Friday, May 10, 2013

7 quick takes with no pictures

--- 1 ---
So, I tried to explain this really profound lyric to my teens and they totally didn't get it. I'm gonna try out the blogging world.  Jay Z (is that how you spell his name?) sings this song with coldplay, and in it, he says, 'It's tough being bobby brown, to be bobby then, you have to be bobby now'.  The point being that the 80s rockstar version of Bobby Brown is what created the 2013 version of Bobby Brown who is kind of drug addict with lots of problems.  Anyway, last week Chris of Kriss Kross died at 34 of an overdose. I found myself thinking of that lyric again. I mean, he could have just been an average dude, with a family, couple of kids, working a regular job.  Instead, he is dead at 34.  'To be bobby then, you have to be bobby now'.  Anyway, I think it's deep.
--- 2 ---
Lil' Aaron sucks at sharing, which I know is okay, because we have to teach him.  Where we are at right now?  When he freaks out and rips something out of Joey's hand, he gets in trouble.  BUT, when he wants to make us proud, he gives joey the worst.toy.ever (like a piece of paper or something) and says, 'share', like we should be proud.  Sorry sucker, offer him your new monster truck from Auntie Annie and then I'll be impressed.
--- 3 ---
The word sucks. I know I should stop saying it, and I know it really bothers lots of people.  But, 'stinks' just doesn't have the same effect (or is it affect, I actually have no idea what the difference is between those to words)...so, any suggestions?  Otherwise, I might just have to keep saying sucks and accept the judgment that comes from it.
--- 4 ---
OM lowercase g...we hired a new youth minister.  He is, how you say, AWESOME! I am so so so pumped. During the interviews, I was starting to get a bit nervous because I thought he was perfect and was afraid that he wouldn't get hired and then I'd be sad.  But, alas, everything worked out.  His name is Chris, we will begin the transition soon.  I am so excited to be at home with the boys, but some twitches of sadness are starting to occur. Can you believe I have been at SJN for almost 10 freaking years.  That is a lot of freaking years.
--- 5 ---
So, do you ever get frustrated and it isn't necessarily anyone's fault, but like, you have to blame someone?  That happened yesterday.  I was frustrated in this awful city (sorry Birmingham, you are not my favorite) and my friend Mario (shout out) ended up getting an ear full of not nice words about how I felt about the city.  Then, so did my husband.  I need to work on processing frustration.
--- 6 ---
We have a play date today with some of our besties that we haven't play dated with since before Easter...We are pretty excited.
--- 7 ---
And now, for your controversial moment.  I read this blog about food allergies that was circulating the interwebs and apparently ticked a lot of people off (for good reason).  The author was like, 'hey food allergies are clearly the parent's fault, just force your kid to eat things and forget about the consequences to work them thru their allergies'.  Clearly, a stupid thing to say, for a lot of reasons.  BUT, I do have to admit, I think a lot about the crazy increase in food allergies and why it is happening and how come it seems like some families are totally exempt from it.  Now, here's the thing, this isn't something I am emotionally invested in, so I can ask the next question pretty easily...but some people are, so answer gently (whether or not food allergies are a struggle in your family).  What do you think about the increase in food allergies?  Where is it coming from?  What are your conspiracy theories?  go!

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  1. Mary, Chris and I were friends in college at Madonna, he's a great guy...excited that you found someone good to take over:)

  2. #2- He is 2, right?? Totally normal!

    #1- Yep, that is profound . . . I feel old now that teens do not know who Bobby Brown is!!

  3. It has to be something environmental... who knows what. Along with the rise in autism (from 1 in 10,000 the year I was born... to 1 in 50 now!), the rise in ADHD, learning disabilities, etc.
    I swear it has to all be related.

  4. I'm totally happy I found your blog. I"m putting you on bloglovin'!

    I always goof up effect and affect, and almost always go with effect. I like the word. It's better than the a word.

    I have the same problem with my 3 year old and my 1 year old, only she's a little more aggressive, like pulling him out of the big orange and yellow car that he loves to sit in. He doesn't even care if it moves or not, he just loves to sit in it. She comes along, only weighing one more pound than him (she's tiny, he's a chunk) and pulls him out. Screaming. She gets in trouble, has to say I'm sorry...she wants everything he is playing with. It gets better.

    The word "sucks". I say that word. a lot. Until I hear it come out of my 6 year old's mouth, or even my 3 year old, then, I stop saying it and say "stinks". It sucks saying stinks, because I feel like I'm on the Brady Bunch. But the kids love the Brady Bunch, so, I guess I'll try to say stinks. "Fricking" is another one. "Stinkin" is it's replacement. But I slip up. Often.

    I know some people have genuine food allergies, like peanuts and gluten, if they have Celiacs disease, but I know a family that did the give foods up to figure out what they are allergic to and it got worse. Way worse. I think it's because their body didn't know what to do without those foods. None of this stuff was even a problem when I was a kid (a looooong time ago) Could it be food additives? Preservatives?

    Just glad my kids can eat normal foods.

    Happy Mother's day, God bless you!