Friday, June 14, 2013

7 Quick Takes- the 4:00 am addition

We have so much to look forward to this summer, I can hardly stand it!  We have a fantastic trip to Nashville planned, some cottage time with the ol' family, lots of little plans and, you know...no work for me :)  I am most excited for our trip to Nashville.  I just always feel like such a legit family when we travel together. For our Nashville trip, we have booked three different hotels and will be staying with our besties one night on their farm. I mean, how freaking fun is that!?!?!
Paul and Ann's Farm in Nashville 

Last weekend of work...EVER!  Crazy huh?  And I am going out with a bang.  Actually, I am quite unsure of how I am going to accomplish all I need to accomplish in the next 48 hours, which might be one of the reasons I am currently not sleeping. I am not necessarily overwhelmed with the amount I have to do at work, but this is also a really busy weekend with my brother-in-law's high school graduation tonight, his party tomorrow, and Father's day on Sunday. If you want to shoot some prayers my way, I won't deflect them.
Aaron and I celebrated our third anniversary on Wednesday. I know to some of you, that must seem like such a short time.  But three years, and three kids later, it was nice to celebrate! On Tuesday night, I was up from 1:30 am-5:30 am with a brief mental breakdown at 4:30 am (that included waking up my husband with a LOT of bad words).  So, at around 5:00 am, my dad text and reminded me that they'd be willing to watch the kids for the night if we were up for it.  Um....yes please!  The husband and I went to dinner, and came home sans the children for an evening of quiet.  How awesome is that?!?!  BUT, wait for it...the best part was the morning.  We both got up slowly, were able to relax a bit, and joked about how we probably should have waited to have kids, because it was so awesome.  Don't worry, I'm actually pretty pumped we had kids right away :)  It was just a really nice and quiet 15 hours at home.
We went to our favorite restaurant, Comparis, in Plymouth, for our anniversary dinner and it was horrible. The waiter was really weird and basically ignored us all night (very unusual for this place) and the restaurant was pretty much empty.  Of course, I had to draw some conclusions from that, particularly because he was very attentive to other tables.  BUT, what I'd like to talk to you about is the following.  Aaron decided to only leave an 11% tip.  Is that weird?  How do you handle really bad service at restaurants?  It was very awkward as we were leaving, because I had to use the bathroom and the awful waiter had already picked up our check. I swear he totally evil eye'd me on our way out.  The whole situation was so weird. Like I said, I don't anticipate hitting up that restaurant again.  Bummer, because it was the place of our first date :(
In Detroit, there is currently a court case occurring with a police officer who accidentally shot a 7 year old in a raid a few years back.  The whole story is just so sad, and my heart breaks for the police officer, who in the chaos of trying to do a good job, ended the life of a child.  It makes me really appreciate police officers, in a lot of ways. It's funny, because often I make them the enemy ("seriously, are you giving me another ticket for turning right at a red light?!?!?"- I get those a lot), but honestly, the job they have is so very difficult and so very dangerous.  We should make sure to pray for our law enforcement officers.
On Father's Day, after I work a bit, we are going to head out to the Strawberry Festival in Belleville.  Big Aaron has great memories of it from when he was a child.  Do any of you go?  Any tips for us?  We are exited. I cannot tell you how much I love doing things like this with our little family.  It's my fav.


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  1. Happy 3 years! And last week of work, I'm jealous but truly happy for you too!

  2. You have a lot of really cute lookin' boys at your place.

  3. So sorry you had bad service at Compari's! I pass by there all the time on my way from Mass to Starbucks (LOL!), but have only been there a couple times as a patron. I feel weird about the tipping thing, too. I always feel like I have to leave a decent tip, even if they don't deserve it.

    Nice to see that WYDSYD backpack! :) Mine's totally shredded to pieces by now. :)

    Have a lovely and blessed Friday!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! So totally freaking out about our huge Nashville reunion!!! Can't wait to get the bff's and future spouses together! ;-) Love you and try to take it easy!

  5. Happy anniversary! And have a great vacation, I'm jealous.