Thursday, December 12, 2013

Talk to Me Thursday...(see what I did there)

Okay, it's that advice time of the week again! Only instead of Tuesday, it's on a Thursday.  Can ya dig?  Here we go...

So, as stated in previous posts, we are def. trying to live healthy as a family.  We see the value of a 'better' diet and exercise weekly and we are willing to commit to make it happen.  But as any one with lots of babies knows, that is easier said than done.  Big Aaron has found crossfit.  He loves it.  Like, leaves the house at 4:30 am twice a week and goes 5 times a week loves it.

I have started LA Fitness. I like it when I can get there but the only time that is realistic for me is around 5:30 pm right now (as long as I don't have childcare, more on that in a second).  And, I am finding that time just seriously doesn't always work out in our schedule. I often have talks/meetings/etc...right around that time and, frankly, wouldn't mind hanging out with my husband AND kids at least once a week.  So, it has been decided I need to bring my kids to the gym with me in order to go during the day.  And here is where I need your help...SO


I can add the childcare option at LA Fitness. It is SUPER reasonable.  $10 per kid per month for unlimited.  That rocks right?  Then, we could go during the day, almost as an activity (remember I am a SAHM now, which makes it way easier).  BUT, the childcare workers are REALLY bad. The center has open windows, so I peak in there almost every time.  Generally the 'child care provider' is sitting on the floor in front of her laptop while the kids play around her.  One time, the 'child care provider' had doctor Phil on the TV whilst the kids played around her. I have NEVER in the past two months, witnessed the child care provider actually interacting with the kids.  Now, big A is all like, 'um, it's an hour, who cares?'.  But I'm all like, 'I have three stinkin' babies, I need someone who is it at LEAST going to look up from her screens while she is watching them'.  So, what do you think?  Big deal? not a big deal? do the child care anyway?

The other option is switching gyms and the one I got my eye on is 'Lifetime Fitness'. It's suppose to have awesome childcare.  The hours are wonderful.  They have a toddler pool, so we could really make it a weekly activity for our little family.  And, we can sneak it in our budget (it is reDONKulously expensive).  BUT, here is the issue... It's 20 minutes away and I have three little babies.  Do you really think I'd pack them up and drive twenty minutes a couple times a week in the dead of winter to work out/have them play?  Would we be able to even make use of the toddler pool because, who can really manage three babies in a pool at once?  Would I be able to justify the cost by how much I use it?  Or will the distance/cold/challenge of taking the kids out of the house make it not worth it?  Anyone have experience with this?  What do you think?  The thing is, LIFETIME has a large start up fee, so I am hesitant to join, then realize we can't make there enough to justify the cost.  #midaswellburnmoney

The final option/thing I am seeking advice on...what do YOU do if you are a mom/know a mom/etc...as far as gyms are concerned?  BTW- I need to join a gym, it's the only thing that works for me (tapes/exercise equipment at home, things like that don't work). Do you know of another gym in the Redford/Livonia/Dearborn Area that you like AND has childcare?  

And, btw- I totally know #firstworldproblems


  1. I used to belong to a Y. They had childcare there. I don't know how good it was but at least they always had 3 people on staff in the daycare room. I took advantage of it and the kids survived. there was a large pool too and I did take a bunch of kids at once. Its hard to watch them all--true--but sometimes I would leave the infant in the childcare room and take the older ones to watch in the pool. Or I wore the infant in a sack and just stood in the pool supervising my kids. We enjoyed the pool feature a lot.

  2. We had to choose between Lifetime and a local ghetto option, Prestige Fitness, whose employees sound slightly more engaged than yours…but only just. My little JP has had two minor injuries in their care, not directly caused by the employees, of course (or I'd be gone in a second) but just as a result of getting knocked down by a bigger kid or taking the slide too fast. The thing is, this gym is $20 a month INCLUDING child care (ridiculous, right?) and is 8 blocks from our house. Also, they door is always open to the kid club and I pick a treadmill close by so I can literally hear them if/when the screaming starts. Lifetime was not realistic for us from a budgetary perspective, and it's 20 minutes away so I knew I wouldn't go daily. I go to my ghetto gym at least 4 times per week though, and I stay for about an hour or more, because I know they won't melt/fall asleep on the 4 minute ride home. I figure kids in daycare or even preschool are equally unsupervised at times, so I try not to sweat it. Plus, Joey watches out for JP, which is adorable and character building. Gotta love brothers!