Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes

...in which I share with you my highs and lows of the week!
--- 1 ---
Aaron and I went away last weekend to celebrate our debt-freeness (do you get bored hearing about the journey?!?!) I hope not.  We stayed in a super fancy hotel, ate delicious food (crab and lobster stuffed Barramundi- um, yes please!), and spent time relaxing.  It was awesome!

--- 2 ---
Not so High
Okay, so you know how we have two children?  And I am working on the third?  Well, for the past month, all I could think about was sleeping in for TWO STRAIGHT DAYS and doing nothing but relaxing for close to 48 hours.  We decided not to go 'out of town' but to stay local for our weekend away, mostly because I was afraid the being sick would hinder any awesome that we might experience, so I didn't want to waste hundreds of dollars going somewhere fun and warm, if I was just going to vomit the weekend away (TMI- oh well- it's truth).  Our weekend away was spectacular, but I was sick on Friday/Saturday (does throwing up in a brown paper bag on the way to the hotel count?!?!).  Not a complaint, just a statement of fact.  And then, how weird is this...but we didn't really sleep in.  I think the first night I slept 6 hours and the second I hit 7.  More than usual?  Heck yes!  Back to the ol' days of single hood  sleeping in till 11:00-12:00 before rolling out of bed?  I think not.  Children ruin you...but, they are cute, so it is worth it.
--- 3 ---
So, I can be, how you say, presumptuous sometimes. And, unfortunately, I sometimes presume that people are going to be negative about my Catholic life choice. I go into situations defensive (one day I have GOT to share how I was going to share our third pregnancy with the social media world, it was pretty much a, 'screw you haters' instead of a joyful announcement).  Anyway, I was CERTAIN my secular OB was going to be so angry when she found out we were pregnant with our third in three years. I met with her assistant two weeks ago, and she was supportive, but did go through a run down of, 'how did this happen, what is your future plan, etc...'.  Um, my OB was FANTASTIC.  She walked in the room and said, 'my favorite customers back again! I am so happy for you'.  Then, went on to not only show me my kid (shim is pretty cute), but to really talk me through the risks that might be associated.  At the end I said, 'I was so afraid you were going to yell at me'.  And she said, 'you know I have got to be honest, I see parents in here all the time that I am worried about in terms of having children, you and your husband are SUCH good people, I love that you are populating the world with adorable children'.  UM...What?!?!  I felt terrible for judging how she would respond before giving her the chance to respond, and it made me think of my friend Mary's blog on a similar topic.  Looks like I am still a work in progress.
--- 4 ---
Not so High
The husband and I are really trying to figure out a way to make it to my brother's house (outside of DC) for our newest goddaughter's Baptism.  Well, today, we figured it out, and I am very VERY psyched (that is a high), the kind of bummer is, I will have to wait about a year to get new couches.  This is TOTALLY a #firstworldproblem (misuse of the hash-tag, oh, how I long to be relevant), but I cannot stand our couches.  They were really 'cool' when we bought them, but totally uncomfortable, made for lounging (as opposed to sitting, which is really embarrassing when guests are over), and one of the cushions has a massive tear.  Then, I realized I am giving a talk the Saturday of the Baptism weekend, so we are going to have to fly out psychotically early on Sunday, in order to roll in just in time for the Baptism.  BUT, how freaking awesome that we get to go and that the ol' hubster is making it happen. I like him.  A lot.

--- 5 ---
Totally participated in two link ups...and got like 3 new followers :) I am pretty much legit, you didn't know that did you?  Now you do.

