Thursday, January 23, 2014

7 Quick Takes..le.sigh edition

Apparently, mothering in the winter is hard. Or "post-pregnancy-hello-cycle" hormones are at a high...but man, it's been rough around here. I'm trying. I'm really trying. And so we do our 'projects'. In an effort to pull me out of the, 'omg, why did I EVER want to be a SAHM' slump...look at my crafts!  See, aren't they pretty.
The Jesus Cross...we had to get a little c

The Pope on World Media Day- this one's a long one...feel free to skip
"oh no he didn't"
So, I lost a facebook friend this week (or before, who knows when). It bummed me out because, despite appearances, I really do try to be charitable in my postings.  I was like, 'screw it! I am joining the crowds and deleting my old facebook.  Then the pope said this..

"While these drawbacks are real, they do not justify rejecting social media; rather, they remind us that communication is ultimately a human rather than technological achievement. "

.and I was like, 'okay Holy Father, I'll take one for the team'.  And he was like, "oh really, well how about this"...

"How about stop bombarding people with 'theological messages'"- 
"How about listening (reading) more than crafting responses"
"How about not spending most of your time preaching (sharing) to the choir"'
"How about not trying to document every moment of your life"- okay that wasn't him, that was fellow bloggers, lots of you.

And then I was  like "Touche Holy Father, Touche"---- clearly, I have a lot of work to do in the Social Media World.
I have a love/hate relationship with this day.  For some reason, and it's not okay, I always get stuck on the fact that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. cheated, all.the.time. on his wife. I'm trying to let that go.
AND THEN, I get stuck on the stupid things people say about race relations all over the place on this day (oh man, this stuff BOILS my blood).  But then, the husband and I sit down and watch a movie like, 'The Butler'. And I say to him, 'can you even fathom that this was a part of your history?'.  And my sister sends me a pic like this...

and I realize that not that long ago, even in my parent's childhood...Aaron and I would not have been able to happen without serious danger. Then I feel thankful, and I think about 'the dream' and I get it. Even the anger that still exists today (which I have very little patience for...) I get it.

Snow pants
Yea...we are late to the party. Stop judging.  We finally bought the boys some boots and snow pants.  So...the next time the weather is reasonably warm (negative degrees aren't gonna cut it) we will finally be able to dress them boys up and take them outside.  But, in the meantime, the boys wanted to wear their snow pants all day.

The Sheenazing Awards
Well, you'd have to be living under a facebook rock to not know that I was nominated for some fancy Catholic blogger awards.  I am not joking when I say, I literally checked SEVERAL times to make sure I wasn't making up the 'most inspirational' (or something like that) category...because, like, not even being self-deprecating...but who are we kidding?!?! Howevs...hit up THIS LINK and vote if you are feeling nice. I was nominated for the inspirational category and 'best most under appreciated' which you have to admit is an awesome title. 
So mamaneedscoffee (Ikr? on the name) decided to get herself on track by doing a 30 day wellness challenge.  The idea is rather simple.  One is suppose to post about it, but let's not lie, I am not ABOUT to commit to something for 30 days.  But here's what I got so far (since I read the post)

Tuesday- filed my nails, whilst sitting in my van, awaiting a phone conference to discuss our diocesan workshop next week.
Wednesday- said to the husband at 6:00 am "can you go to the gym tonight, so I can sleep for an extra hour this morning?" (he usually leaves at six thirty) then immediately changed my mind, "No, don't, can you go now so i can go the gym at 5:00 pm when you get home?".  Actually went to the gym when he got home...WINNING
Thursday- Bud Light Night...need I say more.
I don't have to say anything. Just READ IT.

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  1. What. I never knew MLK Jr. cheated on his wife....and your boys look adorable in snow pants!!
    SO excited for the workshop next week:)

    1. us too! Mike and I have our last meeting on it today!

  2. The MLK thing? YES! I know it's not necessarily right to detract from all the good things he contributed to society but the man was a lousy husband and morals be darned for him when it came to that. My husband's grandmother worked for the F.B.I and knew some pretty crazy details of his personal life (she never shared) but most of it is public knowledge and just wow!

    I'm kind of jealous of all the states in America experiencing REAL weather. Snow pants? Dude, we're still wearing flip flops around these parts. All I'm asking for is rain.

    1. The snow, I am totally cool with...the freezing weather- oh, it's awful.
      I know with MLK. and like, I know we aren't called to judge, but integrity is such a HUGE thing you know?

  3. Ah, you've discovered the life of a northern climate SAHM in January and February. You stay inside and hibernate a whooooole lot or you go out and someone gets sick. Hang in there.

    I haven't been up to date on the latest Papa Francis quotes but I appreciate them. I think a lot of people equate the words "social media" and "Facebook". There are so many forms of social media and ways to use it and he's also speaking to the Church as a whole. I'm not sure that the FB is the best format for real human soul to soul communication, like he's talking, though. That said, I miss having fun on it and I feel disconnected from friends who really only communicate that way anymore. Which makes me sad. And those are a few of Mary's many thoughts on social media.

    1. yeah, and with all these little ones, it's like insanity time.
      I def. equate social media to facebook (though it's changing) only because that is the tool I MOST use. I enjoy the fun of it- and it's awesome for our family spread out across the US of A...but I think I might start looking at it as just that, a place to have fun, not to engage...we shall see!

  4. I did not know about MLK's scandalous ways. Hmmph.

    Every winter, it snows, and I'm like "Oh crap, I hope we have boots and snowpants that fit everyone!" I've never bought them, we just rely on hand-me-downs, and some winters my kids play outside less than others ;)

  5. yea, super scandalous. No good. No good at all!
    I think it was from one of your blogs that I got the tip to buy a 'up' a size to make it last two winters. I def. did that with the snow pants, so hopefully, we won't have to buy them next year!

  6. First, I just want to say how heart-catching those pictures along the side are. I LOVE the Christmas lights in them. I want to do that with my kids next year. :)

    Second, thank you for posting the take on the Pope & social media and the post about 1/22.

    And I must have my head buried in the sand, b/c I didn't know MLK cheated on his wife. How depressing.

  7. Ok, I am so glad that I read the other comments and know that I am not the only one who did not know about MLK!!

    You totally deserve to be nominated! Yoru posts are great Mary and you share from the heart!

  8. Congratulations on your nominations!!
    Great pictures!!

  9. What beautiful children!!! And good on you with the crafting. I decided to stretch myself today and fill a muffin pan with colored yogurt for baby to play with. I have no idea what I was thinking because he isn't even 11 months old yet and he found throwing the tin to be much more fun than what I had in mind. Better luck next time I suppose :)

  10. I think I resent that I know MLK was a cheater more than I resent his cheating. I mean, not everyone who does great things is a terrific person, but does their personal failing have to sully it for everyone? And I don't mean that to excuse it either. I just like the idea of having the ability to admire a man's work and not worry about the nitty gritty of his whole life.

    I just read 12 years a slave because I can't tolerate violence much in movies anymore. OMG, it should be required reading. I have always been interested in the dehumanization of certain cultures throughout history and that peculiar psychology of viewing a person as less-than on a whole societal level. Sometimes you can get lost in that and forget about the individuals who suffered and their real struggle for dignity in such circumstances. This book is the bomb on exposing all of it in its filthiest reality. And it's not even a hard read!

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