Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Break Happenings...

...in the Wilkerson Household.


So, isn't Christmas break weird?  I can't believe it is Monday, the 30th right now.  We have been up to too much stuff, but alas, it 'tis what it 'tis and aside from sickness hitting everyone and their mom hard, it's been pretty great. I'd like to tell you about it.

Friday, Dec. 20th
We had my old boss over for dinner and celebrated with some of our friends a little bit of Christmas.  Our friends spoiled our kids rotten and we went home feeling so blessed.  There is a lot I am thankful for this year, but perhaps one of the biggest blessings is having a community of people who love our children.

Saturday, Dec. 21st
Santa came to our house. It was very exciting for the boys.  Aaron was pretty psyched.  Joey was intrigued by Santa's voice, which sounded a little bit like Har-Har's (their grandfather).  John Paul was pretty much amazed as he is with everything in our lives.  Santa brought the boys little gifts and had to trudge through some pretty gross slush to make it to our front door....so we owe him.

Sunday, Dec. 22nd
Deep breath

Monday, Dec. 23rd
Aaron had to work, but we surprised the boys by going to Chuck E Cheese for lunch.  Chuck E Cheese is kind of a right of passage huh?  
It's also pretty disgusting all around.  But the kids were in heaven and it was happy to see Big A at lunch, so overall a win.

Tuesday, Dec. 24th
Lots of people sick canceling plans.  We ended up deciding last minute to hit up the children's Mass at a Church right around the corner.  It was lovely (well, as lovely as Mass with three little children, one of them sick-ish, can be).  Highlight?  Aaron went to go get the car with lil' A and John Paul. It was just me and my high needs toddler Joey.  The choir was playing 'Silent Night'.  Who knew how much more significant that song is when you have a sweet baby boy in your lap, who happens to be your son and you happen to be celebrating baby Jesus' Birthday. I cried.  A lot. We came back to a nice night of movie watching and hanging with my littlest sister.

Wednesday, Dec. 25th
We started out placing baby Jesus on our Advent Calendar and then sang him 'Happy Birthday' with our 'blue cake'.  Then we did present exchanging.  The kids got their heart's desire (car toy eggs- if you know, you know).  Big Aaron made out with 'Dad is Fat' (awesome book) a fancy water bottle and some work out shirts.  And, my life rocked with a bravotv cup/sweatshirt, plus a 'Marian Devotion for the Domestic Church' book (which pretty much tells you everything you need to know about me).  Big A also made me a jar of things.  The things are things to do or say to strengthen our marriage.  Awesomesauce right?
My inlaws came over for brunch and hooked us up with matching outfits, for the boys, a tent and "big brother, middle brother, little brother" shirts, along with other things. All around great morning!!!

Thursday, Dec. 26th
Joey dumped a glass of water on my computer and fried it.  Pray we can recover the files or we have pretty much no record of John Paul's life thus far (silly me, haven't backed up since July)  Lil' A got to try his hand at Roller Skating at the Wilkerson Family Grandparent's Day. It was rad.  
Then, we celebrated Wiglia two days late at my parents (due to all the sickness).  The kids MADE OUT with comfy teddy bears, and cool table settings.  But, I am perhaps the winner of life, scoring real.life.pearls from my mom/dad who found them on a ridiculous sale.  Here's the thing, I am fancy.  We surprised my parents with a set of bikes that all the siblings pitched in to buy.  Lots of joy on this night and really good food :)

Friday, Dec. 27th
Cousin Judy came and spoiled our boys rotten with her love and gifts while Aaron and I got to go on a mid-afternoon date. We went to the cheesecake factory (Shocking! I know) and then wondered around the mall.  It was fun and a nice break.

Saturday, Dec. 28th
Joey down for the count with a cold.  I got to do a fancy afternoon of getting my hair did and nails did.
 Big Aaron's car broke and...we went on an awesome date. I mean really awesome.  Right up there in the books.  Big A won his fantasy football league (that's right, for those of you paying attention, two years in a row) and took all his winnings to spoil me rotten.  We started at the Edsel Ford house, a mansion owned by the Ford Family.  It made me cry it was so beautiful. I felt like I was walking through 'Little Women'.  Then, we went to my favorite restaurant of fancy, 'the Coach Insignia' on top of the Ren Cen.
  A two hour dinner of fancy with no interruptions, so cool.  We reflected on our year and planned for next.  And held hands. I love holding hands.

Sunday, Dec. 29th
The thing I tried to avoid happened and I got sick.  Joey intensified his sickness and we fixed Big Aaron's car.  Aaron's brother Brian came over and we got some good talk time in along with cousin play.

Which brings us to today...
The kids woke up at 6:00 am and I said to Aaron, 'you got to go get them, I am really feeling sick'.  To which he responded, 'I am sick too'.  There is perhaps nothing as not awesome as when both parents are sick when kids are sick. We both have colds/congestion.  At 10:00 am, we put the little two down for a nap, and placed lil' A in between us on our bed, with the ipad, while we both fell asleep.  It's that kind of day.

New Year...we got our eye on you...

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