Friday, December 20, 2013

Talk to Me Friday- keepin' it interesting edition

So, Talk to me Tuesday moved again...this time to Friday.
If you are worried about the Quick Takes...you can find them HERE
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But, in the meantime, I am now ready to ask you the dreaded question, because we are about to go on the dreaded journey.  You ready?  We have purposefully not gone on this journey until now and we will not be starting until after Christmas...but...


It's about that time for Little A.  He will be three in April, so I am ready to get all of your advice and then pick and choose what to do for our 'method' of potty training the children. I want it quick, I want it painless and I don't want to be cleaning up gross all the time.  So Talk to Me.

How did you potty train your boys, or how have you heard that people have potty trained boys?  I'm not really interested in the girl thing, because I have heard it is totally different with boys.  What kind of 'training toilet' did you use?  Pull ups or no?  How'd you reward?  How'd you explain?  What works?  What are some things everyone does that totally don't work?  How can I get this over and done with quickly, since I have the other guys at home?  Tell me I am foolish if I think it doesn't have to be a disaster...you know, all the goods. Give them to me!

K- Thanks. Bye.


  1. Shoot cheerios- works like a charm. Do not under any circmstances use pullups. They are unnecessary and take away the wet sensation boys need to potty. Use underwear only! Make sure he os dry through the night and that he is interested first

  2. I helped potty train my cousin and we made it a game. He had a little stool so he could reach the big potty and then we just threw a couple cheerios in the toilet and told him to sink them. It worked on a few levels: a) he always wanted to playing the 'Sinking Game' so he was more than willing to let us know when he had to pee, b) it helped him work on aim, and c) when his younger brother was ready it was like a game that his brother could 'set up' for him.

  3. All depends on the boy. All I had to do with my oldest was read "Once Upon a Potty" to him and he got it. Not Mand M's, etc. My middle boy needed to be run to the potty every 15 minutes with Mand M's as incentive to go (seriously, I had to set the timer to take him every 15 min.). My youngest, had to be bribed with a toy. Mand M's did not work, NOTHING. Until I offered him this toy ship. He earned it when he went on the potty and lost it when he had an accident.

  4. talk about keeping it real... how bout this one: I didn't toilet train either of my boys. My oldest had no desire, no interest, nada, zip, zilch.... unitl he woke up on his fourth birthday day and informed me he was only going to wear big boy underwear. 10 years later, not an accident, ever - however: not what you are looking for! lol
    my second was done by a friend. She stopped over when Lucas was 2 1/2 and told him he was too old to be in diapers. She made a deal with him, if she called every day for a week and he didn't have any accidents, she would get him a present (it was a package of those jelly bracelets that were so big 4 years ago) Worked great, during the day. However, when he is exhausted, he will have an accident in the middle of the night. If I remember to walk him to the bathroom when I go to bed on those nights, he is fine.
    long - not sure if that helped
    blessings and good luck!
    and you are correct - girls are so much different! All 4 of mine trained themselves by the age of 2 1/2!

  5. I don't think boy training and girl training is really all that different other than in general from what I heard and experienced, boys just have less of a desire to keep clean.

    but that doesn't mean yours won't so idk-its very individual. The best advice is that you have to wait until until the child is ready. When they are, it will take just a few days. But, if you want to motivate them earlier then they are ready it usually takes some bribing. A 3 year old is capable of doing it--its just a matter of does he want to ? If you are going to bribe, then keep the bribes small. Nothing too expensive. I have heard of prize boxes like trinkets and stickers they can pick each time, or candy or cookie crisp cereal for mini cookies... take the boy next in line as well with you in to the bathroom so he can see what big brother is doing and what "fun" it is. Sometimes just seeing the older one go helps the younger one get motivated too.

    I would say as a general rule that my girls were ready by 2 while the boys were ready somewhere in between the ages of 3-4. But I do have friends that have all their kids boy and girl totally trained by 18mos.

    other advice--when they do start training, buy lots of lysol to spray on stuff since once my kids start they spread germs everywhere. You would be surprised to see where all those germs end up--walls, shower curtains LOL! And once they start we all end up getting sick from LOs not being very clean in the bathroom...disinfect everything! ewww. Buy a step tool and fun soap to encourage hand washing :)

  6. I always start my boys sitting for the first couple of years. I don't get the cheerio thing but I've heard people talk about it. I just don't trust their aim when they're that little and I have no desire to be wiping urine off of everywhere! They start standing when they're tall enough to do it without a stool and have some measure of control (5?) And I have used small rewards (i.e. a jelly bean/chocolate chip every time they go...). I'm not one of those moms who just wait until they want to. If they know how to go and can do it but are just being stubborn or lazy, then I sort of consider it a dignity and discipline issue in a way. What else? OH. Forget those little potty seats. They're pretty gross and not one of my kids wanted to use it. We finally got rid of it after the third. We much prefer the seat that sits on top of the normal toilet (or even cooler are those ones that screw on and can lift up and down but we don't have that). Our boys did it anywhere from 22(? I think. it was just before his 2nd bday) and 2 1/2. We tried starting Luke and he knows how to push things out but I don't think he really gets yet how to hold it so we're going to pause for a bit.