Friday, July 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes started out rough, pulled it together edition

My computer is still being a little funny about using the Quick Take Template...BUT, I'm gonna give it a go anyway. Thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting!

So, the world is kind of falling a part right? Between the border crisis, the Ukraine and Russia, Gaza and Palestine and the surreal persecution of Christians and Catholics in Iraq...not to mention missing planes, and everyday world disasters... It kind of makes a gal like me nervous about the good ol' end times. That's when I know it's important to "get thee to confession"- I'll be on that next week. In the meantime, guys, pray...for His Mercy and Peace.

I love when people act like idiots and instead of being like, "yea we are idiots" their response is "yea! But you Christians really really suck, so I can do whatever I'd like, because you Christians are so mean". Now trust, there are mean Christians, but the thing is, most of us are kind of not. But some of us are gonna tell you when your acting like an idiot. How about you not act like an idiot instead of whining that the "mean Christians" told you so etching you didn't want to hear? Ugh so annoying.

Clearly I have started my morning cheerfully and hopefully! I'm gonna go sit on a lake this weekend with like, 10 of my favorite people, and no idiots. That's gonna be lovely.

I am so far behind on messages, texts, voicemails, emails, get togetherness, etc.... But I'm kind of having a kick a$$ summer- so that's cool.

Do you guys know the Coules family?  There's like ninety two of them, and they all do ministry in the AoD. That's kind of a lie. There are six of them (kids) married and most of them do ministry, and some of them have some babies, and they all live relatively close to each other, and last weekend we got to go to a gathering at the oldest boy Coules house with his lovely wife and children and the siblings and the spouses and the nieces and nephews...and I really just like them all. A Lot. And I get so happy we are friends with them, because they are good people, and do fun things. But also I get so sad, because there are six siblings in my family and a lot are involved in ministries, and there are lots of babies/cousins and fun...but we live states away from each other, so we don't get to do fun parties. It's kind of a bummer. That is all.

Lil Aaron gets up and walks out of his room now like a teenagers when he wakes up. He used to sit in bed and call for me. Now, he just gets up like he is all sorts of three years old! Are you kidding me with this kid?

Joey just woke up, he's the best. I love me some middle kid.


  1. Um, hell's yeah about #1. And as for the walking out like a teenager - we are in full swing with that (attitude & bedhead included!) The other one makes up for it with his sweet "hi momma" and kisses...although I could do without the laying on my head and pulling on my hair part. ;)

  2. The world is getting crazy, you said it and I agree!