Friday, May 17, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

Yesterday, the Pope, who I love, quoted this from St. John Chrysostom, "Not to share one's goods with the poor is to rob them and deprive them of life.  It is not our goods that we possess, but theirs"  How freaking awesome is that?!?!?!   I mean, for realz.  Aaron and I, in our quest to finally be debt free have kept this in the forefront of our minds.  I will have more to say on this in the future, but the bottom line is, we really are just stewards of the money God gives us.  The more we actually live that reality, the happier we will be.
--- 2 ---
Speaking of the Pope.  I had a dream last night that he was in the US of A for World Youth Day.  And we were there with the boys. I was on a side street trying to get lil' A's shoes on and he happened to walk by.  The pope bent down and helped me get the shoes on because he could tell I was struggling.  It was an AWESOME dream for lots of reasons.
--- 3 ---
The husband is in massive trouble.  Like, he can't even picture the amount of trouble he is in right now.  EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING my greatest struggle is to try to eat before I throw up (I throw up if I do not eat rather quickly).  This is SUPER hard to accomplish because I have two small children that need to be fed, changed, etc...THEN when all that is done, I have to make breakfast (because, unfortunately, this pregnancy has left me with very few options that don't make me want to vomit).  Finally, I can sit down to eat breakfast, but that usually ends up being a fiasco of the children crying/needing me/begging for the food I am eating, you get the picture.  So, about 80% of the time I vomit before I even get to breakfast.  NOW, in an effort to be fully disclosed, while I eat breakfast I do check my interwebs (blogs, facebook, etc...) while the kids play on the floor.  Anyway, this morning was a disaster with constant distractions, so eating breakfast was near impossible (the crescendo was lil' A taking a handful of cars and whipping them across Joey's face because he dared touch one of the 'lined up' monster trucks).  In absolute frustration, I said, 'I WOULD JUST LIKE TO BE ABLE TO EAT MY FREAKING BREAKFAST'. To which the husband responded, 'well, maybe if you got off facebook you'd be able to'.  Yeah, you read that right.  That, along with, 'oh, crap, your birthday is on Monday?', has put him very VERY tightly in the doghouse.
--- 4 ---
"I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them". I put that quote on the facebook yesterday after watching the series finale of 'The Office'. I adored that show and it was a bummer to see it end yesterday.  BUT, that quote actually made me say 'wow' out loud.  I love love LOVE being a mother and having my family, but I think about college/my twenties and how awesome they were, and the thing is, I wished most of it away.  I mean, I used to sleep in and drink beer!  And travel, oh my gosh, have I ever traveled.  This life that I have now is awesome, and way better than anything I did before, but I for sure didn't realize how good those ol' days were :)
--- 5 ---
In other, 'The Office' news, at the end of the show, one of the main characters, Jim, was reflecting on the time he spent at his workplace.  Reflecting on how he really grew up there, met his wife through work, had children, etc...  I really resonated with that as well, seeing as though I have been at Saint John Neumann for almost ten years and will be leaving in one month (next week is my final youth group meeting).  It's just crazy to think of the 23 year old girl that started work as a Coordinator of Youth Ministry and the 33 year old wife and mom that I am now.  Lots of stuff to contemplate.
--- 6 ---
Busy busy weekend on the horizon, 2 youth events, 2 presentations, and housecleaning needs to be fit in somehow.  Deep breathe in...(prayers appreciated).
--- 7 ---
Did you read this article.  It's about Abstinence only sex education.  It's good stuff and I liked it.  Then, my friend Mary wrote this article.  I thought it was pretty brilliant too.  Interesting things to think about.  How I wish Sex Ed wasn't even touched in public schools, but alas, we have decided it is a 'need' and so it is.  Anyway, I am glad my parents made me sit in the hall during that portion of class :)  I know, I know, what a prude!!!!!
Have  good week!

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  1. Thanks for the insight on the abstinence only programs. I have always thought that teaching kids sex is a sin before marriage, and trying to scare the hell (literally) out if kids was the wrong approach. I loved the bit about oxytocin. Anyways, thanks for keeping me informed. Good stuff.

  2. The Office was so good. That quote was really touching to me too. I hope Aaron brings you treats to get out of the dog house :)

  3. Quick comment: I don't think the "sex ed" part of Health class at PCEP was like this brand of "abstinence only sex ed". Unless you have had different experience.

    1. I don't remember taking sex ed at PCEP, just in 7th grade (or 6th) in middle school? And, I sat out in the hallway, so I cannot speak from experience on either.

  4. My hubby says stuff about me being on FB too. And I am rarely on.

  5. Oh geez. I love-love-loved The Office series finale too! And that line made me tear up and grin all at the same time. I love-love-love Pope Francis even more, though!

  6. I am a type one diabetic, and with my 2nd baby (a girl!), I puked every time I ate, I remember leaning my head over the sink, crying, just praying to get through the day, because it meant I was one day closer. She is my pickiest eater...wonder if that is why? Anyway, I'd puke, but had insulin in me, so I had to replenish the calories!!!!! I drank lots and lots of sugar 7up.

    I have a friend that had saltines by her bed, and if she ate them before getting out of bed, she'd not puke.

    Hope it gets better soon for you....

    Love the office, but we gave up on it this season...we were DVRing it and it seemed to get really gross, so we stopped. We kept watching Parks and Rec. Now I want to finish the Office...

    I missed sex ed. In MN they had it in 5th grade and in CA where we moved, they had it in 4th. We moved there (one of the 5 times we moved) for my 5th grade year.

  7. #7 I had very comprehensive sex education, that celebrated MTV 90s style that safe sex was fine as recreational. (I'm from Massachusetts)

    OK So how does one develop a mature responsible healthy loving relationship, when all you know is hooking up?

  8. Thanks for the link! Yes, you are SO blessed that your parents pulled you out of that crap. I learned so many awful things during those classes. I probably would've fought my mom if she had tried but I wish she had!