--- 6 ---
Lowest of Lows
So, remember when I dropped lil' A on his head at 3 weeks (if you forgot, you can read about it here.  That was a pretty big bummer.  Last year, when there was a recall on BUMBO seats and people were suing the company because their kids were falling out of them I thought (and said outloud), 'typical America, people sue companies because they are too stupid to know they shouldn't freaking leave their freaking child on a plastic seat on a kitchen table'.  Flash forward to Wednesday, and I freaking left my child on a freaking plastic seat on our kitchen table (while I went to grab his baby food), and I left him really close to the edge.  Joey grabbed one of our metal chairs and used it to rock himself right off our table, and flying to the ground. Big A immediately swept him up, he was screaming, but we could tell he was fine.  I followed behind them (Big A for some reason had gone to the bathroom) and then realized there was blood (insert freak out 1) a LOT of blood (insert freak out 2) and we couldn't figure out where it was coming from (freak out 3).  Turns out he had split one of his fingers, almost to the bone.  We went to the ER, and when bandaged it didn't look terrible.  But, it was bad enough that when the resident took off the bandage, what she said was, 'I'll have to go get the Attendee'.  5.5 hours, a baby sedation, and a few stitches later, and we were as good as new.  Well, kind of.  I mean, how desperate does this picture look?  I'm telling you, parenting, it ain't no joke.
--- 7 ---
Super High
We are not cosleepers, our children rarely, if ever, are in our bed.  However, sometimes Aaron goes to play basketball late, and instead of falling asleep alone, I always go get the eldest and snuggle with him to sleep.  Co-sleeping rocks! :)

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  1. Yay for weekends away! Boo for morning sickness. Mary, I was so sick like you for the first 4 pregnancies and then not at all for the 5th. I guess what I'm saying is...have a couple more kids and you'll be fine!
    When will you be in DC? We'll be close to DC for the 3rd week of April....

    1. WAIT. No joke, we are going to be in DC April 21-25. SOMEONE TELL ME THAT THEY WILL BE TOO!!!!

    2. Ladies
      I will be there the 13-15, fingers crossed. We still haven't confirmed tickets. What are you guys going for?

  2. Poor Joey, glad he's all fixed up...that's gotta be so scary!

  3. #6- How did I miss that happening!?! So glad he is better. I would have freaked out too!
    #7- We are not co-sleepers either, but I have loved when we have had the boys in the bed from time to time. Now they are way too big and end up hitting and kicking us in their sleep at night if they are in our bed, so they are usually kicked out pretty fast!

  4. SUCH AN AWESOME RESPONSE from your OB!! Love it. And thanks for the link! I wish I didn't have such a long way to go on the assuming charity thing.
    And oh my, poor Joey!

  5. I am so sorry about the baby! I hate accidents that are our fault. As if mommy guilt isn't unbearable as it is...

    Hooray debt free!!!!


    I just saw a new dr.who supports NFP, has a crucifix in every exam room and told me I am really neat because I'm fertile and open to having a big ol family and don't see Mae as a giant burden making my life into a terrible sacrifice. It's better than winning the lottery!

  6. Really enjoy your blog! Regarding number 6...a few months ago my son fell off the couch when I was standing.right.next.to.him and it was one of the most mortifying things ever. I swore it would never ever happen again and I'm pretty sure I wrote a very emotionally charged blog post about it. Last week he fell out of his high chair...maybe someday I will learn. Good thing little ones are so resilient!

  7. Yay for a supportive OB!!! My OB was super excited for us only b/c Baby #3 was actually pregnancy #8. She knew our desire for a large family, but our struggles with infertility. I was always afraid I would get the "are you really trying to do this again with your history?" speech, but she never did. Sorry about the baby's accident. It happens to the best of us (as in diligent parents! Can't even imagine what goes on in "hands-off" parenting households!). I'll never forget when Baby Ben (at about 5 or 6 weeks) was sitting in the bouncer seat on top of the dinner table where I was paying bills. I heard the dog yelp and our 2-year old's high pitched scream...she had stepped on her tail and so the dog bit her. Couldn't be stitched b/c it need to seep...At 8, she still has a deep scar. *sigh*

    Blessings new friend,

  8. I wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award. If you're too busy, no worries just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog! http://cevichion.blogspot.com/

  9. Thanks for your kind words on my blog post about infertility. It is truly a cross to bear, but no different than anyone else's cross. I think that we need to continue to teach and preach the truth, but always do it in kindness. I think that we need to be cognizant of the fact that Jesus dealt with sinners with compassion. Yes, he definitely told them to go and sin no more, but he understood and felt there pain. It was those sadducees and pharisees that he reserved the harsh tone for! You know...the ones that "knew it all"!!! ;)