Friday, January 10, 2014

7 Quick Takes lacking fancy because of the old iPad...

...several of you have offered to let me borrow your computers! We took our dear friends The Schrimschers up on it, but appreciate all the offers. This weekend we will be picking it up, but in the meantime,,,I got this here iPad. So 7 quick takes aren't gonna be as puuurty, but they will be fun. let's go!
So...I graduated from college almost 12 years ago, which means I started college 15.5 years ago. Usually, I think to myself, that can't be for real. It seems like just yesterday I was staying up too late at stateline, indulging too much at Stoney's, nursing broken hearts and delighting in laughter, traveling the world, and learning to be a grown up. But last night, for the first time ever, that life seems like so long ago. I think it comes from my new paradigm of diapers and sloppy kisses. Having my little family and adapting to my new norm as a SAHM. But college, for the first time ever, finally seems like long ago. Sad in a way,
So, we moved the kids rooms. Lil a has his own room with a big boy bed. He has been a rockstar. Joey and John Paul will share the double crib room. It's crazy and made me realize how quick this is all flying by. I am so sad to sleep JP in a real crib, he has by far been the most delightful newborn. And the other night, after I put all boys to sleep, I was folding laundry in the family room talking on the phone to my sister. When lil Aaron snuck around the corner, slowly creeping into the room because he had left his bed...well, let me just say, I felt like a legit parent as I gently scolded him to get back in his bed. Gosh, it's all going by so fast.

Teachers have a hard job, one of the hardest. And they don't get paid enough, and I would NEVER ever want to be one, thinking about working with parents gives me anxiety! But there are some perks. Snow days, more vacation than the average job...at least four weeks during the school year, etc... I think it's okay to sometimes say there are perks and they don't always have to be justified away. That is all I have to say about that.  (Btw- same with SAHMs, hard job, lots of perks...no shame in acknowledging that).
Our friends, the Coules dropped by a rotisserie chicken, biscuits, some veggies and some cokes this week for dinner. Randomly, on a Tuesday night. At first I thought it was a joke when my husband said, "Erik brought by dinner". People don't do that anymore. But you know what? People should. I think if we dropped off some rotisserie chicken dinners to our friends/family more often...the world would be a better place. That's what I've decided.
Cousin Judy who selflessly watches my boys regularly bought lil a a "cars" potty. I got him some "cars undies", we have m&ms on reserve...it's potty training go time! My plan is to take it very easy and let lil a direct it! Here we go! One less diapered kid will be awesome.
So, my "ministry partner" mike and I will be presenting a 1/2 day workshop on the topic of homosexuality in the Church. I'm so excited! I think it is going to be a powerful day. Wanna spoiler alert? Read this article that Mike sent me as we have been preparing, it's awesome. I don't know how to do links on iPhones or iPads so you will have to copy/paste the link...it's well worth it. I promise!!!!
Couch to 5k. It's on. And kind of makes me feel fancy on my treadmill, "training" like an athlete (lol lol lol) at my fancy gym! We'll see :)

Have a great weekend friends! Say a prayer for me Sunday night if you think about it- presentation on the other side of the world (blue water Vicariate) for teens and parents on homosexuality! Should be good!!!!

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