Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
selfie from this weekend
So, I try to be honest about the good stuff and the bad stuff that happens in the day to day life of the Wilkerson clan on this here blog.  This morning was some good stuff.  The husband blew me away with service.  He totally cleaned our refrigerator (which was much needed). The type of clean where you take out shelves, soak off stains, etc... And he did it at 7:00 am, whilst I slept.
--- 2 ---
True and funny story. Yesterday, on the ol' facebook, I remarked that I have been feeling good more days than I have been feeling bad, and how awesome that is.  I made sure to write, 'knock on wood' after the statement.  I then proceeded to vomit most of the day :)  Just goes to show...
--- 3 ---
Speaking of social media.  Here's a lesson for you all.  I was watching a horrible movie called, 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' last weekend because so many teens said I would LOVE IT.  It was awful.  But, halfway through the movie one redeeming story line was the love that a boy had for his aunt who had passed away. It was shown through flashbacks. And every time I saw a scene, I teared up, thinking about my own nieces and nephews.  SO, before the movie was over (and this is important) I wrote on the ol' facebook something to the effect of, 'I hate this movie, but I do like the aunt story line, because it reminds me of how I love my nieces and nephews'.  Anyway, we proceed to watch the end of the movie and RIGHT at the end of the movie the story line shows that the aunt had abused her nephew through his young life.  Right, and I had put on my facebook that the only reason I liked the movie was because of the aunt story line, because it REMINDED ME OF HOW I LOVE MY NIECES AND NEPHEWS. SCORE!- add it to the talk :)
--- 4 ---
I adore how animated my oldest child is.  When he gets excited, there is no hiding it.  We get several thousand 'wows' a week, and my new favorite is, 'WHAT'S THAT???' said with a joy you can't imagine.  How cool is it raising these little freaks?
--- 5 ---
Answer...super cool. Although, Joey has discovered that one can cry when they are unhappy or annoyed.  Which is awesome. Because, turns out the mellowest baby is annoyed a LOT of the time.  And, he has also discovered cries don't have to be sweet and squeaky, rather, they can be ear piercing and constant.
my sweetie pies
--- 6 ---
Busy weekend on the horizon.  Cleaning and organizing ten years of my life at Saint John Neumann. At first, I called in reinforcements, but actually, most of it needs to be done by just myself. So, spotify and I have a hot date tomorrow at Saint John Neumann!
--- 7 ---
Please, everyone who is reading this, say some prayers for a blogger that I just love to read.  Her name is Dwija and she is that perfect blend of quirky and fun in her writing. She is expecting her sixth child and is having serious complications with the amniotic sac and fluid.  The waiting game just has to be so torturous.  Pray for peace, pray for a miracle, pray that comfort is brought to the family!  Thanks!

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  1. Not that I know enough about it to have an opinion, but why exactly didn't you like The Perks of Being a Wallflower? I'm not too surprised that so many teens thought you would like it. Maybe people liked Emma Watson's performance...

    1. i love movies that discuss teen issues. I hate movies that exploit them. Like, 'it's so cool to be depressed, have sexuality questions, drug use, etc....' I think this movie celebrated those things, rather than closely examined them. And, I am not in the least bit surprised how many teens are drawn to movies/books like that- I just wish people could be more discerning.

  2. Totally praying for Dwjia! One of my friends lost her baby at 22 weeks after her amniotic sac ruptured at 19 weeks. But, another mom I know delivered at 25 weeks after the same thing happened at 15 weeks and the littel girl is now two years old! So, praying for her and the baby so much!!

    #1- Can you hunny come to my house and clean our fridge??

    1. right. he gets good husband of the year award.

  3. Question - did you just write "knock on wood" or did you *actually* knock on wood? Because that may have been where you went wrong...

  4. #3 is one of those DOH moments. Put a big qualifier on it! :)

    I'm so sorry you spent the day puking! I am always afraid to tempt fate...

  5. Your boys are adorable awww! Sorry about the puking hope you start to really feel better soon!