Friday, May 31, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
Okay team, check it.  My son, lil' A, LOVES to watch clips on youtube of this man an accent unwrapping and explaining different, 'car toys'.  It is very weird.  BUT, alas, it consumes him and so, in my awesome parenting skillz, I delight in it.  And confession, sometimes I get annoyed he doesn't know how to just hit the 'skip ad' button himself :)  Yup, I am THAT mom.
--- 2 ---
Can I tell you the best, most random thing that happened to me today?  I woke up after very little sleep again, and had a text message from my lil' sister Theresa.  My sisters live far away from me :(  It sucks.  Her text said 'what do you want on your pizza? You need a break, so I am ordering you lunch to be delivered to your house!'.  And you know what?  Not to be weird, but today I really feel like I needed some bit of a break and she randomly sends that message.  AND, what a great idea to do for people?  I shall be paying it forward for sure and I cannot wait to eat pizza for lunch.
--- 3 ---
So, like the good 'sahm' in training that I am, I have been trying to plan really fun things everyday for the boys.  Both to get us out of the house and to tire them out for nap time, so I can get things done!  Brilliant right?  So, I had a summer full of 'splash pad' fun planned.  BUT, I learned a valuable lesson yesterday.  See, taking the kids out in the early morning/afternoon to give them something to do and to tire them out is a good plan.  BUT, what I didn't consider, is that taking a 2 year old and a 10 month old out, also just plum tuckers (well done with the expression huh?) this 6.5 month pregnant lady out as well!!!  And, renders me useless for the rest of the day.  So...not sure where to go with that for the rest of the summer.  Because I had REALLY grand plans for cleaning/organizing etc... yesterday, and turns out I did nothing.
--- 4 ---
The husband and I have a had a rough month.  Lots of little fights, lots of stress, bad communication, just one of those months.  BUT, alas, two great things happened this week.  First, we had a totally impromptu date night.  We needed it so bad.  We hadn't been out, just the two of us, in about 2 months.  Now, I know some of you don't do the 'date night' thing and it works just fine for you.  I feel like we NEED date nights to thrive. And not just, 'sit on the couch' date nights.  BUT, 'get out of the messy house, go out somewhere' date nights.  It was so good.   Second, I realized we are really in the 'thick of it' right now.  I had said, last summer, that I thought this year was going to be really taxing on us, in lots of ways.  Turns out, it has been. And actually, I think we have fared better than expected (considering the two babies, work, and unexpected gift of a third). So, I have decided to give us a little bit of a break and instead of focusing on where we are 'lacking' in our marriage...be proud of what we have accomplished.
--- 5 --- 
So, do you ever have a project that you think will take you about 1/2 hour and it totally turns into a funk story?  That is my life this week. I volunteered to do something for a committee I am on at work, thinking it would take me about an hour (which is what I had time for this week).  Well, turns out every single time I have gone to complete the task, something has gone majorly wrong. I am at least 10 hours and 3 special 'trips' in to this project and it is still not finished.  I don't do well when things like this occur.  Here's hoping that after I finish this quick takes, I can get it done. Quickly.
--- 6 ---
Oh, the sister that offered to order me pizza this afternoon?  Did I mention she is my sister in Kentucky that has a three year old, a 1.5 year old and 6 month old twins?  Because she is.  Oh she works full time as well.  Gives you perspective eh?
--- 7 ---
My husband was able to turn a day trip to Grand Rapids for my cousin's graduation party, into an overnight adventure for our family.  We are due.  On tap?  Exploring his campus of 'Grand Valley' with the kids, eating as his favorite GR eateries (including 'Yesterdog'...YUCK) and spending a day at lake Michigan.  Excited? I think so. 

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  1. What a great treat from your sister!

  2. Awesome job T! I find doing something kind like that for someone else busts me outta my own funk sometimes.
    Can I just say, planning fun things everyday sounds horrible. I find I am most productive in the morning. With the littles, I just try to give them something fun to do, like taping brown package paper to the counter and handing them crayons while I fold at the table. (I realize Joey might be more of an eater of crayons than a budding artist. Boys are crazy.) Also, I let them play with non toys, like pouring water from container to container, something boys seem to love, or hit up the interwebs for ideas. If they are contained and busy for 15-20 minutes at a time, I can usually at least wipe down a bathroom and scrub a toilet in that time. The time to take them to the splash pad is between 3 and 5 before daddy gets home and you don't want to hear the whining. The crockpot comes in handy those days too....(and breakfast for dinner.)

    Now, do you have any ideas for my bigs? The baby doesn't want to stay all day at the beach or pool...

  3. That is the best sister gift ever. Love it.