  BUT, what makes me the world's best mom, is after I realized it, I continued to allow it. I rock.
--- 3 ---
So, my sweet Joey Mike.  I am experiencing some mommy guilt with him.  You see, he is like, the best kid ever.  No joke. He will play, quietly and contently by himself for hours.  And then, here is the kicker, if you say, 'Hi Joey Michael' he will look up at you and smile the biggest smile.  BUT, because he is SO good and the whole, 'do what ya gotta do when you feel like crap all the time' (not a complaint), I am just kind of letting him be.  BUT, he is SO sweet.  And so, as I was driving home from a talk yesterday, I ended up feeling pretty bad that I don't 'give' him more affection/time/etc... poor boy's whole life lights up if I just say his name.  I'm gonna make a commitment to snuggle him more.
--- 4 ---
So those of you that are Catholic, how freaking proud to be Catholic were we yesterday???? I don't care who you are, I LOVE our Church. I LOVE our history, I ADORE our traditions and I love that we have a Peter who loves us.  I was SHOCKED by the positive reporting yesterday, because  I am so used to hearing secular media talk about all the reasons the Church sucks.  Yesterday was a sad day, because saying goodbye is always a bummer, but yesterday was a great day, because our Church, well, here's the thing...it really rocks.
--- 5 ---
This is a big weekend. It is a weekend we have been waiting for for many, many moons.  This is our, 'was suppose to be a cruise, but I am knocked up again, so we will do something special anyway that is very much not a cruise' weekend. It is going to e fancy. I am going to sleep. I will tell you all about it.  BUT, lemme just spoiler alert and let you know it starts at about 2:30 pm for me, and it will be 100% kid free.  I adore my kids, but, the sleep is gonna be more awesome than I can describe!
--- 6 ---
So, little Aaron has an awful time eating food he is suppose to.  Usually, we just let him go hungry (we don't give in) and put up with whines for the next couple hours.  BUT,  yesterday, I had a brilliant idea.  I put one M&M on the big table, while he was in his high chair refusing to eat.  He, of course, FREAKED out for the M&M, and I told him he could have it AFTER he finished his whole meal.  Well, wouldn't you know, he ate EVERYTHING on his tray.  Here is the question.  Is the method okay, because it is like, 'dessert after you eat your meal'? Or, is it tragic, because it is using bribery to get him to do what he should do without bribery?  Help a sister out...I am really trying to avoid raising brats!  So, if your kids are none brats, what do you think?
--- 7 ---
And finally, we got family pictures done. I keep tell you guys, but our boy's photographer is pretty much the best ever.  For under 100 he will spend and hour with you and then, give you the rights to ALL your pictures, so you can print them/use them/post them on blogs/etc... Please let me know if you want his contact.  :)

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  1. Ummm, I want your photographer's contact...will he come to MA? :) Such great shots!

    As for the M&M thing - we only let our kids have dessert (and it's usually fruit, but sometimes a treat) IF they eat their dinner. Phil likes them to eat their dinner without knowing what dessert is just because he thinks they should eat their dinner, period. Sometimes I feel the need to encourage (different than bribing, right?) them by taking the cookies out of the pantry and putting them in plain view. So I totally agree with your approach! We also still sneak lots of veggies into our kids without them knowing. {insert evil cackle}

  2. I cringe at the soda because of dental bills - my oldest is having 3 teeth filled - but the m&m is great! It's just one.

    Your family is gorgeous. One of your boys should marry at least one of my girls so that we can get some color up in this family.

  3. Oh, my goodness, so much to comment on!

    1--YES! YES! YES!YES YES YES YESYESYESYESYES. PLEASE, everyone, listen to her!!!!

    2--eh, it happens.

    4--I made the mistake of looking at comments on a news story this morning, and it just made me sad. I know the Catholic Church is a big target, but people just smear excrement all over it in half-truths and assumptions that are off-base. Sure, the Church is far from perfect, but from the comments on there you'd think it was...entirely evil. :(

    5--Sounds awesome!

    6--Dessert is totally a good motivator for better eating. I don't care what all the experts say. They don't live in reality.

  4. 1- totally agree!

    Ah, the eating thing. First, he may just be going through a phase. All of my boys were great eaters, and then they weren't. My two oldest went through the phase and it lasted 3-6 months. My 4 yr old has yet to come out of it. We do not give in while they are going through the phase. But, we do let them know that they will not get any dessert (if we are having any) if they do not eat all of their food. At dinner time, they have to eat all of their food in order to leave the table too. We give my 4 yr old very little, so this is not too hard. But, there is also no food after dinner. If he or the others say they are hungry, they will only be offered more dinner.

    That is a loooong explanation to say that what you did is fine. I see nothing wrong with it. But, I would not make it a habit . . . he might be hard to handle is he expects treats all the time.

  5. #1 I'm all about this, but how do I do it???

    #4 I was pleasantly surprised too! We are living in such exciting times as Catholics :)

    #7 WOW. when we have some cute little kidlets, hook me up with your photographer...I love all the pics you post of your little's :)

  6. Yes, yes, yes, I would love to talk with your photographer! :) Every time I see your awesome family photos, I think about how I would love to have him do some grandson photos with Connor and his Mom and Dad! :)

    I think there's no problem with setting out a tiny dessert as a reminder that dessert is for people who eat their dinner. And sometimes the dessert could be some fruit or another healthy choice - but one or two M & M's sounds like a good dessert for a little guy. Only thing I'd say is to make sure his servings are small if you want him to eat all of his food before having his dessert treat. He could always have seconds after he has his "dessert" if he wants! :)

    (and I don't think my almost grown-up kids are brats... at least most of the time :)

  7. dessert motivates me...and I'm not that big of a brat ;)

  8. Oh, gee, it's almost all bribery if you think about it..."positive reinforcement" is just the fancy new term for it. Whether it's candy or praise or good feelings or a toy, at this age they're not really doing things with a sense of morality like this is the RIGHT thing to do but because they get something out of it. Most adults still work that way, right? But we teach them the right thing to do using their language...and sometimes that's candy :) (She says as she gives a jelly bean to her five year old for wearing his thumb sucking glove alllll night!)

  9. Hey Mary, I nominated you for a Liebster Award check it out here: http://www.thehappyhubbardfamily.blogspot.com/2013/03/what-heck-is-liebster-award-cause-i-got.html