Friday, December 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes- No Sass Edition (admit it, you are disappointed!)

I had the absolute pleasure of presenting at St. Regis' Advent by Candlelight last Sunday.  It went really well. Like, really well. And I loved every second of being with such beautiful women.  Would you do me a favor? Would you pray I can discern where God might be leading me/BOLD Ministries?  Things are going so well, and I am loving every minute. I am also very aware that I am called to be home with my three beautiful boys. Just trying to find balance...
The retreat I went on last week with the 'Oprah Nuns' was beyond awesome.  One thing they really stressed was a relationship with the BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary). Now, I don't ignore the lady, but I don't have a very specific devotion towards her.  That is changing.  I guess, silly as this sounds, I didn't realize how much her example can help me, especially when it comes to the thing I REALLY stink at...selfless love.  The sisters said there is no circumstance we go through as mothers that the Blessed Mother can't relate to.  MIND.BLOWN.  Thank you captain obvious...moving on.
So, we are joining lifetime. Don't judge. I am so freaking excited. 
Another opportunity for judgment if you'd like!  Tonight, our little family is going to the Fox Theater in Detroit to see Yo Gabba Gabba live.  Be still my freaking heart!  Lil' Aaron is just beside himself this morning with excitement.  We are going to meet Grammy and Papa for dinner at a pizza place downtown and then take the 'People Mover' (Detroit's FABULOUS transportation system) over to the FOX for the show.  Our besties are watching lil' JP, so it's just the big boys tonight. I think it's going to be so special.
Sisters Weekend- tomorrow!  Hey, can you say a prayer, we have been looking forward to it, but it is suppose to snow and I hate driving in snow.  The plan is lots of bonding, confession, some Jesus, some tattoos (true story, I think I'm gonna get my first, a Jerusalem cross on the inside of my lower arm- to commemorate my trip to the Holy Land...is that a huge mistake?!?!), some adult beverages and hopefully lots of laughs.  Here's hoping we can all play nice! It happens about 20% of the time us ladies get together.
The husband got up at 5:00 am to go to the gym this morning.  He couldn't find his keys.  He made a BIG ruckus.  Woke up the whole house by 5:45 am, so I've pretty much been rockin' it since the wee hours today.  Not that I am bitter.  Maybe, in the future, we should lay out our things if we plan on going to the gym at the A-- crack of dawn?  Maybe?  Good idea? No?  Oh, btw you read that right, the husband got up at 5:00 am to go the gym.  He is a rock star (aside from waking the whole darn house out). I am so proud of his commitment to crossfit.  Also, he kind of is awesome because he got up at 5:00 am, so that he could work out and get into work early so he can leave early so we can get our 'Yo Gabba Gabba on'.  I heart him...but he should still leave his clothes out the night before.
And finally, your smile for the day.  
"Do you know what the difference is between you going away for the weekend and me going away for the weekend"- Aaron
"What"- Me
"You won't be getting any angry messages from me while you enjoy your time"

#truestory #workinprogress

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  1. Have a great time this evening and this weekend.
    You will have to let us know on Monday if he manages not to send any angry messages.

  2. Aaron is too funny! Bring back the sass next week :)

  3. I so very much heart #7. ;) And have Big A talk to Tim about leaving quietly at the buttcrack of dawn. Tim now showers before bed and lays out his clothes so he can quietly slip out without waking any munchkins. It mostly works. Sometimes even I sleep through it! Oh, and we've been up since 6:15, so I'm rockin' it with ya, because anything before 7 might as well be the middle of the night. :)

  4. Love your honesty and hope you have a wonderful time! Tattoos intrigue me greatly. I've always thought of getting one in memory of Joseph Mary but then I feel like they've sort of lost their appeal since everyone and their mother seems to have one now and I'm all counter-cultural like that. But I also must know if you go through with it!

    Also, may have to delete you from my feed with this Yo Gabba Gabba thing tempting me to judge ;) Hope you guys have fun!!