Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes- the not so awesome week edition.

The hole in our house
We have a hole in our house  that now houses matchbox cars.  So, we have a hole in our wall. It’s been there for like three months. It’s behind the door in Joey’s room (the door went through the dry wall- hazards of a house of boys).  I wasn’t too concerned about it, though in retrospect, we probably should’ve taken care of it.  Anyway.  This morning, Aaron couldn’t find his ‘cars’. I had just cleaned the family room yesterday and put them all in one container.  He kept telling me I had to help ‘find’ them in Joey’s room…you see where this is leading.  Apparently, Lil’ A took the majority of his matchbox cars and stuffed them in the hole.  So they are pretty much going to be there until this house decomposes.  Cars in between the walls. How tragic.  
The mini Van reality
Remember my fancy new minivan?  You know how minivan moms are a certain age, with a certain number of kids? Sometimes, I think I am not that age.  Like, I think people probably look at me and think, “she’s a little young to be driving a minivan”.  But, then I remember I am 33. So, I am pretty much that age.
The no good very bad week
This week has not been good.  I was going to do a whole blog post on how well we are all doing.  How everything has adjusted just perfectly.  How I look at those first few weeks of overwhelming overwhelmingness after John Paul and laugh, because we are not there anymore.  I was going to write that blog, ha! And then we had this week.  Fear not- it’s not that bad. It’s just been one of those weeks that I won’t feel terrible saying goodbye to.  BUT, it’s Friday and wait for it…
The sleepover
The ol’ folks have decided they’d like to occasionally take the boys for sleepovers.  I think this is awesome. It will help the boys create lasting memories of their grandparents.  They will have a blast and hopefully get really good bonding time in with my parents.  Tomorrow is the first sleepover.  Lil’ Aaron is just DYING of excitement.  He is kind of obsessed with his grandparents, both sets. I regularly field meltdowns of ‘we go to grammy and papa’s house’ (Aaron’s parents) and ‘where’s busie and har-har?’ (my parents). I think I am going to make a big deal of having him pack his overnight bag.  Plus, Aaron and I will just have the baby for Saturday into Sunday, which will be nice. I love sleep. I miss it.  I am hoping to get some this weekend.
The Good Moment
So, you know if you read this blog that I do a presentation on approaching the topic of homosexuality in the Catholic Church.  I did that presentation a couple weeks ago, and a parent came up to me with tears welling up, thanking me for helping them understand how to love their son/daughter.  I just think this ministry is so important.  If you are the praying type, would you mind praying for that workshop I told you about?  The one for the Archdiocese of Detroit?  There will be a lot of people who have influence on teaching attending, and I would just love if some of our evangelistic language would change to reflect love.  God’s love for all of His children.  And our call to love all.  Thanks homies. 
A husband to tell the awful stuff to
Do you know what's awesome?  Having a husband to tell the awful stuff to.  The things you think about that are completely inappropriate. The things that would be social unacceptable to say outloud.  Husbands are really cool.  I like mine.
The job offer
Hey, I got offered a job this week. Isn't that fancy?  It was a fancy job!  A job I could never in a million years consider taking with three kids under three, but, the offer was nice and flattering.  And, I got irrationally tempted to take it.  But then I remembered my job is here. With my three children.  And maybe it won't be celebrated all the time, and certainly diapers/baths/messes/etc...are not fancy- but it is the best job. And it is where God wants me to be.  BUT, then the offer-er was like, "Please call us when and if you are ready to work, because we'd love to have you work for us!".  And that was nice too.  So, we will consider that this week's win.  

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  1. You know why your week was bad? It was a full moon on Wednesday! With three littles, you gotta plan around the full moon. I'm totally serious, it messes them up.

    1. daauude!
      On Wednesday. I thought to myself, 'is there a full moon or something'. Because my children were awful. good to know i am not crazy

    2. Wait, is that why every single blog in my reader has sported a post this week along the lines of 'hell week 2014?!'

  2. I am a stay at home mom of two, and I drive a minivan. I'm 25. Its all good :)

  3. one of these nights my kids were awful but i think it was tuesday ? maybe it was wednesday though and I mixed up my days and then another night they were angels and all went to bed early.

    one of the ways in which i have survived so many kids...is that my mom takes the kids for sleepovers every friday for the last 3 years almost. Its not really a sleep issue that I look forward to, but a noise level reduction .....ahhh silence.

  4. Minivan mamas unite! And sleepovers? I'm jealous.