Friday, May 3, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
Spiritual insight for the week, courtesy of Father John.  While struggling with habitual sin, it is helpful to think of a father watching his daughter learn to walk.  When she falls, he doesn't say, 'dang it, you are awful!  you are suppose to be walking!!!'.  Father, he says, 'Great job sweetheart, lets get up and try it again'.  Sometimes even cheering at the effort, despite the fall.  You're welcome on behalf of Father John.
--- 2 ---
Praise you Jesus for good weather and parks.  Please let it stay in the 70s for a hot second before we move into the uncomfortable reality of summer scorching weather.  Especially considering I cannot drink ice cold bud lights this summer.  God be with me as I struggle through my #firstworldproblems!
This is how excited I get when I have my first drink after pregnancy.  
--- 3 ---
My teens rock.  Wanna know why?  This week's meeting was on praise music.  Their challenge was to take secular songs and make them Jesus-e.  Lemme just tell you, I just about died when Gangnam Style and the Thrift shop were given a Jesus make over.  Just.about.died.
--- 4 ---
I just gave my child 2 starbursts at 8:25 am.  I am THAT mom.  And, occasionally, I am okay with it #notashamed
best mom ever. or worst
 depending on how you feel
about chemical laden candies...
--- 5 ---
So, wanna know the mom I want to be?  Last night, at about 1:00 am, I saw flipped by 'Project Runway'. I don't watch 'Project Runway', but there was this lady who was in her 50s or 60s.  And her grown children surprised her in the studio to encourage her and all three of them did this 'shake your booty' dance.  I want to be the type of mom that a) shakes my booty at 60 b) raising grown- a$$ children who want to shake their bootys with me.  true story
--- 6 ---
Uncle Mike and Aunt Kellie bought lil' A a monster truck that is battery operated. It pretty much has not left his side since they gave it to him.  Currently, my child who just finished his starburst is watching a documentary on Monster Trucks, while holding his monster truck.  Maybe I should get off the internets and care for him?
--- 7 ---
1.5 months.  But who's counting?  (Teens, I love you dearly- but this pregnant mama is getting pretty psyched to no longer have to worry about leaving children, figuring out babysitters, etc...) 1.5 months.

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  1. Starbursts are awesome! Also I won't share the red ones unless J is REALLY good and cute. Haha

    Been thinking about you too-hope everything is going well with the little bun :) 1.5 months-woohoo!!

  2. Mary what an awesome idea for a youth group meeting!!! Would love to hear more on how it went...
    We heard Fr. John last night at i.d. 916; definitely great stuff!

  3. Love the count down!! I should pick up brain about youth group. Our newest priest is asking us to help with youth group . . . I am NOT a youth group person.

    I cannot tell you the things I have given my kids just to keep them quiet while I am on the phone. Bribery works!

  4. Starbursts - it's always time for Starbursts. No shame needed.

  5. #3 - I really need to see those.

    1. It was recorded, so it should eventually make it's way to the interwebs.