Friday, July 11, 2014

7 quick takes typing on my phone edition

The computers been acting a little funky, so blogging has been a challenge (not reading them). Which is a bummer because I'z got lotz to say- but this week will be short and sweet.
Tomorrow is joey's second birthday. I love that kid like whoa and I can't believe he is two years old!!!
The fourth was awesome. I wanted to make plans, big Aaron insisted a family day was in order. He was right, I was wrong... Look!
This Fall things are gonna be a bit kooky (in a good way) with BOLD MINISTRIES! But it's gonna add some fun income- yay!!!!
Rainy days, long weeks, lots of challenges- but then there was this..,
Vacation was awesome. Lots to say about it, but not whilst typing a blog on my phone. But trust, it was awesome.
Because everybody done be ticking me off with the stupid things they are saying on Facebook regarding hobby lobby ( which I've stopped responding to because people who lie or repeat lies, even in ignorance, I have a hard time with)...I keep reminding myself of this. It's easy to get frustrated with"social media" because of the idiotic things people say- but it's important not to get frustrated with a social media tool, but rather remember- there are people BEHIND the computer screens who are typing, posting, tweeting, these things. Technology, as the pope reminds us, is at it's core a HUMAN experience. So I guess I'm saying, I need to remind myself to get mad at the person, not the tool they are using. Or I could choose not to be mad, and instead respond in love- ugh. That's just not as fun (I kid, I kid)


  1. Happy birthday Joey! Happy you are back Mare! Get a keyboard for your iPad and all will be right while you work on the computer drama. I love you!

  2. Looking forward to you blogging more when the computer is feeling better. Happy Birthday to Joey and tell everyone hi at the cottage for us!