Thursday, January 2, 2014

7 Quick Takes...cranky and sarcastic edition

You.Guys. I am so cranky.  Big A, the husband, who I LOVE, left a huge glass of water next to the table where the computer sits.
the son who tests every inch of patience I had, proceeded to dump it on my computer.  My computer fried.  The good news?  Currently it's being 'worked on' to recover files (which, um, better happen, I haven't backed up in entirely too long) then, I need to get it back and ship it to Dell who will replace it due to warranty.  In the meantime, I don't have a computer during the day.  And, on Aaron's computer (which I am typing on) I am severely limited in what I can do.  I said to Aaron that I need to find a place to rent a laptop for the next couple of weeks (he did not agree), Ipad typing and I don't get along and I really don't like not having one.  I mean, think of all the blogging and facebook updating/stalking I am missing out on.  BUT, in seriousness, I do kind of have a little bit of  a job, and I do kind of need to contact people during the day.  I am not pleased.

On a related note...does anyone know where one can rent a laptop for a couple of weeks (it's happening Big A, get over it)?
On a still related note, wanna know what makes me crankiest?  That I can't participate in Dwija's 13 in 13.  Now I know, not a big deal right?  But, recapping the end of the year is a huge thing to a melancholic person like me, but doing it at the end of January just won't be as good.  Cranky.  
Would you, if you are the praying kind, say a little prayer for me.  We are 1 day into 2014 and I am really feeling overwhelmed!  Not by the work stuff...the work stuff is good.  But by the three kid stuff.  And the husband's back at work stuff.  And the 18 month old that will.not.stop.crying.  And social commitments. And friends who I want to see, but can't seem to find the time for.  And family who I should be making a better effort with.  You know, that stuff.  I'm sure tomorrow it will be all better, but today was not full of awesome.
Kids ruin everything!  We had a really fun NYE plans that were canceled due to kids ruining everything.  BUT, the thing is...I still kind of participated in the fun for a few hours.  And I put on some party hair.  Wanna see? (disclaimer, this is a selfie- but for a reason).
 But, then I went home, because kids ruin everything.  BUT, DARN they are cute.  And although ours are sick, we still like them a lot.
So this story might be considered gross, so you might want to skip it.  The kids are sick, you know, and ruining everything (kidding of course, about the ruining).  My John Paul probably has it the worst.  And he has this crazy cough and doesn't know how to cough it all up, so he keeps choking on his own mucus (gross part over).  BUT, because he is such a sweet kid, he will totally start choking, barf all over (sorry, kind of gross) and then give me the sweetest melt your heart smile you ever did see.
He is constantly happy.  Even, when miserable.  Kind of balances out another child who shall remain nameless (JOEY) who's about on my last nerve.

(note read some sarcasm in the last two takes- I kind of like all my kids, even if they ruin things and puke a lot)
Dear Jesus.  Thank you for having a 2 day work week, so that Big A only has to work one more day and he is home for two more.  NOW, if only you can get him a job where he works from home.

OH, and you guys! We are finishing our basement. You knew that, but now we have a contractor.  In three weeks it is starting. It should take three weeks. Then another to paint and do the carpet.  SO...at the end of February, we should have a balling basement.  It is going to be a game changer in this house.  

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  1. Mary, HOW do you get your hair to curl like that!?!? It looks gorgeous:)

    1. It's a fancy tool called a 'wand' I am obsessed because it is super easy and you get awesome party hair.

  2. Oh, Mary. Prayers. Take a break and let the other stuff go. I know it's so hard but focus on those sickies that God wants you to just take care of right now. Toddlers are really hard. The first one is easy and then each one gets more challenging...at least here! What helps me is trying to give them some time with me because usually that's what they want/need most. It's really hard, though, I know. Hope today is better.